Quiet time

Quiet time
Daily personal devotion – a time spent to
develop our relationship with our Lord
Key Verse
Psalm 105: 4
Look to the Lord and his strength ; seek his face always.
Quiet time
Read the scriptures
Meditate on an example, command or promise
Seek the Truth-about God, Son and Holy Spirit
Apply – journalize and put into practice
Pray – seek His guidance and help
Making Quiet time a
Make it a priority
Select a specific time
Choose a specific place
Choice of materials – bible and journal
Scripture, Observe, Apply, Prayer ( SOAP )
Every Day With Jesus
Our Daily Bread
A Bible and a Journal
Case Study
Alex is a salesman. With your encouragement he has
started on his quiet time in the past week. Despite his
efforts, he find it hard going. He is unable to grasp any
word from God from reading his daily passage. He plans
to give up.
How do you help him ?