SEPA Space Data Projects

SEPA Space
Data Projects
• Pleiades and Spot data for OCCS work.
• change detection landform and surface water features.
• Word View 2 data for wetland classification.
• Globolakes project partner / end user - lake and inland water
• Useful for risk screening – interested in this approach for
• Copernicus high resolution layers, to be investigated.
• When available will inform further investigation work, risk
screening. Remote Sensing
Ecology Partnership and Development unit
SNH Projects
• Upland habitat mapping project
• space data still useful – added spectral info or
for mapping more extensive habitats.
• Locating Potential Species Rich Grassland areas
using remote sensing techniques
• GIS Analysis Team
Other Agencies
• Marine Scotland – some use of frontal maps,
Harmful algal bloom warning
• Scottish Government – previous projects