Curley - St James School

Which character are these
quotations describing?
“His arms gradually bent
at the elbows and his
hands closed in a fist”
hates big guys.
He’s alla time
picking scraps with
big guys”
“I’m scared I’m gonna tangle
with that bastard myself”
“…. Was flopping like a fish on a line, and his
closed fist was lost in Lennie’s big hand”
Think about what you know about
Curley. How would you describe him?
Learning Objective: To explore the character
of Curley in Of Mice and Men. What
language is used and what does this show
us about him
What can we tell about Curley?
Look at your sheet of quotations on
Curley. For each quotation say:
•What it shows you about Curley as a
•How you think the reader is supposed
to feel about him?
Using our Knowledge of Extract work
Underline four significant lines about
Curley. Think about
•What he says.
•How he does it.
•What he does
Extra Thinking: Find some words that you think
show his aggression.
How do I turn this into a PEE?
Key Phrases: One thing I learn is....., The quote that
shows me that is...., It shows me this because....
Writing your PEE
You need to state at least four things you learn
Use the phrases
•From this extract I learn...
•One quote that shows this is.....
Choose your quote carefully
•Explain each quote- it shows me this
Checking time
•Highlight the word you used to describe Curley.
•Highlight your quote in one colour.
•Highlight the phrase that starts “because”...
One your postcard write down
1 thing you learnt about Curley today.
2 key phrases you could use in the exam.
3 Character qualities we learnt at the
beginning of the lesson.
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