Diversity Presentation August 2014

Diversity and
Inclusivity in the
Geoffrey Gregory, CATS Division
Grand Junction, CO August 15, 2014
Customer Comments
Examples from Audience.
Responses to Customer
Make it an opportunity for a “teachable
Responses to Customer
“If I overhear something (profanity, derogatory labels -- actually,
they tend to happen together), I often use the phrase, "While
you're here in the Children's Library, please don't use
profanity/derogatory language." --DPL Manager.
Responses, cont.
“While the race/religion/sexual preference stuff can be overt, I've
found it tends to be a little more subtle -- not checking out books
I've recommended based on the race of a character on the cover,
rolling of eyes when someone asks "What's going on over in the
park this weekend?" and I respond, "Gay pride." I tend to just let
smaller things go/don't engage - use the same tactic when
customers go on a political or any other kind of rant (the way they
potty-trained their kid is the only and best way).” -library manager
“Regarding customers and lack of respect comments. I always
remind customers that the library is a public entity that in
philosophy and practice embraces many points of views, walks of
life, etc. and makes no judgments whatsoever.” -library manager.
Scenarios: what to do if…?
1. Customer has a list of gay themed materials from teen and kids
area they want moved to adult section.
2. Customer complains about library spending tax money on
Spanish language materials.
3. Customer complains about Christmas decorations in library.
Scenarios, cont.
4. Customer relieved that a man and not a woman is helping her
with a reference question.
5. Customer comments that the dirty little children are much too
6. African American complains that she was ignored while a white
customer behind her was helped next.
Scenarios, cont.
7. Customer misses the good old days when the homeless teens
weren’t hanging out at the library.
8. Customer rolling her eyes when told that the event at the park
across the street is a Gay Pride Festival.
9. Customer complains that library has tons of books in Spanish but
none in pick language.
Bilingual Storytimes. DPL
Spanish Storytimes. Clearview
Connecting Vecinos: provide original events such as art-workshops,
dance performances, poetry readings, and other innovative projects.
Teacher Sets: purchasing and selecting items supporting schools for
Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month. DPL
Programs, cont.
Plaza programs for immigrants: English language conversation, art
programs, immigration and citizenship programs, personal goals.
Storytime books featuring characters from diverse backgrounds.
DPL, Clearview
Read Aloud program targeting preschools and Head Start classrooms
in at-risk neighborhoods. DPL
Phone a Story in English and Spanish. DPL
Programs, cont.
Kwanzaa program. DPL
Programs for children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Partner with agencies that support immigrants and new Americans.
Language Line Service. HPLD
Sign language translators upon request. DPL, HPLD.
Dia del Nino. DPL
Dia de Los Ninos/Dia de Los Libros. HPLD
ADA exhibit and reception. DPL
Denver PrideFest: Oscar Wilde’s Pink Lemonade Stand. DPL
Events, cont.
Cesar Chavez Latino Leadership Hall of Fame Award. DPL
Lena L. Archuleta Community Service Award. DPL
Juanita Ross Gray Community Service Award. DPL
Naturalization Ceremony for new citizens. DPL, HPLD
Avoidance of programs focusing on religious events. HPLD
Inclusivity displays. DPL
Bulletin board emphasising inclusiveness rather than diversity. DPL
Diversity displays all year. DPL
Native American Heritage Month. DPL
African American History Month. DPL
Displays, cont.
Hispanic Heritage Month. DPL
Staff Picks that are multiculturally diverse. DPL
Book Bundles - 5 books on a topic, tied with ribbon, multiculturally diverse. DPL
Dedicated shelving for ESL materials. DPL
Spanish Picture Book Collection. Clearview
GLBT bookmarks. DPL
Printed publications, social media, and web posts. DPL
Seeking stories from diverse customers. DPL
Seek visual balance with customers and stock images. DPL
Produced in Spanish and English, plus other languages as budget allows. DPL
Plaza Programs promoted to specific audiences. DPL
Researching & promoting programs and services to Spanish & other audiences. DPL
Marketing, cont.
Reaching out to local businesses, finding success stories. DPL
Video developed re CTC and computer offerings. DPL
Hosting of ADA exhibit and reception. DPL
Street Team reaching out to neighborhoods with diverse populations.
With branches, reaching out directly to new audiences. DPL
Partnerships with Telemundo and others. DPL
Recruitment and Training
Annual analysis of EEO data. DPL
Job descriptions stating: Spanish language skills
(preferred/required). DPL
Harassment and Diversity video series, Cultural Competencies,
Cultural Mindset and Social Inclusivity (a forum for staff sharing),
Serving Customers with Disabilities. DPL
Recruitment and Training, cont.
Funds for staff to request to attend such external learning
opportunities as "Reaching Out to the Refugee Population" and other
awareness events. DPL
ALA’s Spectrum Scholarship to Spanish speaking staff member for
LEADers Scholarship Program for MLS students. IMLS funded, Laura
Bush 21st Century Librarian Program. DPL
REFORMA Colorado
CAL Special Populations and Issues Interest Group:
-workshop: Deaf and Hard of Hearing @ Your Library, Sep 17,
Belmar Library.
CALCON 2014 Workshop: Beyond ESL classes: Social reading and
other nontraditional services for immigrants.
ALA Office for Diversity http://www.ala.org/offices/diversity
Advocacy, cont.
The Importance of Diversity in Library Programs and Material
Collections for Children
Homeless Services Action Committee - recent brainstorming session
innovative approaches to homeless services nationwide . DPL
Gay and Lesbian Fund - grants for programming. Douglas County
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