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Content Pro, Encore and Millennium integration
Qatar National Library
Krishna RoyChowdhury & Amr El Masry
Qatar’s aspiration
Qatar Foundation helps to build the knowledge-based economy. Qatar National Vision 2030
strengthens the need that its people can participate fully in economic, social and political life
To reach a knowledge-based economy, Qatar’s population must become fully information
literate and able to find and handle all information and knowledge needed, no matter if it is
easy accessible or hidden in the deep web. Libraries are the key to this goal.
Qatar needs a strong source to access to the World's knowledge in Qatar and to contribute
Qatar’s heritage to the World ‘s knowledge: the Qatar National Library - QNL
Mission and Vision of QNL
Mission Statement
The National Library’s mission is to spread knowledge, nurture imagination, cultivate creativity
and preserve the nation’s heritage for the future.
Vision Statement
Bridging with knowledge Qatar’s heritage and future.
QNL and Qatar’s 2030 four pillars
1. Human Development: QNL supports education on all levels through providing free
access to the world’s knowledge and train Qataris with information literacy to better
manage the multiple challenges of globalization and realize their potential in an
information society
2. Social development: QNL will help to preserve the country’s national heritage and work
closely with families, to foster heritage knowledge. QNL will provide special reading and
learning opportunities to empower Qatari women.
3. Economic development: QNL provides access to international databases of information
and knowledge to ensure the competitiveness in the local and global business
environment and support the development of a diverse knowledge economy
4. Environmental development: QNL will support distribution of environmental knowledge
through activities for young and old, and provide information about international research
and development.
QNL collections and services
1. 1.2 Million Printed books
2. Over 500,000 E-Books
3. E-Journal and article databases in Arabic and English
4. Rare Heritage collection includes rare manuscripts, books,
Maps, journals and objects
5. Archive of Qatar websites and information about Qatar
6. Digitized data from India Office records on Gulf from British
7. Services to Children and Teens
8. 300 + Public computers
9. Qatar digitization center for 2D and Audio-visual.
QNL branch libraries
1. TII – Translation and interpreting institute - Hamad Bin
Khalifa University.
2. Dar Al-Kutub main library and 5 public library branches (the
old Qatar National Library)
QNL Millennium modules
 Acquisition
 Cataloging
 Circulation
 Serials
 Reports
 Program registration
 Administration
 Web OPAC
WAM (Web Access Management)
PathFinder Pro
Encore Synergy
Content Pro
QNL Millennium system
 Millennium ILS and Encore was installed in 2010 and
implementation of the Millennium in several phases.
 Temporary hosted at III Data Center in California, USA
 Installed on OS Linux
 Migrated to Meeza Data Center in 2013
 Installed on Oracle Sparc server on Solaris10
Migration Nightmare
 Under estimation of platform change by III migration team.
 Poor project management
 Under estimation of bandwidth management (files
 Problems with Arabic indexing (keep breaking)
 Problems with Online user registration (Arabic interface)
 MARC import didn’t work for more than 2 months. QNL had to
install records via Telnet
 SSL certificate error
 Web Access Management (WAM) problem
 Arabic Encore issues
 2 years delay of Sierra migration
Encore Synergy and Portfolios
Encore Synergy
QNL decided to cancel Research Pro subscription and
move to Encore Synergy
Encore Synergy integrates online article discovery with local
catalog results and provides previews of the top articles
from within the catalog results view.
Encore IP address was sent to all QNL subscribed
Encore Synergy
• Encore Synergy up to 30 sources and organized in 10 Portfolios.
• Possible to purchase more than 30 sources
• QNL added Proquest Central as a single source, so it allowed us
remove some of the other ProQuest databases from consideration.
We also added other ProQuest Subject Areas.
• QNL has more than 54 databases so far. Work in progress to add
more databases in portfolios
• Arabic databases and non-mainstream databases are not available
in Synergy - purchase new connectors
Encore Mobile
Encore Mobile enables you to apply familiar Web searching
techniques to find library materials using your iPhone or
Android mobile device.
QNL mobile site:
Encore Administration and Configuration
You can optimize Encore for your library with the following
administration, configuration, and customization functions
Configuration of Firewall
Setting Up or Renewing SSL for Encore
Using the Administration Application
Promoting a Record's Relevance
Configuring Custom Encore Search Tools
• Thanks to Ryder Gaddis – Encore GURU
Content Pro : Digital Asset Management Repository
• Why Content Pro
---- QNL has more than 5000 digitized content and more to come
• Benefit of using Content Pro
---- III product --- subscription
---- Installed on Encore Server
---- Arabic interface and indexing – promised but not delivered more than
2 years
---- Free harvesting in Encore
Content Pro
Content Pro is an OAI-PMH compliant digital repository.
The Content Pro repository has a hierarchal structure so
that it can reflect the relationship of information in your
It can be designed to reflect your institution's
organizational structure and can be reconfigured at any
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Search Results - Before
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Brackets are not shown in proper way – Before:
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Self Registration page– Before:
Proxy Error
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream
The proxy server could not handle the request POST /selfreg.
Reason: Error reading from remote server
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Self Registration page - After:
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Language drop-down menu in advanced search - Before
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Save to list OR send by email - Before
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Bracket in facet search - Before
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Available online - Before
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Library use only - Before
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
More Resources - Before
Arabic Encore implementation challenges
Collection drop down menu - Before
Arabic Encore Mobile implementation challenges
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