Materials Used for Plumbing

Materials used for Plumbing
Copper pipe is the most
popular type of piping used in
domestic hot and cold water
systems. It is also used in
domestic central heating
Copper is a good conductor of
heat, it is also relatively easy
to bend when cold.
It will not corrode to any great
Copper connections can be
easily soldered.
Mild Steel
Mild steel or black iron pipe as it
is normally known is used in large
scale industrial plumbing such as
factories, schools and hospitals.
Black iron pipes are generally
much larger in diameter than
copper pipes.
They are joined by threaded
fittings or by welding.
The greatest disadvantage to
black iron pipe is the fact that it
will rust and corrode easily.
Sheet lead is used for a variety of different
uses within the construction industry i.e.:Flashing round chimneys and
dormer windows.
Flashing round where a flue
projects through the roof.
Dressing round special window
Lead valleys.
Lead is no longer used in pipes as it can
contaminate water and make it poisonous.
Flashing round chimneys and a
lead roof.
Dressing round special window
Plastic pipe
Plastic P.V.C. pipes are generally
used as waste pipes from domestic
sanitary ware.
They can be used in sinks,
bathrooms and also in underground
drainage. Vent pipes are generally
also P.V.C.
Several new types of plastic pipe
have recently become available for
cold water systems although they
have not become very popular as