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Chantelle Grundy
Project Manager
[email protected]
Access LN6
• Lincolnshire County Council has been awarded
£4.89 million from the DfT to implement the
Access LN6 project over 3 years.
• The project will improve economic,
environmental and social issues in the area by
encouraging residents, visitors and businesses to
change their travel behaviour patterns and
incorporate Sustainable Travel into their daily
• Traffic congestion has had a negative impact
on the local economy.
• Poor public transport services and travel
• Inadequate walking and cycling facilities.
Reduction in car use.
Reduction in journey times.
New and improved bus routes.
Increase in cycle trips.
Change in pupils’ travel patterns.
Increase in rail patronage.
Reduction in carbon emissions.
Increase in active adults and improved health in
the community.
• LCC have worked closely with Stagecoach to
improve the current 44 service. The route
(44a) operates with an increased frequency
and now includes Sadler Road and Teal Park
and offers connections with the 66 Birchwood
–Hartsholme service.
• Plans are also underway to improve cycle
routes in the area particularly along Whisby
• A Cycling audit will ascertain areas for
• Work at Hykeham Station to secure
improved facilities continues.
• Bike-It Officer in schools
• A programme of Bikeability
• Grants for small businesses to
implement facilities such as cycle
parking, showers and lockers
• Working with LSP to identify gaps in the
market for physical activity i.e. jogging
clubs, orienteering and buggy fit
Involving the Community
• Events will be held to engage the wider local
• Schools will be given the opportunity to
reduce the barriers to walking/cycling to
school incl. CATCH funding
• We are already engaging with businesses to
help them recognise the economic benefits of
active and sustainable travel.
Involving the Community
• Personalised Travel Planning – a well
established method that encourages people to
make more sustainable travel choices.
• Community Audit – Please email ideas for
improvements to [email protected]
Please take a look at the full successful
bid at:
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