Reclaim dump yard & water bodies
<< Back to nature…
Innovative SWM practices
>> March towards future…
Vizianagaram District AP
The Commissioner assumed charge in
Feb ’11 @ Salur Municipality.
(1st posting as Commissioner)
Inspiration Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy, I.A.S.
C&DMA AP conducted Work shop with all the
Municipal Commissioners of Visakhapatnam
Region during the month of July-2011 in a
dump yard on compliance to MSW Rules 2000.
Dump yard condition before intervention - Waste piled up
spread over 8 acres of land and covering water body
Reclaiming 7 acres and uncovering a beautiful lake!
A stunning transformation… an inspiration.
Waste buried no more in the dumpyard´â╗
Dreams born in a Municipal SWM Park, once twice and…
Promoting alternatives to carry bags
a major leap in prevention of garbage generation
Litter Free Town – Evidence of Public participation
And efficient collection and transportation system
Route mapping & Assigning of Route Managers
Primary Collection with Push-Carts to enable Segregation
Scientific Resource Management
Can lead to income generation for the ULB
Sale of Organic Res
• Coconut Shells
• Sale of Dry Waste.
Commercial User Charges
Collected upto 31-12-2013:
: 0.05 Lakhs
:0.04 Lakhs
:0.20 Lakhs
Rs. 5.60 Lakhs