The Potter`s Hand

The Potter’s Hand
Learning From The Potter
God’s Work Has A Purpose
Creation Is A Good Thing Gone Bad
God Re-Creates The Vessel
The New Creation Is God’s Idea
God May Do As He Pleases
The Vessel Has Responsibility
The Unwilling Vessel
• Hard Lessons For Hard Clay
• Illogical Hopelessness
– Vs. 12a
• Stubborn & Evil Hearts
– Vs. 12b
• Foolishly Follow Their Own Plans
– Vs. 13-15
• Rebellious Will Be Punished
– Vs. 16-17
Responding To The Lord
• How Do We View Ourselves?
– Individually or Collectively?
• How Willing Are We To Be Molded?
– Unwilling (Isaiah 45:9)
– Willing (Isaiah 64:8)
• How Do We Handle Unpopular
• Do We Pray For The Potter’s Work?
The Potter’s Hand