Case 11. Deutsche Brauerei

Case 11. Deutsche Brauerei
• 1. Background
• Ms. Greta recently joined the board of directors.
She has to prepare for three agendas; (1)
approval of the 2001 financial budgeting, (2)
quarterly dividend payment, and (3)
compensation scheme for Oleg Pinchuk.
• Deutchse Brauerei has aggressively penetrate
Utranien market. Ms. Greta has to evaluate
Pinchuk’s marketing strategy in Ukraine and the
three agendas relates to the success of the
marketing strategy in Ukraine. Also she may
prepare for a meeting with a banker.
• 2. Questions
• 1) What are major issues/problems in the
marketing/investment strategy in Ukraine?
• 2) Do you believe these issues/problems are
well reflected in projected financial statement
(Exhibit 1, 3, and 4)? How do you want to
revise the projected financial statements?
• 3) If you want to recommend the strategy,
how do you want to deal with financing?
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