febbraio 2015 - Camere di Commercio

Se interessati ad uno o più annunci sottostanti utilizzare il modulo presente alla seguente pagina:
http://www.to.camcom.it/Page/t01/view_html?idp=12565 (selezionare “come richiedere
informazioni su un annuncio estero pubblicato”
ed inviarlo compilato a:
- imprese di Torino e Provincia: [email protected] (Camera di commercio di Torino)
- imprese delle altre province piemontesi: [email protected] (Unioncamere Piemonte)
Nel mese di dicembre sono disponibili le seguenti tipologie di annunci commerciali:
Rif. 20130327036 – Ricerca produttori di fibre tessili
Spanish company involved in dealing and recycling of textile fibres is ready to offer distribution service to companies
interested in getting a warehouse as a distribution point. The company offers its distribution services with a warehouse
2.000 square meters, situated 100 km far from Valencia and Alicante ports and airports, cities where the bigger textile
manufacturers are in the country. The company is ready to offer its facilities equipped with machinery for logistic
transport, experienced staff and capable to offer distribution service in Spain and Europe.
Lingue di contatto: Inglese, spagnolo
Rif. BRPL20141215001 – Ricerca produttori di componenti elettronici
A Polish electrotechnical wholesaler is looking for electronics producers to become their representative office in Poland.
Currently the wholesaler distributes products such as: modular equipment, switch disconnectors, frequency converters,
contactors, modular contactors, time relays, controllers, ulinks, switchgears, casing, amenities, transformers, cut-outs,
surge arresters, analyzers, loggers, residential installation accessories, industrial installation equipment, etc.
Lingua di contatto: Inglese
Rif. BRES20131126001 – Ricerca produttori di veicoli industriali e parti accessorie
Spanish company specialized in repairing, maintenance and trade of industrial vehicles: wrecker, breakdown van, tip
cart, dump truck, wagons, parts and accessories, offers distribution services. The company looks for producers of
industrial vehicles, parts and accessories to distribute them in the national market.
Lingue di contatto: Inglese, francese, spagnolo
Rif. BRGR20140724004 - Ricerca produttori di calze e collant per bambini
Greek company producing and trading children’s underwear is looking for Italian producers of children’s socks and
tights. A Greek company that was founded in 1953 producing children’s underwear and since 1983 specializes in
the children's socks and tights market is looking for new collections from Italy, in order to extend its current range of
products. The collection of its products includes children socks, girls tights, baby socks & tights, made of cotton, lace
,wool etc. It is interested in contacting with producers of high quality socks, leggings , tights for babies and children.
Lingua di contatto: inglese, greco
Rif. BRIL20140827001 - Ricerca produttori di prodotti parafarmaceutici, integratori alimentari e dispositivi medici
An Israeli SME develops, produces, distributes and markets pharmaceuticals, special nutritional supplements and
medical devices. The company offers its service to foreign manufacturers of similar products. Looking for license
agreement & distribution services agreement.
Lingua di contatto: Inglese
Rif. BOES20131121001 – Ricerca distributori per finestre in alluminio
Spanish manufacturer of aluminum windows with more than 30 years of experience in the joinery sector is looking
for agents or distributors to start a business relationship. They also manufacture sliding and hinged doors both in
standard measures and tailored. They are an advanced joinery in Spain, with automated production lines that allow
them to produce big quantities, which in turn lead them to be competitive. They would like to expand their business
to Italy.
Lingue di contatto: Inglese, spagnolo, italiano
Rif. BOFR20141013004 – Ricerca distributori di cosmetici naturali
French manufacturer specialised in natural cosmetics, custom made soaps, adaptable according customers' requests,
is looking for commercial and distribution services. The manufacturing is done entirely by the French company, from
the design to the packaging and marketing. It is offering its know-how and manufacturing to companies specialised
in luxury and cosmetics, laboratories. It is also searching future partners, such as distributors, commercial agents
involved in the field of luxury, beauty, healthcare, wellness, spa, hammam centers. Some of the soaps manufactured
by the company own real therapeutic values. For exemple, oat milk soaps, bayberry soaps allow the skin to keep it
hydrated, repaired and even relieve people suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis or exzema.
Lingue di contatto: Inglese, francese, spagnolo
Rif. BOTR20141204017 – Ricerca distributori di pneumatici per camioncini, trattori, mietitori
A Turkish company specialized in manufacturing tire for light trucks, tractors, harvesters and trailers is looking for
distributors for its products in Europe. Foundation of the company goes to 1994 as it has just been running in the
industry of tire manufacturing since last two years. The company which is a member of group of companies,
manufactured mold curePrecured retreading materials for the tire retreading industry in the first periods when it
started production. Currently, the company is one of the leading companies in this business. The company has the
following products: Implement (field/garden) tires, Light Truck tires, Tractor front tires, Tractor rear tires, Off-the-road
tires, Trailer tires, Industrial tires, Harvester tires, Military (panzer) tires. The company is looking for distribution.
Lingue di contatto: Inglese
Rif. BORS20141028001 – Ricerca distributori di mobili di legno
Serbian company that produces the high quality furniture made of beech or oak wood is looking for distributors
abroad. Some of the company products are chairs, tables, chests of drawers. The company produces high quality
furniture and can meet the specific requirements of clients in terms of desired dimensions and other characteristics of
furniture. The company is willing to expand their business activity abroad and therefore is looking for distributors in
foreign countries.
Lingue di contatto: Inglese
Rif. BOUK20130919002 - Accordi di subfornitura e di produzione per componenti di precisione e macchine a
controllo numerico
A Welsh company specializing in cold forming precision components and CNC machining (milling) is seeking to
extend its manufacturing capabilities preferably through OEMs or Tier 1 suppliers. Established for over 60 years, the
company has excellent credentials and reputation in producing quality contract manufactured parts for the
Automotive, Aerospace and Medical sectors. The company is offering subcontracting and manufacturing agreements
to USA, France, Italy, Japan, Germany
Lingue di contatto: Inglese
Rif. BRUK20130912001 Ricerca produttori di rifiuti reciclabili ad alta densità di propilene (HDPE) REGNO UNITO
UK company is seeking regular suppliers of waste HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) for the company to reprocess
through its manufacturing factory. The company expects that partners could be companies such as plastic bottle
manufacturers, manufacturers of plastic automotive parts and plastics recycling businesses collecting waste HDPE
such as water bottles, food containers, utility & services piping, plastic from scrapped cars, etc.
Lingue di contatto: Inglese
Rif. BRUK20141220001- Ricerca di soluzioni innovative nell’ambito delle energie rinnovabili od efficienza
This UK company offers a range of renewable energy systems suitable for installation in both residential and
commercial premises. The company seek to enhance their product range. They wish to acquire agency or
distribution agreements for innovative renewable energy systems and components suitable for new build and
existing housing markets. The people in the company have over 20 years experience in the design and installation
of solar thermal, solar photo-voltaic (PV), heat recovery ventilation, under-floor heating ,heat pumps and biomass
Lingue di contatto: Inglese
Rif. BODE20131126002 - Ricerca distributori ed utilizzatori di attrezzatura innovativa per montaggio moduli
German company has developed a new aerodynamic mounting system for photovoltaic modules on flat roof
surfaces with low load capacity and an inclination angle up to 5°. Mounting of the lightweight, stilted modular
structure requires no roof penetration by bolts. The specific arrangement of its pre-assembled components provides
optimal weight distribution (max. 15 kg/m²). The system is adjustable to any roof type and size. The company is
looking for commercial, distribution or service agreement.
Lingue di contatto: inglese
Rif. 20130529039 BR - Servizi di consulenza geotecnica e geoambientale – ricerca accordi con imprese edili
A UK company, based in Wales provides comprehensive Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental consultancy
services. They cover all aspects of investigation, outline and detailed geotechnical design and construction. They
have particular expertise in the areas of Landfill Engineering including Landfill Gas and Leachate Management,
and have experience of working with medium sized construction companies, providing the technical capability to
enable the delivery of more ambitious projects in the waste management sector. They are seeking Joint Venture
partnerships with medium sized construction companies to enable the delivery of more ambitious projects in the
landfill sector and other waste management related services.
Lingue di contatto: inglese
Rif. BRFI20140929001 Ricerca contatti con studi di progettazione architettonica, ingegneristica, design smart per
sviluppo progetto di villaggio smart.
A Finnish company with a novel concept of ecological and sensible living in a village-like environment equipped
with digital technology is looking for EU based architects, module building or infrastructure developers, construction
and energy specialists and landscaping designers for its on-going project in Finland. Partnership could be a
subcontracting, distribution services or manufacturing agreement.
Lingue di contatto: inglese
Rif. 20130528018 BO Ricerca distributori settore pannelli solari.
Spanish company is specialised in manufacturing structures for solar panels, that integrates the entire value chain
from the design to the manufacturing and assembly of modules supports both for decks as for solar farms. The
experience accumulated allows them to know the needs and sector requirements to develop new products. They
offer turnkey projects and also the possibility of sparely products, with 10 years of guarantee and in some cases up
to 25 years. The company is looking for distributors involved in the sector of solar energy to distribute the projects
and products.
Lingue di contatto: Inglese,spagnolo
Rif. BOUK20140203001 Ricerca distributori per dispositivi di condizionamento aria a basso impatto energetico.
A UK company manufactures a range of air-conditioning controls designed to reduce energy usage. They are
looking for distributors. The UK company is a family run business and the manufacturer of a range of energy saving
air conditioning controls. The system is a retrofit, low cost, easy to install device designed to turn air conditioning
units off once the room has been vacated, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. It is intended for
standalone air conditioners on local control.
There are two models included in the range.
Lingua di contatto: inglese
Rif. BRPL20141124002 – Offerta servizi di distribuzione settore trattamento acque reflue
A Polish company with huge experience in water purification and waste water treatment offers distribution services.
The company is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of specialised devices. They have an excellent
understanding of the Polish market and can provide marketing and distribution services. Ready for signing a
distribution services agreement.
Lingua di contatto: inglese
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