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Daryani, Achraf
Diet and Metabolic Risk Factors in Immigrant Women from the Middle East and Swedish- Born Women
2006 Metabola risk faktirer, Mellanösten
Metabolik risk factors, Middele East
Andersson, Agneta
Fatty acid composition in skeletal muscle - influence of physical activity and dietary fat quality
2001 Nutrition vid idrott/fysisk aktivitet, Diabetes, folkhälsa och kost
Nutrition in sports, diabetes, public health nutrition
Andersson, Inga-Lena
Eating habits, weight reduction strategies and long term treatment results in obese men. The Gustaf study.
1997 Övervikt / Fetma
Obesity, Overweight
Berg, Christina
Influences on schoolchildren's dietary selection: Focus on fat and fibre at breakfast
2002 Folkhälsonutrition, Kostmönster
Public Health Nutrition, Food Patterns
Berteus Forslund, Helene
Meal patterns and Obesity. Does snacking play a role?
2006 Måltidsmönster och hälsa, Obesitas, Mat på arbetsplatsen
Food patterns and health. Obesity. Food at workplaces.
Lifestyle intervention in first-degree relatives of patients with type 2 diabetes
2004 Övervikt/fetma och kardiovaskulära riskfaktorer hos barnafödande kvinnor
Overweight/obesity and cardiovascular risk factors in childbearing wome
Brekke, Hilde Kristin
Carlsson, Maine
Nutritional status, body composition and physical activity among older people living in residential care facilities
2011 Nutritionsstatus, och fysisk aktivitet bland äldre på institution
Nutritional status and physical activity among older people in institution
Eiben, Gabriele
Overweight and obesity in young and old. Prevalence, prevention and eating behavior
2007 Övervikt/fetma, Överviktsprevention, samhällsintervention
Obesity, Overweight, Overweight prevention, Prevention.
Faxen Irving, Gerd
Nutritional status and cognitive function in frail elderly subjects
2004 Mat och äldre, Nutrition vid demens, Nutrition vid njursjukdom
Food and old people. Dementia, Renal diseases.
Fjellström, Christina
Drömmen om det goda livet
1990 Konsumtionsmönster, attityder till mat, äldre, tonåringar, kvalitativa metoder, kostsociologi
Consumer patterns. Food attitudes, qualitative methods, food sociology.
Gripeteg, Lena
Weight loss studies in obese patients. Aspects of very-low-energy diet treatment and effects of obesity surgery on disability pension
2010 Specialintressen: Obesitas, lågenergidieter (VLCD), hälsorelaterad livskvalitet, hälsoekonomi
ENG: Obesity, Very-Low-Energy Diets, health-related quality of life, heal
Hörnell, Agneta
Brestfeeding and introduction of other foods: A prospective longitudinal study in Sweden
2000 Amning, Småbarnsmat, Celiaki
Breastfeeding, celiaki.
Järvi, Anette
Carbohydrate-rich foods in the treatment of the insulin resistance syndrome - studies of the importance of the Glycemic index and dietary fibre.
2001 Nutrition vid diabetes och metabola syndromet, Späd- och småbarnsnutrition
Diabetes and the metabolic syndrome, nutrition in infants and children
Karlström, Brita
Dietary Treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, with special reference to the importance of dietary fibre.
1988 Diabetes
Koivisto Hursti, Ulla-Kaisa
Child food choice and the family
1997 Barns matvanor, spädbarns- och småbarnsmat
Children's and Infant's Food habits,
Koochek, Afsaneh
Elderly Iranians in Sweden: The impact of migration on risk factors for cardiovascular disease
2008 Primärvården. Specialintresse: Kardiovaskulära sjukdomar bland äldre och invandrare
Primary health care, Cardiovascular disease among elderly and immigran
Larsson, Ingrid
Human Body composition. Refence data and anthropometric equations. The metabolic syndrome and risk.
2005 Övervikt/fetma, Kroppssammansättning, Energiomsättning/ energibalans, Fysisk aktivitet, Metabola syndromet
Obesity, body composition. Metabolism.
Lindroos, Annakarin
Energy intake in the Obese - is it possible to obtain unbiased information?
1998 Obesitas, nutritionsepidemiologi, matmönster, matvaneundersökningar
Obesity, nutritional epidemiology, dietary patterns, dietary surveys
Martin, Lena
Riskfaktorer för malnutrition vid esofaguscancerkirurgi
2008 Nutrition vid onkologisk kirurgi
Nutrition in surgical oncology
Melin, Ingela
Motivating clinical treatment of obesity: methods, education, supervision and outcome.
2004 Specialintressen; Obesitas, Kognitiv beteende terapi, urininkontinens.
Obesity, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, urinary incontinence
Nydahl, Margateha
Dietary lipids and their effects in hyperlipidaemic and healthy persons
1995 Mat och äldre, Folkhälsa, Livsmedelsvetenskap
Food and old people. Public health, Food knowledge.
Olsson, Cecilia
Celiac Disease in Swedish Children and Adolescents. Variations in Incidence and Essentials of Gluten-free Eating with a Youth Perspective
2008 Celiaki. Kvalitativa metoder. Epidemiologi
Celiac Disease. Qualitative Research methods. Epidemiology
Orrevall, Ylva
Nutritional support among cancer patients enrolled in palliative home care services
2008 Onkologi och palliativ vård
Oncology and palliative care
Persson, Christina
Improved Nutritional Support in Cancer Patients
2002 Onkologi
Rothenberg, Elisabet
Nutrition in the elderly. Dietary intake and Dietary Assessment Methods.
1997 Geriatrisk nutrition.
Geriatric nutrition and disease related malnutrition.
Rydén, Petra
Toward an understanding of the barriers to and facilitators of dietary change
2011 Kostförändring, kostindex, hälsoekonomi
Dietary change, dietary indexes, health economics.
Saletti, Anja
Nutritional status and mealtime experiences in elderly care recipents
2007 Mat och äldre, Äldreomsorg
Nutrition in elderly. Care of the elderly.
Slinde, Frode
Body composition and energy expenditure in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
2004 Sjukdomsrelaterad undernäring, KOL, Kroppssammansättning, Fysisk aktivitet, Energiförbrukning/energibalans
Disease related malnutrition, Chronical Obstructive lung diseases, body c
Strandhagen, Elisabeth
Coffee and gene interaction. The effect on methionine and lipid metabolism
2004 Hjärt-kärl och livsstilsfaktorer, Epidemiologi, Kaffe
Diet and Coronary/Heart dieseases. Epidemiology. Coffee.
Störsrud, Stine
Oats in the gluten-free diet
2003 Gatroenterologi; celiaki, IBS
Gastroenterology; celiac disease, IBS
van der Ster, Gisela
Nutritional assessment in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa
1995 Ätstörningar
Eating disorders
van Odijk, Jenny
Food allergy in children and adults with emphasis on peanut. Relation to IgE antibodies, food consumption, symptoms and disease development.
2004 Födoämnesallergi, jordnötsallergi, barnnutrition
Food allergy, peanut allergy, infant nutrition
Öhlund, Inger
Health implications of dietary intake in infancy and early childhood
2008 Hälsoparametrar relaterat till kostintag hos barn
Health related to dietary intake in infancy and early childhood
Silnader, Ewa
Sofia Klingberg
Dietary intake of naturally occurring plant sterols in relation to serum cholesterol and myocardial infarction - Epidemiological studies from Sweden and the UK2012 Växtsteroler, kost och hjärt-kärlsjukdom, epidemiologi
Plant sterols, diet and cardiovascular disease, epidemiology
Bertz, Fredrik
Diet and/or exercise treatment for weigth loss in overweight and obese women after childbirth
2012 Övervikt/fetma, amning, kroppssammansättning, kost/energibalans, fysisk aktivitet, kvantitativ/kvalitativ metod
Overweight/obesity, breastfeeding, body composition, diet/energy balan
Laurenius, Anna
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass as treatment for morbid obesity: Studies of dietary intake, eating behavior and meal-related symptoms
2013 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, kostintag, ätbeteende, måltids-relaterade symtom
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, dietary intake, eating behavior, meal-related s
2012 Onkologi