Lecture Schedule 2012-2013

Lecture Schedule 2012-2013
By: Dr. Johnathon Kerns
July 2012
• 4th: Holiday
• 11th: No lectures. Dr. McParlane—meeting with interns
• 18th: Pro EM Orientation—interns only
• 25th: MSU Learning Activities Center in Lansing
 7:30am to 12:00pm: Megacodes, Airway Management and
Central Line Placement
Attendings: Dr. McParlane and Dr. Richardson
August 1st 2012
 8:00—Kerns: “The Ten EKG’s You Must Recognize” (Dr. Mattu book)
 8:30—D’Angelo: Procedure—Defibrillation
 9:00—Santiano: Case Presentation
 10:00—Robinson: Tintinalli Section 3 Chapters 12, 13 and 14
Topics: Sudden cardiac death, Basic CPR and neonatal resuscitation
 11:00—Dr. Sandy Vieder: “Risk Management”
 Attendings: Dr. Jason Vieder and Dr. Sandy Vieder
August 8th 2012
 6:00—Trauma Conference
 7:00—Davis: Videos: Emergency Transvenous Pacemaker Insertion and
Cardioversion of Atrial Fibrillation by Dr. Sacchetti
 7:30— Zayac: Case Presentation
 8:00—Dr. Eric Greenberg (cardio): Procedure—Transvenous Pacemaker
 9:00—Neal: Tintinalli Section 4 Chapters 30 and 31
Topics: Tracheal intubation, mechanical ventilation and surgical airway
 10:00—Kerns: Cardio Board Review Part I Practice Questions
 10:30—Dr. Warpinski lecture
Attending: Dr. Warpinski and Dr. Paratore
August 15th 2012
 Pro EM
August 22nd 2012
 8:00—Patel: “Common Cardio Drug Dosing”
 8:30—Al-Saadi: Case Presentation
 9:00—Lojewski: Tintinalli Section 5 Chapters 38 and 40
Topics: Acute pain management and Local/Regional Anesthesia
 10:00—Dr. Chudler: “High School Sports Injuries that Presents to the ED”
 11:00—Kerns: Cardio Board Review Part II Practice Questions
Attending: Dr. Traicoff and Dr. Chudler
August 29th 2012
 8:00—Davis: “Initiating Hypothermia Protocol after Cardiac Arrest”
 8:30—Hallett: Case Presentation
 9:00—Colbert: Tintinalli Section 3 Chapters 25 and 26
Topics: The patient in shock and fluid/blood resuscitation
 10:00—Dr. Lauren Oliver (surgery): Procedure—Cordis Catheter Placement
and Video on Cordis Catheter placement
 11:00—Dr. Wallace: “Pediatric Resuscitation”
Attending: Dr. Vlachos and Dr. Wallace
September 5th 2012
 8:00—Ahadi: Procedure: “Placement of an IO line” and EZ IO sales
representative for demonstration
 8:30—Hughes: Case Presentation
 9:00—Robinson: Tintinalli Section 6 Chapters 43, 44, 45 and 46
Topics: Evaluation of Wounds, Wound Preparation, Methods of Wound Closure and
Laceration to Face and Scalp
 10:00/11:00—Dr. Andrea Spellman: “Facial Lacerations and Complex
Lacerations”; Procedure lab at Botsford for wound closure
Attendings: Dr. Hess and Dr. Cynar
September 12th 2012
 6:00— Trauma Conference
 7:00—Baselle: Procedure: “Fishhook Removal” and “Using the Morgan Lenses”
 7:30— Zayac: Case Presentation
 8:00— Dubrovich: Tintinalli Section 7 Chapters 52 and 54
Topics: Chest pain and Cardiogenic Shock
 9:00/10:00—Dr. Kaiser and Billing Group lecture
Attendings: Dr. Kaiser and Dr. Schell
September 19th 2012
 Pro EM
September 26th 2012
 8:00—D’Angelo: Procedure— “Putting in an Emergent Chest Tube”
 8:30—Hallett: Case Presentation
 9:00—Kowalczyk: Tintinalli Section 7 Chapters 58 and 59
Topics: Valvular Emergencies, Cardiomyopathies, Myocarditis
 10:00— Dr. Paratore: “Tropical Medicine: Malaria”
 11:00—Patel: Trauma Board Review Part I Practice Questions
Attendings: Dr. McDowell and Dr. Paratore
October 3rd 2012
 8:00—Liu: Case Presentation
 8:30—Kerns: Trauma Board Review Part II Practice Questions
 9:00—Shear: Tintinalli Section 8 Chapters 65, 67, 68 and 69
Topics: Respiratory distress, bronchitis, URT infections, CAP, aspiration and
empyema/lung abscess
 10:00—Dr. Korkigian (ENT): “Tracheostomy Tube Changes in the ED and
Complications of Tracheostomies”
 11:00—Dr. McParlane: “Compassionately Treating the Patient with Cancer”
Attendings: Dr. McParlane and Dr. Wallace
October 10th 2012
 6:00—Trauma Conference
 7:00—Dr. Gabel (surgery): “Massive Transfusion Protocol”
 7:30—Al-Saadi: Case Presentation
 8:00—Neal: Tintinalli Section 9 Chapters 74, 78, 79
Topics: Abdominal pain, upper GIB, and lower GIB
 9:00—D’Angelo: GI Board Review Practice Questions
 10:00—Dr. Erlich lecture
 Attending: Dr. Erlich and Dr. Matthews
October 17th 2012
 8:00—Dr. Swindell (GI): “Hepatitis, Cholangitis and Pancreatitis”
 9:00—Hallett: Case Presentation
 9:30—Patel: Video: Lumbar Puncture Video
 10:00—Robinson: Tintinalli Section 9 Chapters 75, 76, 77, 88
Topics: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and anorectal disorders
 11:00—Dr. Jason Vieder lecture
Attending: Dr. Jason Vieder and Dr. Richardson
October 24th 2012
 Pro EM
October 31st 2012
 8:00—Liu: Case Presentation
 8:30—Ahadi: Pulmonary Board Review Practice Questions
 9:00—Lowjeski: Tintinalli Section 10 Chapters 91, 93 and 94
Topics: Acute renal failure, emergencies in renal failure and dialysis patients, and
 10:00—Dr. Lemoine (nephro): “The Peritoneal Dialysis Patient”
 11:00—Dr. Schell: “Strategies for Dealing with the Difficult Airway”
Attending: Dr. Traicoff and Dr. Schell
November 7th 2012
 8:00— Diane Trinks (risk management): HIPPA compliance
 9:00— Dr. Fritz (ortho): “The Hand Exam and Common Hand Injuries”
 10:00— D’Angelo: Neurology Board Review Practice Questions
 10:30— Dr. Paratore: “Managing the Aspirin Overdose Patient in the ED”
**May need this day for Disaster Drill
Attendings: Dr. Chudler and Dr. Paratore
November 14th 2012
 6:00— Trauma Conference
 7:00—Hughes: Case Presentation
 7:30—Patel: Systemic Infectious Disease Board Review Practice Questions
 8:00—Shear: Tintinalli Section 11 Chapters 99, 100, 101 and 103
Topics: Vaginal bleeding, abdominal/pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy and normal
 9:00—Dr. Cynar: “Diseases of the International Traveler”
 10:00—Dr. Niamh Condon (obgyn): “Ectopic Pregnancy”
Attendings: Dr. Cynar and Dr. Vieder
November 21st 2012
 Pro EM
November 28th 2012
 Journal Club
Location: Dr. Schell’s House
Attendings: Dr. Wallace and Dr. Schell
Resident: Baselle
December 5th 2012
 8:00—Santiano: Case Presentation
 8:30—Baselle: Pediatrics Board Review Practice Questions
 9:00—Colbert: Tintinalli Section 12 Chapters 110, 111 and 113
Topics: Emergency care of children, neonatal emergencies, fever and serious
bacterial illness
 10:00—Dr. Vlachos lecture
 11:00—Dr. Blackburn (ortho): “Recognizing Pediatric Fractures”
Attending: Dr. Vlachos and Dr. Richardson
December 12th 2012
 Journal Club
Location: Dr. Zelenka’s house
Resident: Kerns
December 19th 2012
 Holiday
December 26th 2012
 Holiday
January 2nd 2013
 Holiday
January 9th 2013
 6:00— Trauma Conference
 7:00—Santiano: Case Presentation
 7:30—Baselle: Orthopedics Board Review Practice Questions
 8:00— Shear: Tintinalli Section 12 Chapters 137 and 139
Topics: Hypoglycemia and metabolic emergencies in infant and children and the
child with diabetes
 9:00—Dr. Traicoff lecture
 10:00—Dr. Rollins (ortho): “The Bulky Jones Dressing and Posterior Leg
Splint.” (Ask ortho sales representative to provide the ortho glass)
Attendings: Dr. Traicoff and Dr. Erlich
January 16th 2013
 Pro EM
January 23rd 2013
 In Service Exam
January 30th 2013
 8:00—Colbert: Tintinalli Section 13 Chapters 144, 145, 148
Topics: STDS, Toxic shock syndrome and disseminated viral infections
 9:00-11:30: Procedures Lab: “Common Simple Emergency Procedures”
1) Digital block and Paronychia: Dr. Vieder
2) Corneal FB: Baselle
3) Ear and Nose FB Removal: Dr. Spellman, ENT
4) Peripheral IV with the use of ultrasound: Dr. Richardson
5) Ring Cutter: Kerns
Attendings: Dr. Richardson and Dr. Vieder
February 6th 2013
 8:00—Dr. Heather Cronovich (former resident): “The Eye Exam”
 9:00—Dr. Lupovitch (Ophtho): “The Eye Emergencies”
 10:00—Dubrovich: Tintinalli Section 13 Chapters 153, 154 and 155
Topics: Malaria, foodborne and waterborne diseases and zoonotic infections
 11:00—Dr. Kaiser lecture:
Attendings: Dr. Kaiser and Dr. Erlich
February 13th 2013
 6:00—Trauma Conference
 7:00—Hallett: Case Presentation
 7:30—Kerns: HEENT Board Review Practice Questions
 8:00— Lowjeski: Tintinalli Section 15 Chapters 170, 171, 172 and 174
Topics: General management of poisoned patients, cyclic antidepressants, atypical
antidepressants, SSRI’s, serotonin syndrome and antipsychotics
 9:00—Kerns: EMRAP Videos
 10:00—Dr. McDowell lecture
Attendings: Dr. McParlane and Dr. McDowell
February 20th 2013
 Pro EM
February 27th 2013
 8:00—Liu: Case Presentation
 8:30—Kerns: Toxicology Board Review Practice Questions
 9:00—Kowalczyk: Tintinalli Section 15 Chapters 185-191
Topics: NSAIDS, Nicotine, Digitalis, BB’s, CCB’s, Antihypertensive agents and
 10:00—Davis: EMRAP Videos
 11:00—Dr. Cynar lecture
Attendings: Dr. Warpinski and Dr. Cynar
March 6th 2013
 8:00—Hughes: Case Presentation
 8:30—Ahadi: Environmental Board Review Practice Questions
 9:00—Colbert: Tintinalli Section 16 Chapters 202-204
Topics: Frostbite, hypothermia and heat emergencies
 10:00—Dr. Colen (ortho): “Managing the Acute Pelvic Fracture”
 11:00—Dr. Matthews lecture
Attendings: Dr. Matthews, Dr. Schell and Dr. Wallace
March 13th 2013
 6:00—Trauma Conference
 7:00—Ahadi: Procedure: “Treating the Auricular Hematoma”
 7:30—Zayac: Case Presentation
 8:00—Robinson: Tintinalli Section 16 Chapters 210 and 211
Topics: Thermal burns and chemical burns
 9:00—Dr. Hess: “Managing Sleep Cycle and Stress of Shift Work”
 10:00—Dr. Richardson: “The Use of Ultrasound in Trauma”
Attendings: Dr. Hess and Dr. Richardson
March 20th 2013
 Pro EM
 Seniors: National Board Exam for the Seniors
March 27th 2013
 8:00—D’Angelo: Procedure: “The Dental Emergency Box”
 8:30— Liu: Case Presentation
 9:00— Lowjeski: Tintinalli Section 17 Chapters 218, 219. 220
Topics: Type I DM, Type II DM, DKA
 10:00— Dr. Lauren Oliver (surgery): “Managing the Chest Tube in the ICU”
 10:00— Dr. Sandy Vieder lecture
Attendings: Dr. Chudler and Dr. Vieder
April 3rd 2013
 8:00—Patel: Procedure: “Stopping a Nosebleed”
 8:30—Hallett: Case Presentation
 9:00—Kowalczyk: Tintinalli Section 18 Chapters 226, 228 and 230
Topics: Anemia, Acquired bleeding disorders and hemophilias and von Willebrand
 10:00—Dr. Zelenka lecture
 11:00—Ahadi: Endocrine Board Review Practice Questions
Attendings: Dr. Zelenka and Dr. Erlich
April 10th 2013
 6:00—Trauma Conference
 7:00—Zayac: Case Presentation
 7:30—Neal: Tintinalli Section 12 Chapters 121 and 134
Topics: Pneumonia in infant and children, rashes in infants and children
 8:30— Dr. McParlane lecture
 9:00— Dr. Boudaris: “Managing the VP Shunt Patient in the ED”
 10:00— Dr. Heather Herrema (neuro): “The NIH Stroke Scale”
Attendings: Dr. McParlane and Dr. Paratore
April 17th 2013
 Pro EM
April 24th 2013
 8:00—Dr. Jennings: “Vascular Access on a Dialysis Patient”
 9:00—Santiano: Case Presentation
 9:30—Dubrovich: Tintinalli Section 3 Chapters 19 and 20
Topics: Acid-base disorders and blood gases
 10:00—Baselle: NEMBR videos and discussion of the videos
 11:00—Dr. Jason Vieder lecture
Attendings: Dr. Sandy Vieder and Dr. Jason Vieder
May 1st 2013
 8:00— Al-Saadi: Case Presentation
 8:30— Kowalczyk: Tintinalli Section 14 Chapters 159 and 161
Topics: Headache, face pain, CVA, TIA and cervical artery dissection
 9:30— Dr. Tony Lutz (cardio): “Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Brugada
 10:30—Dr. Vlachos lecture
Attendings: Dr. Vlachos and Dr. Cynar
May 8th 2013
 6:00—Trauma Conference
 7:00—Santiano: Case Presentation
 7:30—Shear: Section 14 Chapters 165 and 166
Topics: Seizures and status epilepticus in adults and acute peripheral neurologic
 8:30—Kerns: NEMBR videos and discussion of the videos
 9:30—Dr. Fisher (urology): “Treating Priapism and Paraphimosis in the ED”
 10:30—Dr. Wallace for Oral Board Review: Kerns and D’Angelo
Attendings: Dr. McParlane and Dr. Wallace
May 15th 2013
 Pro EM
May 22nd 2013
 8:00—Hallett: Case Presentation
 8:30—Colbert: Tintinalli Section 19 Chapter 236
Topic: Eye emergencies
 9:30—Davis: Hematology/Oncology Board Review Practice Questions
 10:00—Dr. McDowell: “Your First Year as an Attending”
 11:00—Davis: NEMBR videos and discussion of the videos
Attendings: Dr. McDowell and Dr. Schell
May 29th 2013
 8:00—Al-Saadi: Case Presentation
 8:30—Robinson: Tintinalli Section 20 Chapters 243, 245,246
Topics: Approach to skin disorders in the ED, serious generalized skin disorders,
disorders of the face and scalp
 9:30—Patel: Procedure: “Putting in a PEG tube”
 10:00—Dr. Katherine Johnson (derm): “Pediatric Rashes”
 11:00—Dr. Hess lecture
Attendings: Dr. Hess and Dr. Cynar
June 5th 2013
 8:00: Liu: Case Presentation
 8:30: Dubrovich: Tintinalli Section 21 Chapters 253 and 254
Topics: Trauma in pregnancy and head trauma in adults and children
 9:30: Dr. Erlich lecture
 10:30: Dr. Zelenka for Oral Board Review: Davis and Patel
Attendings: Dr. Erlich and Dr. Zelenka
June 12th 2013
 6:00—Trauma Conference
 7:00—Santiano: Case Presentation
 7:30—Neal: Tintinalli Section 21 Chapters 258 and 259
Topics: pulmonary trauma and cardiac trauma
 8:30—Davis: Procedure and Video: “Cricothyrotomy”
 9:00—Dr. Warpinski: “Defining and Treating Concussions in the ED”
 10:00—Dr. Richardson: “Using Ultrasound on the Pregnant Patient”
 11:00—Dr. Richardson for Oral Board Review: Ahadi and Baselle
Attendings: Dr. Warpinski and Dr. Richardson
June 19th 2013
 Pro EM
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