Chourmo Jean-Claude Izzo

Symposium on Urban Mining
Simposio sulle Risorse Urbane
19-21 May 2014 / 19-21 Maggio 2014
Old Monastery of Saint Augustine, Bergamo - Italy
Ex Monastero di Sant’Agostino, Bergamo
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Monday May 19
- morning / Lunedì 21
19 Maggio - mattina
8:00 - 13:00
Conference Registration / Registrazione al Simposio
Opening Session / Sessione di apertura
Chair / Presidente: R. Cossu (IT)
Monday May 19th - morning / Lunedì 19 Maggio - mattina
- Aula Magna
11:10 - 12:50
Food Waste / Spreco Alimentare
Chair / Presidente:
F. Syversen, F. Schneider,V.M.E. Edjabou (NO)
Food waste - from end of pipe solutions to prevention
M.M. Smith, P.J Shaw, I.D. Williams (GB)
The potential for reducing avoidable food waste arisings from domestic households
I. Schneider, M. Müller, A. Bockreis (AT)
Challenges in the management of food waste in a highly dynamic environment
A. Rispo, I.D. Williams, P.J. Shaw (GB)
Recycling, food waste segregation and prevention in high-density households in a
deprived urban area
F. Schneider, H. Bos-Brouwers, J. Gustavsson, O.J. Hanssen, K. Östergren (AT)
Front end and back end challenges in developing a harmonised frame work for
defining and quantifying food waste across Europe
- Aula X Waste Minimisation and Integrated Management
11:10 - 12:50
Chair / Presidente:
L. Rigamonti, I. Sterpi, F. Lovato, M. Grosso (IT)
How to compare different integrated MSW management systems
A. Bonoli, F. Cappellaro IT
Waste Responsibility and Management - The case of the University of Bologna
I.S. Zen, D. Subramaniam, H. Sulaiman, R. Ahamad, W. Omar, A.L. Saleh, A.A.
Rahman (MY)
Waste minimization initiatives in campus sustainability: the experience of Universiti
Teknologi Malaysia
M. Nenkovic-Riznic, B. Josimovic (RS)
New methodology for the site selection process in rural waste management - multicriteria model tested in Serbian villages
S. Nessi, L. Rigamonti, M. Grosso (IT)
Municipal waste prevention through loose distribution of liquid detergents: a comparison based on life cycle assessment
Monday May 19
- afternoon
morning / Lunedì
/ Lunedì19
Maggio- -mattina
- Aula 5
Plastics Recycling
11:10 - 12:50
Chair / Presidente:
S. Nicosia, P.A. Lanza, S. Carcione (IT)
Plastics recovery from Municipal Waste: mainstreams and by-products in a case
study in Northern Italy
J. Feketitsch, D. Lane, H. Rechberger, J. Fellner (AT)
Prospection and Exploration of plastic flows and stocks in Austria
J. Li, G. Wu, Z. Xu CN
Physical model and computer simulation of plastic granule separation by the inclined plate-electrodes of a tribo-electrostatic separator
V. Luciani, S. Serranti, G. Bonifazi, P. Rem (IT)
Upgrading of PVC rich wastes with the combination of magnetic density separation
and hyperspectral imaging analysis
G. Grause, R. Kärrbrandt, T. Kameda, T. Yoshioka (JP)
Effect of the bed material on the reaction pathway of polycarbonate steam hydrolysis in a fluidized bed reactor
Monday May 19th - afternoon / Lunedì 19 Maggio - pomeriggio
SESSION A3 - Aula 5
15:00 - 16:40
Urban Mining: Strategies and Policies / Urban Mining: Politiche e Strategie
Chair / Presidente:
G. Bonifazi, S. Serranti IT
Urban and Ore Mining: a critical comparison of concepts, rules and methodological approaches
F.O. Ongondo, I.D. Williams, G. Whitlock (GB)
Rethinking urban mining: exploring potential yields of high value WEEE in ‘unique’
urban spaces
M. Simoni, E.P. Kuhn, F. Adam (CH)
Urban Mining as a contribution to the resource strategy of the Canton of Zurich
K. Gaska, A. Generowicz, J. Biegańska (PL)
A GIS-based spatial decision support system for identification and assessment of
non- energy resources in Poland as a part of Europe’s ‘urban’ mining strategy
J. Gutberlet (BR)
Cooperative Urban Mining
16:40 - 17:10 Coffee Break
- Aula 2 Biowaste and Composting
15:00 - 16:40
Chair / Presidente:
S. Piippo, E. Pongrácz (FI)
Sustainable bio-waste strategy in Finland: Case study of Oulu in Northern Finland
G. Lovatti, K.M.C. Santos, J.L.R. Paes, E.A.G. Marques (BR)
Design of a waste sorting and composting plant using a modular steel structure
R. Du Plessis, J. Snyman (ZA)
Potential for aerated windrow composting of municipal green waste: CTMM - A
case study
A. Dall’Ara, M.T. La Peruta, L. Billi (IT)
Development of a sustainable technical product from intensive poultry farm byproduct
A. Mantonanaki, F.-M. Pellera, P. Pappa, E. Gidarakos (GR)
Removal of Zn(II) from aqueous solutions using biochar generated from spent coffee grounds
H. Chen, D. Chen, L. Hong (CN)
Recycle Sewage Sludge Char as Flue Gas De-NOx Catalyst within Moderate Temperature Range
16:40 - 17:10 Coffee Break
Monday May 19
- afternoon / Lunedì 21
19 Maggio - pomeriggio
SESSION C3 - Aula 5
Recycling of Resources from Bottom Ash
15:00 - 16:40
Chair / Presidente:
O. Holm, F.-G. Simon DE
Recovery of copper from small grain sizes of municipal solid waste incineration
bottom ash by means of density separation
K. Karlfeldt Fedje, S. Andersson, O. Modin, P. Frändegård, A. Pettersson (SE)
Opportunities for Zn recovery from Swedish MSWI fly ashes
Y. Xia, K. Phoungthong, H. Zhang, S.-J. Wang, L.-M. Shao, P.-J. He (CN)
Metal recovery from MSWI bottom ash in Shanghai
J. Nedenskov DK
Critical resources in industrial an minicipal solid waste
I. Lancellotti, C. Ponzoni, L. Barbieri, C. Leonelli (IT)
Geopolymers for incinerator bottom ash management
R. del Valle-Zermeño, J. Giró-Paloma , J. Formosa, J.M. Chimenos (ES)
Glass content in MSWI bottom ash: effectiveness assessment of recycling over
16:40 - 17:10 Coffee Break
Monday May 19th - afternoon / Lunedì 19 Maggio - pomeriggio
- Aula 5
17:10 - 18:50
Landfill Mining: National Strategies and Case Studies / Landfill Mining:
Strategie Nazionali e Casi di Studio
Chair / Presidente:
M.E. Ortner, A. Bockreis (AT)
The Challenges of landfill mining
N. Sliusar, V. Korotaev, Y. Zagorskaya (RU)
Opportunities of landfill mining in the Russian Federation: reclamation of dumpsites
and old landfills
T.P. Wagner (US)
Case study of a successful landfill mining operation
M. Steiner, W. Robrecht, L. Vadas (AT)
Two Case Studies on Landfill Mining: Kössen (Austria), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
W. Hogland, M. Marques, M. Hogland, A. Bhatnagar, F. Kaczala (SE)
About 20 years of research on landfill mining in Sweden leading to glass and harbour mining
A. Winterstetter, D. Laner, J. Fellner (AT)
Old landfills - anthropogenic resources or reserves?
- Aula 2 Resource Recovery from Sewage Sludge
17:10 - 18:50
Chair / Presidente:
P. Harborth, C. Heußner, K. Münnich, K. Fricke (DE)
P recovery from old landfills: comparison of municipal solid waste, sewage sludge
and sewage sludge ashes landfills
J. Lederer, D. Laner, J. Fellner, H. Rechberger (AT)
A framework for the evaluation of anthropogenic resources applied to phosphorus
stocks in Austria
C. Adam, O. Krüger (DE)
Complete survey of German sewage sludge ashes - phosphorous and technology
metal recovery potential
F. Naji, E. Thomanetz, C. Cimatoribus, M. Kranert (DE)
Is the production of phosphoric acid from sewage sludge ash technically feasible?
M. Kacprzak, A. Placek, A. Grobelak, A. Grosser (PL)
Landspreading of sewage sludge from the food industry in the process of remediation of contaminated sites
J. Kisser, H. Gattringer, M. Iordandopoulos-Kisser (AT)
Recovering metals from sewage sludge, waste incineration residues and similarsubstances with hyperaccumulative plants
Monday May 19
- afternoon / Lunedì 21
19 Maggio - pomeriggio
SESSION C4 - Aula 2 Separate Collection
17:10 - 18:50
Chair / Presidente:
G. De Feo, A.R. Polito (IT)
A separate collection centre seen as a “reverse supermarket” in an urban mining
I.S. Zen, C. Siwar (MY)
An analysis of household acceptance of curbside recycling scheme in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
L. Rigamonti, S. Ferreira, M. Grosso, R.C. Marques (IT)
Economic-financial analysis of the Italian packaging waste management system
S. Salhofer (AT)
Small, but powerful - why we should put more emphasis on the collection of small
S. Kalambura, N. Jovicic, D. Kalambura (HR)
Current system of separate waste collection in Croatia and its impact on targets
sets by Waste management strategy
Tuesday May 20th - morning / Martedì 20 Maggio - mattina
SESSION A5 - Aula 5
09:00 - 10:40
WEEE: National and Regional Case Studies / RAEE: Casi di Studio
Nazionali e Regionali
Chair / Presidente:
J. Kulczycka, M. Cholewa (PL)
The e-waste market in Poland: barries and challanges
J. Ylä-Mella, R.L. Keiski, E. Pongrácz (FI)
WEEE recovery in the Oulu Region, Finland: A local recovery network and consumers’ attitudes toward recycling
L. Pietrelli, M. Pietrantonio, A. Piozzi, R. Flammini, I. Francolini (IT)
Material recovery from printed circuit boards: characterization and recycling strategy
A. Falbo, L. Biganzoli, F. Forte, L. Rigamonti, M. Grosso (IT)
LCI of the WEEE management system in Lombardia Region: a focus on R3 and
R4 categories
K. Sperlich, K. Sander, T. Hartfeil (DE)
Pre-treatment of small WEEE - results from treatment trials for the German EPA
10:40 - 11:10 Coffee Break
SESSION B5 - Aula 2 09:00 - 10:40
Integrated Waste and Wastewater for Resource Recovery
Chair / Presidente:
S.M.N. Uddin, Z. Li, H.P. Mang, J. Lapegue (CN)
Sustainable sanitation towards eco-city development
M.C. Lavagnolo, L. Alibardi, R. Cossu (IT)
Ten years of research on integrated waste and wastewater management
10:40 - 11:10 Coffee Break
Monday May
morning //Martedì
Lunedì 20
21 Maggio - mattina
- Aula 2 End of Life Vehicles and Tyres
09:00 - 10:40
Chair / Presidente:
M. Andersson, M. Ljunggren Söderman, B.A. Sandén (SE)
Scarce metals in Swedish end-of-life vehicle recycling
R. Cossu, T. Lai (IT)
Automotive shredder residue (ASR) management: an overview
M.C. Zanetti, S. Fiore, B. Ruffino, E. Santagata, D. Dalmazzo, M. Lanotte (IT)
Characterization of crumb rubber from end-of-life tyres for paving applications
V. Torretta, M. Raboni, E.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi, E. Trulli, I.A. Istrate, L.I. Cioca (IT)
Tyres treatment and disposal: comparison between two situations in the EU
10:40 - 11:10 Coffee Break
Tuesday May 20th - morning / Martedì 20 Maggio - mattina
SESSION A6 - Aula 5
11:10 - 12:50
Urban Mining Strategies in Italy / Strategie di Urban Mining in Italia
Chair / Presidente:
S. Fedrizzi, E.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi (IT)
Esperienze di Urban Mining nel Comune di Trento
S. Bonomi, M. Ricci, M.Tommasi (IT)
Le relazioni tra diverse unità organizzative per lo sviluppo di una strategia integrata di riduzione dello spreco alimentare e gestione dei rifiuti organici
A. Castagna, P. Luppi, T. Deavi, A. Zeni, M. Sunseri (IT)
Dal rifiuto alla materia, il centro di riuso permanente come investimento culturale
e possibilità concreta
M. Condorelli, A. Ghidorzi, G. Moro, L. Nettuno, P. Simone (IT)
La tecnologia BEST®: un confronto in termini di efficienza con i sistemi di smaltimento tradizionali dei rifiuti solidi urbani
SESSION B6 - Aula 2 Landfill Mining: Treatment of Recovered Material
11:10 - 12:50
Chair / Presidente:
A. Maul, A. Feil, Th. Pretz (DE)
Pre-conditioning of old-landfilled material for further upscale processes
T. Mönkäre, M.R.T. Palmroth, J. Rintala (FI)
Stabilization of Fine Fraction from Landfill Mining in Leach Bed Reactor
K. Münnich, S. Wanka, A. Zeiner, K. Fricke (DE)
Mining of MSW landfills: reduction of masses to be landfilled by treatment of the
fine fraction
B. Breitenstein, D. Goldmann (DE)
Metal recovery by mechanical processing from fine fractions with grainsize < 60
mm generated during landfill mining
M. Brenčič (SI)
Landfill mining on Karst
Monday May
morning //Martedì
Lunedì 20
21 Maggio - mattina
- Aula 2 Concrete and Glass Recovery
11:10 - 12:50
Chair / Presidente:
K. Weimann, C. Adam, T. Schulz, E. Linß (DE)
Environmental evaluation of different ways to produce recycled concrete aggregates
M. van Praagh, H. Modin, J. Trygg (SE)
Organic compounds in concrete from demolition works
A. Ocholi, S.P. Ejeh, S.Y. Mukaila (NG)
Evaluation of the effect of crumb-rubber on the compressive strength of mortar
K. Shih, Y. Tang (HK)
A “Waste-to-Resource” Method on Using Waste Aluminum and Iron in Sludge as
Ceramic Materials
S. Landim, F. Durão, A. Maximo, N. Dias, C. Ulsen, M. T. Carvalho (PT)
Recovery of glass from MBT rejects - Optimization of the gravity concentration
F. Andreola, L. Barbieri, I. Lancellotti, C. Leonelli, C. Ponzoni, R. Taurino (IT)
Valorization of wastes, “end of waste” and by-products by hot and cold techniques
Tuesday May 20th - afternoon / Martedì 20 Maggio - pomeriggio
15:00 - 16:40
Advanced Recovery of Resources from Waste in Italy / Recupero avanzato di risorse da rifiuti in Italia
Chair / Presidente:
V. Funari, E. Dinelli, R. Braga (IT)
Residui solidi da termovalorizzazione: una fonte di materie prime “critiche”?
R. Bertani, R. Cossu, R. Raga, B. Bresoli, R. Bonora, R. De Angeli (IT)
Treatment of powders coming from exhaust fluorescent lamps: an evaluation of the
experimental parameters influencing the recovery of rare earth elements
U. Ballabio, T. Vollmeier CH
Trattamenti termici innovativi e recupero del fosforo dal fango di depurazione
M.C. Collivignarelli, A. Abbà S. Padovani, M. Frascarolo, D. Sciunnach, M. Turconi
Recupero fanghi
16:40 - 17:10 Coffee Break
SESSION B7 - Aula 2 15:00 - 16:40
Urban Mining: Recovery Opportunities for Different Materials
Chair / Presidente:
K. O. Zacho, H. Riisgaard (DK)
Lifetime extension of smartphones - business models in the circular economy
M. Colledani, G. Copani, P. Rosa (IT)
Zero Waste PCBs: a new integrated solution for key-metals recovery from PCBs
H. Ren, J. Guan, H. Yuan, R. Su, J. Yang, X. Zhang, X. Wang (CN)
Kinetics and Characteristics of LCD Thermal Degradation
K. Tirez, C. Vanhoof, W. Brusten, F. Beutels, C. Gilliot, J. Spooren, L. Debaene, L.
Umans (BE)
A multi-element determination of critical elements (REE, PGM, …) in solid (waste)
materials by SFICP-MS and EDXRF
T. Dolden, B. Hilber (IT)
Less cost, more robust - Waste to biocoal using hydrothermal carbonization
B.Y. Ammary (JO)
Introducing a manifest system for industrial liquid waste: is Jordan ready?
E. Garamvölgyi, P. Chrabák (HU)
Re-use, based on the approach of the CERREC project
R. De Carolis, D. Fontana, F. Forte, M. Grosso (IT)
Indium recovery from waste liquid crystal displays
16:40 - 17:10 Coffee Break
Monday May
afternoon/ /Lunedì
Maggio- -pomeriggio
SESSION C7 - Aula 2 WEEE: Strategies and Management Approaches
15:00 - 16:40
Chair / Presidente:
M. Dos Santos, S. Eisenriegler, P. Grassl, W. Hauer, R. Haubenberger-Hahn, T.
Maier, M. Merstallinger, H. Reichl, G. Waizinger (AT)
OREG - Optimal Resource Management of Electric and Electronic Devices
K. Sperlich, K. Sander (DE)
Identification of WEEE containing valuable resources and characterisation of approaches for collection
V. Cleaver, I.D. Williams, X. Pierron
GB The potential for recovering metals from small household appliances
V.S. Rotter, P. Sommer, M. Ueberschaar (DE)
Relevance of Batteries for resource efficient WEEE treatment
E. Pongrácz (FI)
Critical materials: recycling vs. dissipative losses - The case of indium
J. Guo, Z. Xu (CN)
Use of non-metallic materials from waste printed circuit board in composite
16:40 - 17:10 Coffee Break
Tuesday May 20th - afternoon / Martedì 20 Maggio - pomeriggio
SESSION A8- Aula 5
17:10 - 18:50
Workshop: Legal Issues in Urban Mining / Aspetti Legali nell’Urban
Chair / Presidente:
R. Hoogmartens, M. Dubois, S. Van Passel (BE)
Identifying the interaction between landfill taxes and NIMBY. A simulation for Flanders (Belgium) using a dynamic optimization model.
SESSION B8 - Aula 2 Demolition Waste
17:10 - 18:50
Chair / Presidente:
B. Miekley, L. Schebek, H.-J. Linke, C. Motzko (DE)
Techno-economic potential of the recovery of raw materials from the industrial and
commercial building stock
F. Kleemann, J. Lederer, H. Rechberger, J. Fellner (AT)
Methodology to predict future generation of demolition waste in the City of Vienna
A. Bonoli, S. Bamonti (IT)
Construction and Demolition waste recycling for new sustainable materials production at high environmental efficiency
J.A.C.S. Filho, E.C.G. Santos (BR)
Panorama of recycled construction and demolition waste (RCDW) in Brazil
D. Ergun, M. Gorgolewski (CA)
Reusable and recyclable material stocks in the City of Toronto’s in-use and obsolete single-detached housing
S. Portas, M. Coni, F. Maltinti (IT)
Reuse of coal mine debris for road embankment
Monday May
afternoon/ /Lunedì
Maggio- -pomeriggio
Aula 5
Metal and Rare Earth Recovery from WEEE
17:10 - 18:50
Chair / Presidente:
V. Innocenzi, I. De Michelis, F. Vegliò IT
Rare earths from secondary sources: hydrometallurgical process to recover yttrium
from fluorescent powders of spent lamps using solvent extraction. Economical feasibility study
L. Zhan, Z.M. Xu, B. Xie CN
Application of vacuum metallurgy technology for separating and recycling heavy
metals (Pb, Cd, etc) from e-wastes: a critical review
S. Mueller, P.A. Wäger, R. Widmer, I.D. Williams (GB)
Characterising and evaluating waste electrical and electronic equipment as a
source of scarce metals - A geological and primary production perspective
D. Monteiro de Oliveira, L. Sobral, P. Martins da Rocha BR
Bioleaching of base metals from electro-electronic scraps followed by precious metals recovery by intensive cyanidation
J. Bachér, T. Kaartinen, J. Mäkinen, M. Wahlström (FI)
Froth flotation, a novel treatment method for printed circuit boards from WEEE
G. Zecha (AT)
Dealing with the bottlenecks regarding the recovery of Rare Earth Elements from
fluorescent powders of waste fluorescent lamps
Wednesday May 21st / Mercoledì 21 Maggio
Monday May 21st - afternoon / Lunedì 21 Maggio - pomeriggio
01_ J.-F. Wagner (DE)
Soil mechanical properties of MBT-waste
02_ L. Khalaf-Kairouz (LB)
Solid Waste Management - The case of Lebanon
03_ A. Chusov, M. Fedorov, E. Neguliaeva RU
Integrated recycling of secondary resources and wastes in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
04_ D.D. Carvalho, L. Cunha, D.R.S. Maia, C. Guimarães (BR)
Study of the optimization of biogas production in anaerobic digesters
05_ N. Rodella, A. Zacco, L.E. Depero, M. Gelfi, M. La Vecchia, E. Bontempi (IT)
Stabilization of air control pollution residues collected from a metallurgical plant
06_ F.M. Ferraz, R. Campos, E. Pozzi, J. Povinelli (BR)
Microbial diversity in activated sludge reactors treating landfill leachate and domestic wastewater
07_ S. Luste, H. Soininen, T. Ranta-Korhonen (FI)
Farm-scale biogas production potentials and profitability in the case-farms of the
Leningrad oblast
08_ C. Achillas, E. Feleki, A. Marìn, N. Moussiopoulos, J. Switters, J. C. Tourret (GR)
Urban Empathy: an EU funded project towards the promotion of a sustainable urban model at the European level
09_ M. Šyc, P. Kameníková, E. Giray, J. Sobek, M. Pohořelý, K. Svoboda, M.
Punčochář (CZ)
Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash via microwave enhanced thermochemical treatment
10_ H. Soininen, K. Dufva, T. Ranta-Korhonen, S. Luste (FI)
Experimental studies on Ageing of fly ashes from biofuels
11_ I. Critelli, A. Degiorgi, M. Colledani, A. Tasora (IT)
A simulation model of Corona Electrostatic Separation (CES) for the recycling of
Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
12_ R. del Valle-Zermeño, J. Formosa, J. Giró-Paloma, J.M. Chimenos (ES)
Reutilization of APC fly ash in a pilot-scale road subbase: environmental impact
13_ Z. Ni, J.G. Liu, M.Y. Song, X.W. Wang, L.H. Ren, X. Kong (CN)
Pollution profiles and health risks of occupational exposure to volatile organic compounds associated with a typical food waste treatment plant in China
14_ L.B. Santos, M.V. Striebeck, M.S. Crespi, C.A. Ribeiro, M. De Julio (BR)
Energetic characterization of Pine pellets biochar
15_ L.B. Santos, M.V. Striebeck, M.S. Crespi, C.A. Ribeiro, M. De Julio (BR)
Characterization of Biochar of Pine pellet as potential adsorbent
Posters Session / Sessione Poster
16_ D. Monteiro de Oliveira, L. Sobral, C.E. Gomes de Souza (BR)
Base metals recovery from brass filings of metal-mechanics industry for further
chemicals production to be used in agriculture
17_ D. Monteiro de Oliveira, L. Sobral, C.E. Gomes de Souza (BR)
Hydrometallurgical base metals extraction from steelworks flue dust
18_ A.C. Chrystello, T.Q.Silva, T.C. Felicori, E.A.G. Marques (BR)
Selection of areas for the implementation of landfill in Minas Gerais, Brazil, using
the Geographic Information System
19_ A. Kumar, M. Datta, R.K. Singh, A.K. Nema (IN)
Identificaion of parameters for assessing hazard from subsurface migration of landfill gas from MSW sites
20_ A. Grobelak, M. Kacprzak, A. Napora, A. Grosser (PL)
The influence of sewage sludge on the mobility of heavy metals in the soil during
the chemophytostabilization process
21_ M.P.K. Caldas, V. Tavares, C.R. Espinosa, J.A.S. Tenório (BR)
Study of hydrometallurgical route aiming Ag and Sn extraction from PCB solde
22_ F. Andreola, L. Barbieri, I. Lancellotti, G. Tagliavini (IT)
Light-weight materials to valorise waste tyres pyrolysis residue
23_ M. Hassan, B. Xie (CN)
Aged refuse bioreactor/biofilter, a promising resource technology on landfill leachate treatment: a review
24_ F. Oliveira, D. Vaz Kuhn, T. Kamiji (BR)
Materials characterization for use in the environmental recovery of sand mining pit
located in Carapicuíba, Brazil
25_ S. Besco, D. Hrelja, A. Lorenzetti, M. Roso, R. Bonora, E. Bontempi, L.E. Depero, M. Modesti, (IT)
Synthesis and properties of polymer composites containing fillers from municipal
solid waste incineration
26_ M. Condorelli, A. Ghidorzi, G. Moro, L. Nettuno, P. Simone (IT)
BEST® technology: an advanced efficiency based comparison with traditional municipal solid waste disposal systems