cervical artificial disc placement

available as an effective treatment option for dogs with
Disc Associated Wobbler Syndrome.
For patients affected by chronic cervical spondylomyelopathy, cervical artificial
prosthesis is becoming the standard of care in human medicine.
Similarly, studies from the University of Wisconsin have demonstrated that a
canine cervical spine with an implanted artificial disc retains closer biomechanical
features to a physiologic spine compared to other surgical techniques (ventral slot
and distraction fusion). Vet Surg 36:729-741, 2007.
Most recently, a clinical study in which dogs affected by Wobbler’s syndrome
were treated with cervical arthroplasty, showed resolution of neurological signs and
absence of the “domino” lesion (new compression at an adjacent space) at two
years follow-up on MRI. JAVMA – in press.
Advantages of artificial disc implantation:
- Minimally invasive
- Decreased morbidity
- Simplification of the surgical technique
- Cost effective: the cost of the prosthesis is equivalent to the cost of the pins and
bone cement technique and significantly less expensive than the plating technique.
Private donations are currently sponsoring the clinical study to a limited
number of patients. This absorbs 1/3 of the surgical cost.
If you have a patient that you think might benefit from placement of an artificial disc
and for more information please contact Dr. Filippo Adamo, DECVN, Neurology
Specialist, at East Bay Veterinary Specialists in Walnut Creek: (925) 937-5001 or
at Sequoia Veterinary Hospital in Redwood City: (650) 369-7326
Filippo Adamo, DVM, DECVN
Sequoia Veterinary Hospital
1409 El Camino Real
Redwood City, CA 94063
East Bay Veterinary Specialists,
2803 Ygnacio Valley Road,
Walnut Creek, CA, 94598
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