God, Gold, Glory ppt

Pick up a copy of the map.
Get a Texas History text
book in order to complete
the map. (RA6 & 7)
This is homework if you
don’t complete it in class.
What will you do? (play along!)
Recently, scientists have discovered life on the planet
Mars. While little is known about Mars, the Martians are
considered uncivilized and inadequate compared to society
on earth.
The government of the United States wishes to explore
Mars and possibly gain access to tremendous wealth and
resources. The president is looking for someone to lead a
team to Mars, claim the planet for the United States, and
start bringing back resources to the Unites States. In
addition, you will need to spread American values to the
Martians in order to improve their lives.
Mars represents unknown territory and there is a good
chance you will not survive the journey, but if you do,
you’ll be richer than you could ever imagine.
Will you go? Why or why not?
Why did Europeans search for new
In the 1500’s, exploring “new” land
would have been the same as exploring
a “new” planet today.
Many Europeans explored new land in
order to tell others about God!
Religion was very important to many
Europeans. They would leave their own
country to spread Catholicism &
Christianity to new lands.
• men thought they could get rich!
• pay off could be HUGE!
• If he found new land, he would be paid in
GOLD by the king or queen of his
• Explorers who returned to their
home country with news about the
“new land” would become
famous, like a celebrity!
Christopher Columbus
In 1492, he set sail
looking for riches to
bring back to the
King and Queen of
God, Gold, or Glory?
Hernan Cortes
• In 1519, he sailed from
Cuba and invaded
Aztec empire in
Mexico. He persuaded
thousands of Native
Americans who had
suffered under Aztec
rule to rebel.
God, Gold, or Glory?
Alonso Alvarez de Pineda
Also in 1519, Pineda
became the first European
to explore the Texas coast.
He mapped the uncharted
coastline from Florida to
God, Gold, or Glory?
Hernan de Soto
He and Moscoso landed in
Florida in 1539 and began
marching toward Texas. de Soto
died after reaching the
Mississippi River. Moscoso
continued the expedition to the
lower Brazos River in Texas.
God, Gold, or Glory?
Francisco Vazquez de Coronado
• He searched for
treasures in the
cities of Cíbola &
Quivira. Even after
failing, he continued
to look for treasure.
God, Gold, or Glory?
Sieur de La Salle
He explored the Mississippi
River from the Ohio River to
the Gulf of Mexico. Claimed
Louisiana in the name of
France. In 1685, he
established the first French
settlement in Texas.
God, Gold, or Glory?