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Application Development
with Oracle Database 11g
Michael Hichwa – Vice President
The following is intended to outline Oracle’s general
product direction. It is intended for information
purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any
contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any
material, code, or functionality, and should not be
relied upon in making purchasing decisions.
The development, release, and timing of any
features or functionality described for Oracle’s
products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.
© 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary
Application Development Frameworks
Popular within the Oracle Customer base
Oracle SQL Developer
© 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary
Oracle Application Express (APEX)
Database-centric Web application development tool
Unique RAD tool for the Oracle Database
Browser based for Development, Deployment & Use
Declaratively build Web 2.0 applications that are fast and secure
Leverages full Oracle database capabilities and SQL & PL/SQL skills
Fully supported, “no-cost” component with all editions of the Oracle DB
Oracle Application Express Momentum
• Robust Developer community - 100k+ downloads / year
• – 4m page views / week
• Active Discussion Forum – 4.4m views, #3 on OTN
•80 Consulting companies, 50 BLOGs, 10 Hosting Partners
• UG Talks: 30 @OOW-09, 50 @ODTUG, APEXposed
• User interface for Oracle Audit Vault
Oracle APEX Architecture
• Simple 2-Tier Architecture
• Pages dynamically rendered using database Metadata
• No code generation or file based compilation
• Runs Everywhere Oracle Database Runs
© 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary
Development / Deployment Options
•Locally as a Dedicated Service
•Multi-tenant Enterprise Cloud
•Multi-Tenant Internet Cloud
•Within Amazon cloud w/Oracle AMI
Local Database
Enterprise Cloud
Internet Cloud
Develop & deploy where it is most convenient and cost effective
© 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary
© 2009 Oracle Corporation
Enterprise Cloud Service
• HR
- overtime approval
- holiday requests
- award nomination and review
- resource availability /
tracking assignments (TARs)
- employee tracking
• Development
- project tracking
- error & warning messages tracking
- functional specs tracking
- bug/tar tracking and metrics
- recording business rules for QA and doc
- bugdb reporting
- release management tracking
• Training
- track all customer training
- OU Course planning
- bootcamp planning and management
© 2009 Oracle Corporation
• Sales Support
- contact management
- sales leads
- account & territory intelligence
- customer support (tracking interactions over time)
- account allocation
- tracking progress against KPIs
- collateral management (handouts, etc)
• Other
- ordering t-shirts for events
- status reports
- scheduling, managing data center maintenance
- managing distribution lists and sending emails
- management reporting
- requesting and tracking home transport
(used in India when working late)
- lots of dashboards
Enterprise Cloud
Dell PowerEdge 1950 2 x Dual Core
2.33GHz XESn Processor
$3,999.00 (purchased 2/07)
Automatic provisioning
1 – 20 per workspace
Average: 2.5 per workspace
670 active last week (Total 6,658)
Page Views
399,489 last week
5,980 active last week
Average users: 200 per application; Max: 3,500
Oracle Application Express (APEX)
Reduces Development Cost: APEX is no-cost feature of the Database
Reduces Administrative Complexity: Nothing to manage beyond the DB
Leverage SQL & PL/SQL Skills: Framework designed for DB Developers
Productivity: Developers are empowered by how easy it is
Community: Oracle’s most active community (for app dev)
• Oracle Application Express
Oracle SQL Developer
• Oracle, Windows and .NET
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Oracle Database Development Tools
Improving Developer Productivity in Every Phase
Oracle SQL Developer
Simplifies Database Development
Browse, create and edit database objects
Develop, debug and test SQL & PL/SQL
Migrate database objects and data to Oracle
Extensible using Java and XML
Running and defining reports
Third Party DB Support
Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux…
Oracle SQL Developer
Database Development IDE
• Free and fully supported
• Lower Cost of Ownership
• Most Popular DB Development IDE (for Oracle)
• Easy install
• Download and unzip, Click SQL Developer Icon
• Uses thin JDBC driver => No Oracle Home required
• Adoption
• Over 1.5 million downloads
• Distributed with 11gR1
• 1.5 million users
• SQL Worksheet
• Code insight, templating, snippets,
formatting, colour coding
• Data grids
• Flashback, export, update, sort
• Full PL/SQL support
• Creating, editing, debugging, compiling,
hierarchical profiler, extended search
• Ad hoc reporting
• Shipped and user defined
• Advanced utilities
• Export, import, DDL generation, schema
compare, schema difference
• User controlled environment
• Preferences
• PL/SQL Unit Testing
SQL Developer Migration Workbench
• Integrated no-cost migration environment
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Access
DB2 UDB (early access)
Teradata (early access)
• One Tool to Browse, validate, develop
• Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL
• Increasing interest in database migration in CY09
• Primarily Sybase
• Exadata sparked interest in Teradata migration
SQL Developer 2.1 Teradata Migration
Early Access Release
• Connectivity to Teradata
• Run SQL
• Browse Data Dictionary
• DDL Migration
• Capture data definition
• Convert to Oracle syntax
• Generate Oracle DDL scripts
• Data Movement
• Online (smaller scale proof of concept)
• Offline (native tools to export import data)
• BTEQ Scripting language
• Conversion planned for a future release
SQL Developer Data Modeler
• For cost data modelling product ($3,000 per user)
• A single tool for different users and functionality
• Data Architect build logical data models
• Database Developer develop relational models
• DBA adjusts physical attributes
SQL Developer Data Modeler
Oracle SQL Developer
• Reduces Costs: no-cost product
• Enhances Developer Productivity
• Supported by Oracle (at no extra cost)
• Easy to download and install
• unzip, no oracle home
• Robust: More functionality
• Integrated Debugger, Integrated Migrations, Unit Testing*, Data
Modeling, SQL Worksheet, Reporting, SQL Script, Schema
Compare, Object creation wizards, Modern IDE, …
• Oracle Application Express
• Oracle SQL Developer
Oracle, Windows and .NET
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Oracle Database and .NET
Allow our customers to exploit .NET and Oracle DB
• Seamless Integration with Microsoft Development Tools
• Support for latest .NET frameworks and specifications
• Enable .NET applications to fully leverage Oracle Specific Features
• RAC, Data Guard, Client Cache, …
• Advanced Queuing, User Defined Types
• Provided for Free on OTN, Fully Supported by Oracle Support
• Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET
• Work in close cooperation with Microsoft
• We collaborate to support and market our joint customers
• Large Community
• Top OTN Download
• 800K Newsletter subscribers
Oracle .NET Development Environment
Oracle Developer
Tools for Visual
Oracle Data
Provider for .NET
Oracle Database
Extensions for .NET
Oracle Providers
Oracle Database and .NET
• .NET is Fully Supported for Oracle Database
• Exploits Unique Features of Oracle
• Run on Operating System of Choice
• Proven by Name Brand Customers
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