Control System
• New control system: roboRIO
– Allows for programming over the USB device port
Control System
• roboRIO includes integrated 3-axis
• Vastly improved reboot times
• No reboot required when deploying new code
• roboRIO should only be imaged over USB
• Ethernet cables over 30m (98 ft) should not
be used
512 MB nonvolatile storage
256 MB DDR3 RAM at 533 MHz
16 bit-wide data bus
3-axis integrated accelerometer at 800 samples/sec
with range of 8g
• Running NI Linux Real-Time OS
• Windows required to program
Communication and Control
• During matches: D-Link Wireless Bridge
required for communicating with the robot
– Configured at each event
• roboRIO, Wireless Bridge, and Driver Station
Software must all be configured to their
corresponding team
Gameplay (Autonomous)
• 15-second autonomous
• No direct or indirect communication with
driver station during autonomous mode
– Use of devices such as webcam prohibited
• Scoring
–All robots in auto zone: 4 points
–All yellow totes in auto zone: 6 points
–All yellow totes stacked: 20 points
–All recycling containers scored: 8 points
Gameplay (Autonomous)
• Any game pieces can be moved; only yellow
totes and recycling containers receive
autonomous-specific points
• Yellow containers have retro-reflective tape
along both long edges
Gameplay (Teleoperated)
• 2 minute 15 second teleoperated period
• Scoring
–Scored gray tote: 2
–Scored recycling container: 4 per level
–Litter scored in/on recycling container: 6
per recycling container
–Litter scored in landfill: 1
–Unprocessed litter: 4 to opposing alliance
–Coopertition set: 20 for each alliance
–Coopertition stack: 40 for each alliance
Gameplay (Teleoperated)
• Yellow totes can only be used for Coopertition
• Gray totes only gain points when placed on
scoring platform; can be placed on
Coopertition step
• Coopertition stack overrides points from
Coopertition set
• Coopertition stack must only be standing for 3
seconds to receive points
Gameplay (Teleoperated)
• Game pieces in a scoring position but
definitely or possibly supported by robot
award no points