The Birth Process


The Birth Process

Signs of beginning of labor 1. Baby settles deep into the mother’s pelvis called “lightening” 2. Losing the mucus plug, called “bloody show” (**mucus plug is a thick mucus that develops to prevent bacteria from entering the cervix) 3. Losing amniotic fluid, called “water breaking” or breaking of waters • 4. Contractions: the tightening and releasing of the uterine muscle

Three Stages of Labor

 Stage One     Contractions are opening the cervix, called “dilating” Usually 4” (10 centimeters) Babies head moves lower into the pelvis Contractions begin to last longer AND get closer together

Stage Two

   Cervix is completely dilated and that baby’s head has slipped out of the uterus, followed by the rest of the baby’s body Contractions move the baby down through the pelvis (birth canal) Actual birth of the baby

Stage Three

   Uterus gives birth to the placenta This has given nourishment to the baby and is no longer needed. It is pulled away from the uterine wall and expelled by contractions.

Very little discomfort

   Cesarean Birth: delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the mother’s abdomen. How many can a woman have?

 (show video) Obstetrician: a doctor who specializes in pregnancy and birth (Ob/GYN) Postnatal: period beginning after the birth of the baby. (what was prenatal)