Uniquely Africa

Uniquely Africa
Climate & Vegetation
The Sahel
Mount Kilimanjaro
Africa’s most recognized
Tallest mountain in Africa
Famous snow cap is disappearing
(Will be gone in a few years)
Victoria Falls
Largest waterfall in the world
considered to be among the
Seven Natural Wonders
of the World.
Great Rift Valley
 Extends throughout East Africa
 Created by Techtonic
Serengeti Plains
 hosts the largest
mammal migration
in the world
 contains several national parks and
game reserves
 diverse species due to diverse
habitats ranging from riverine forests,
swamps, grasslands and woodlands
Namib & Kalahari Deserts
 Namib considered to be
the oldest desert in the world.
 Namib-Naukluft National Park,
the largest game reserve in Africa
 Large arid to semi-arid area that
supports more animals and plants
than a true desert.
Lake Victoria
Africa’s largest lake by area
largest tropical lake in the world
world's second largest
freshwater lake by surface area
Africa's largest inland fishery
Ethiopian Highlands
A rugged mass of mountains
in Ethiopia
Sometimes called the “Roof of
Contain grasslands,
woodlands and desert areas
Niger River
Principal river of western Africa
Floods yearly
Flows into the Niger River Delta
Used for irrigation and electricity
Navigable only part of the year
Congo River
Deepest river in the world
(measured depths of 750 ft+)
Navigable only in section
(not navigable from the sea)
Three major waterfalls
Potential source of
hydroelectric power
Drakensberg Mountains
Highest mountain range in
Southern Africa
Caves are frequent (many have
ancient cave paintings)
 Contain world's secondhighest waterfall (Tugela Falls)