Homeopathy and its future

Homeopathy and its
Who already knows olistic medicine, because
maybe for several years he is healthy in this way
or because he works professionally in her sector
to different levels, has no doubts about energy
that moves into us.
Salvatore Rainò
Doctor in Medicine and Surgery
Specialist in Allergology
and Clinical Immunology
Specialist in Internal Medicine
Unicist Homeopathic Doctor L.U.I.M.O
Libera Università Internazionale di Medicina Omeopatica
the great Lady
is the soul and the blood
of the world.
Research goes on and comes into
the invisible
• A world, commonly invisible, of vibrational kind,
presides over the expression of the matter until
to her most characteristic aspects
• Masaru Emoto demonstrates that it is possible to
speak to the water and also to influence her, by
allowing her to assume several forms which
then emphasize themselves when she
crystallizes to - 5 C°
Water is the protagonist of life
• Energies of various kinds, also bound to
thoughts and feelings which are able to modify
the shape in which water crystallizes
• Even waters that spring in different places of the
world, such as in Lourdes, are characterized by
crystals of a particular harmony and beauty,
inviting us to understand that a “good” water
structures herself in a corresponding way and
creates pleasant shapes to eyesigth
Water crystals of high quality
Action mechanisms of the water
• Water has a molecular duttility that allows her to
dialogue easily with the energy that is nearer to her
• To express better her features, water needs to be the
purest of all, especially from the informational viewpoint
• To get this purity is very hard, but today it is possible,
through an original system patented by Dr. Rainò, that
allows to get the purest of all waters, practically virgin
from the viewpoint of memories
In the world of the invisible
• Any kind of life is characterized by its own
energy which determines images visible
only with particular devices and methods
• Also a leaf gives her bioelectromagnetic
Health is a question of originality of
every living being
• Only a person can modulate one’s best reaction
to feel better and so he must search for the
information on which to work into his biology
• Beyond our common biological matrix, we have
different energetic situations
• We are not all equal
Nothing is without shape if we
observe it
• Water crystals organize themselves in
aggregates of informational kind, clusters,
according to the angle between oxygen
athoms and the hydrogenum ones
Energy presides over shape
Shape permits energy
• Little changes in the structural shape of
the matter represent the memory
• Informatics is based on this
• The configuration of cobalt crystals or
silicium is at the basis of the electronic
circuits memories
Memories of oriented Cobaltum at electronic mycroscope
cristalli di cobalto in posizione di
Water as informatic system
Water crystals behave as all crystals:
They can resonate with electromagnetic waves which hit them,
preserve their energy configuration with a characteristic information
and broadcast it to other crystal structures which they are in
contact with.
This is the so called “memory of water”.
Computer memory is just based on the microcrystal structures of chips;
crystal-therapy is well known, it is based on the energetic
interaction, that is electromagnetic waves exchange among living
organisms and crystals
Limits of informatics in biology
• In informatics, the memory supports, as
the ones quoted above, communicate by
binary code
• However, binary code permits only
an ON-OFF dual signal
• Instead we can imagine a myriad of
broadcasting signals much more faithful to
the biological language which are not
“forced” to be mediated by
electronic, informatic, binary logics
Water particularity compared to
other underlayers
• The memory kind mediable and elaborable
thanks to water is different from the
electronic ones and it is instead
particularly suited to biological realities
and to emissions different from the ones
with an only rectilinear propagation as
electromagnetic waves
Transmissions are not only
• Biophotons (Nobel Prize F.A.Popp) move
themselves by an elicoidal movement from
a cell to another one and so they allow
Agreement among sciences
• Quantistic physics moves itself towards
the explanation of the homeopathy
mechanisms and it explains the
functioning of the organism by discovering
even more the aspects bound to pure
energy which is at the basis of life
Connections among methods
devoted to person energy
• Homeopathic medicine is just assimilated
to a particular form of magnetotherapy
• Advantages of various kinds of
magnetotherapy seem, in many cases, to
remind the ones obtainble with
homeopathy or with methods to it related
Foundations of homeopaty
• The basic principle of homeopathy
consists in giving a stimulus to the
organism as similar as possible to the
condition which characterizes and
represents it but stronger to allow the
overcoming of the same
Water dialogues
• Some experiments demonstrate that water into a
container assumes a taste which reminds that of a liquid
contained into a side container
• Water and all the water dilutions dialogue among
themselves also without mixing the matter
• Also the purest of all waters dialogues, as a “bluetooth”
with a cellular-phone, exchanging information
with our organism
We are almost completely made up
of water
• A lot of scientific studies demonstrate that our health conditions are
strictly bound to organism water characteristics considered as an
energetic vehicle
• For example, in various serious deseases, as cancer, the water of a
person has lost her normal behaviour
• Probably, the fastest way of the organism to broadcast information
from a portion to another one of the biogical systems is water, more
than the blood system, more than the linfatic one, more than the
endocrin and the nervous one
• It is very important that the water of the organism is pure and
suited to the aim over which she presides
Water style
• Information transmittibility by water is
better understandble as a synchronized
modulation of the possible conformational
mixings among her molecules, having a
speed as that of light, the same of
What wellbeing means
• When a person drinks some water of a spring or he
immerses himself in, he feels an absolute happiness
sensation, a great joy of living and a full harmony
• The body becomes light and a lot of disconforts go
away, leaving an unforgettable memory of wellbeing in
the person
• This is the informing action of the purest of all waters
that mediates the subtile energies of the cosmos from
the universe to the living entity
There is water and water
• This is why the sensations felt by an
immersion in the sea water are completely
different from the ones evoked by spring
water just come to the surface very fast
from the underground
What is water?
• Water is a fluid with very interesting capacities of informatic kind
• She can recognize the energy of an underlayer, a piece of information, and
she can acquire it and give it to another underlayer
• She is able to “resound” with cosmic frequences that represent the
unrenounciable conditions for life and for health
• The informational purity of water is an indispensable requirement so that
this precious element of the universe could develop her functions of
energetic vehicle in a better way
• The chemical aspects are very different from the ones of energetic nature
and the informational purity of the water is more important than her
chemical purity
is based
on the
Steps of the diagnostic and
therapeutic homeopathic process
• To recognize the action a remedy in the healthy subjects
(collection of the symptoms and preparing of the
“Homeopathic Materia Medica” which codifies them)
• To recognize the same totality of the corresponding
symptoms in the patient (extraction of the symptoms
from the person with the diagnosis)
• To link, with the similitudo criterion, the two pictures and
to prescribe the exact remedy, but at the right potency
The right remedy
• It is as coinciding as possible with the
picture of the patient and it respects the
adequacy among the symptoms, mental,
general and particular, characteristic of
the situation
The right potency
• It is the one that does not produce an aggravation if not
light and transient as well as followed by a rapid
• In practical terms, the remedy potency increases with
the repetition of dilution and dynamization proceedings
of the water vehicle in which the substance was diluted
• The choice of the dose or potency follows empiric criteria
bound to the professional maturity of the operator
Questions bound to the
homeopathic diagnostic-therapeutic
• Knowledge of the remedy symptoms
collected in the materia medica
• Expressive clearness of the symptoms
during the visit
• Risks of diagnostic misunderstanding
Features of the production process
of the homeopathic remedy
• The substance is tranformed in remedy thanks
to dilution in water and to the dynamization
• Practically the information is extracted from the
material level of the substance and her signal
undergoes to expansion until it regards the
deepest mental levels if we go on with
processes of a homeopathic kind
Homeopathic remedy
• This is the energy that corresponds to an experimentator
stimulated by the remedy, but also to a patient in his
own spontaneous imbalance
• The remedy is at the center between the experimental
symptoms and the spontaneous ones
• Bioresonance works by this principle and it is at the basis
of the homeopathy functioning
Healthy subject
Questions of stimulus potency
• Theorically there is a stimulus potency
that is not able to overcome the illness
• However the right potency solves the
disease picture in a precise way and
without further aggravation
Nihil prodest quid non laedere
possit idem (nothing is useful that
could not also damage)
• Remedy switches on, in a healthy man, and
switches off, in the ill man, the same
• So the symptoms are at the center of a possible
oscillation between health and illness
• Health and illness are into two opposit sides
compared to the remedy, but they correspond
Relationships between remedy and
• Therefore the patient corresponds to the
same energy that the remedy applies on
the experimentator
• This means that the patient expresses an
energy that can be used on himself as it
could be the same of the remedy
Homeopathy on the crossroad
between past and future
• By loocking again at the sequency of the logic
proceedings in homeopathic medicine, I have
worked out a device which, without being
distant from the central core on which
hahnemannian homeopathy is based, uptakes
the right information of a person in an original
way and elaborates it so that it can result made
to measure of the situation of the patient
moment by moment
Origins of the information by the
new homeopathic system
• The organism expresses its energetic setting moment by
moment in relation to the situation that represents itself
• This signal flows from the energetical doors of people
and it is useful to impregnate an informatic vehicle which
runs in a suited sensor with themselves connected
• We can give an energy increase of the signal without
twisting the quality of the information
• The signal can be given back to the organism in a real
time so that it is possible to create an osmosis of some
information that could result therapeutic as a
homeopathic remedy
Hydrobiotronic System
Connect yourself with your
power to be healthy
The organism gives out energy that can be
recognized and increased and then given back
to stimulate the recovery
Hydrobiotronic is a new line that,
by working on the water, helps the
biology System there
Into Hydrobiotronic
is, for example, the H3O System,
Hahnemannian Homeopathic
Holographic Organizer
Characteristics of
Hydrobiotronic System
• The system used by Hydrobiotronic employes all
the physic, chemical, informatic and bioenergetic
knowledges that support the scientifical
foundations of the homeopathy but which are
not far from the most advanced aims of the
current sciences
• Meanwhile this system is not distant from the
hahnemannian rules that are at the basis of the
unicist homeopathy
Functioning of the method
• The informatic vehicle used by the method
is the water
• She is put in the conditions to acquire,
tranport and to leave signals bound to
information of homeopathic kind thanks to
an original type of treatment, protected by
the patent of the system which we are
speaking about
Easiness of the system
• Hydrobiotronic System is easy, suitable, nice to be seen and to be proved
• The patient must only connect himself with a lighting sensor on his own third eye
and he will immediately be in connection with the process of diagnosis and therapy
• He will dialogue with Hydrobiotronic through a sensor for few seconds and he will
feel a pleasant sensation
• We must consider that the sensor light, put to few centimeters from the left hand,
gives a particular vibrational sensation, because this hand is the more receptive in
relation to the bioenergetical knowledeges
• Then the patient will administer under his tongue the homeopathic granules prepared
by the device and he will take the information which he needs in that moment
• He can repeat the application in relation to the intensity of the trouble, as if he may
administer a remedy, until to the resolution of the problem
Few minutes of easeness for well
• We will often avoid to call our homeopathic doctor to ask
him for what remedy we can use
• Instead we will sit few minutes beside Hydrobiotronic
and we will have fastly the best stimulus in that time for
our organism
• Thanks to device, the granules will be loaded with the
right information taken from ourselves and energized as
much as we need for obtaining the recovery, starting
from the energy which in that moment characterizes our
The homeopathic consultation
• During the visits, people will approach
Hydrobiotronic and express their own energetic
core, taking then the granules right in that
• So, a valid help in addition to the therapeutic
work can permit the patient to relationate with
himself in a constructive way
Actuality of the method
• Hydrobiotronic System inserts itself, at
pace with the times, in the contest of the
bioenergetic medicine as a flower in a
buttonhole of the homeopathic self care
• It respects the classical homeopathy,
expressing its potential in a modern way
as well as her discoverer could do today
Safety and efficacy of
• The device operates according to the most important homeopathic
principles and is based on the magnetotherapy, so it cannot have
undesired or unpredictable effects
• The provings done on a reasonable number of situations have
demonstrated speed of action in the temporary imbalances
• A deep and progressive action is clear, by daily taking, in the cases
of therapies more complicated that request a rielaboration of the
contents on the more articulated and intimate plains
Wellbeing is
above all
Hydrobiotronic: beside us in
our real needs
• How many times our illness is determined by emotional
tensions, feats, disappointments, lacked expectations
that block our energy?
• Why to take a drug?
• Why to risk to miss the remedy?
• Let’s put us in front of ourselves, to our energy and let’s
modulate it by the help of the friend water and of the
homeopathic proceedings that operate authomatically in
Practicality of Hydrobiotronic
• The system can be held in a little suitcase that
we can bring with us also during a travel
• By the diffusion of the idea, we will have the
method anywhere
• The action of Hydrobiotronic will be employed as
a shower, a hair-drier or a toothbrush!
Hydrobiotronic System
• Tomorrow, already in our hands, from the
better of today in homeopathy
• Health and wellbeing for all people, in an
easy and safe way, according to the
homeopathic rules, according to the
principal scientific criteria of the olistic
Inventiveness of the idea, potential
economic exploit, warranties of
• The idea, however new, is absolutely easy to understand
for the users of the homeopathy and it can provoke the
attention of a number of people that, just in Italy, are
more than 10.000.000
• The economic exploit is bound to achieve the potential
target by recognizing the exposure fairs and the sites of
divulgation in the specific sector
• The product satisfies a not yet satisfied but present need
in the interested market, so that the financial effort is
highly justified
The immediate future of
Hydrobiotronic System
• Moreover the idea, by the diffusion of her
efficacy, can gain markets not also
specialistic and challenge the attention of
the official scientific world, by creating an
extraordinary interest, expecially if
contemporarly the researches will go on
investigating in the multiple situations in
which the method can function
Fields, thecnologies and
productions in relation to the
inventivity of the idea
• Medical devices in genere
• Energetic diagnostic and therapy
• Magnetotherapy and Physiotherapy
• Informatics and electronics of biological interest
• Idrotherapy
• Production of the homeopathic remedies with new techniques based on
new principles
• Better standardization of the informational purity of the water used for the
preparation of the remedies and not only
Fields, thecnologies and
productions in relation to the
inventivity of the idea
• Optimizzation of the organolectical
charactheristics of the food, in the production as
well in the storage
• Intelligent agriculture, with diagnosis of the
energetic state of the cultivation and right
therapy (in this way some studies already exhist
and can support the method)
Fields, thecnologies and
productions in relation to the
inventivity of the idea
• The basic principles on which the
invention works also involve the world of
mechanics and particularly the sector of
the lubrificants with important results in
the efficiency of the cooling (thanks to the
modification of the
reologic parameters of the fluids)
We are never so over, as when
we don’t know anymore
where we are
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