Presentation for CoY Integrated Commissioning Group

C&YP Involvement in Commissioning
“You’re Welcome”
Making Health Services Young People Friendly
Putting People at the Centre of Commissioning
Commissioning for health and
wellbeing means involving the
local community to provide
services that meet their needs,
beyond just treating them
when they are ill, but also
keeping them healthy and
World Class Commissioning
Competency 3.
“Proactively seek and build continuous and meaningful
engagement with the public and patients, to shape
services and improve health.”
Corporate Communications & Engagement Strategy 2008-11
Corporate objective.
“To engage with public and patients whether through
specific programmes or locations or through stakeholder
or voluntary sector representation”
PCT Strategic Plan Refresh
Children and Maternity Strategy
Encouraging Involvement Through Service Providers
Assessing Needs.
Seeking Public & Patient Views
Strategic review. LDD survey
Designing Services.
Service Specifications – patient
You’re Welcome quality standard
You’re Welcome
You’re Welcome supports commissioners and service
providers to make services young people friendly
By 2020 DH would like to see all
services used regularly by young people
school and college based services
…. achieving You’re Welcome and displaying the
national logo
You’re Welcome
Why do it?
New Child Health strategy “Healthy Lives, Brighter
NHS Operating Framework 2009/10.
Supports the implementation of Standard 4 of the
National Service Framework for Children, Young People
and Maternity Services (Growing Up Into Adulthood).
Supports Royal College of General Practitioners’
initiative Getting it Right for Teenagers in Your Practice .
Can help services meet statutory requirements (such as
the Disability Discrimination Act 2005) and good practice
Corresponds to a number of public service agreements
Achieving Local Priorities
National Indicator Set
Vital signs
Effectiveness of CAMHS services
NI 51
Services for disabled children
NI 54
NI 55 / NI 56
Emotional and behavioural health of looked after children
NI 58
Young people’s participation in positive activities
NI 110
Prevalence of Chlamydia
NI 113
Substance misuse by young people
NI 115
Under 18 conception rate
NI 122
NI 123
Self reported experience of patients and users
You’re Welcome
Understanding the role of You’re Welcome In England
NHS and independent, primary, community, specialist and acute
services, as well as services that are subcontracted to provide health
services to young people.
Seamless service delivery to young people, through effectively joined
up services across health, local authority, community and voluntary and
private sectors.
The You’re Welcome quality criteria set out principles to support
health service providers to improve their services and be more young
people friendly.
You’re Welcome
Quality Criteria
Confidentiality and consent
Staff training, skills, attitudes and values
Joined-up working
Monitoring and evaluation, and
involvement of young people
Health issues for young people
Sexual and reproductive health services
Child and adolescent mental health
You’re Welcome
Self Assessment Tool
Team Approach
 Self Assessment:
Starting Out
Getting There
Meets You’re Welcome
 Evidence
 Some elements essential in
order to meet You’re Welcome
Self Assessment Tool
Criteria Essential to Score “Meets YW”
1.4 Access: to abortion
1.5 Access: making appointments and attending
1.7 Access: disabled access
3.1 Confidentiality & Consent: written Policy
3.2 Confidentiality & Consent: training
3.3 Confidentiality & Consent: display
4.1 Environment: safe and suitable
7.2 Monitoring & Evaluation & Involvement of
Young People: client views
You’re Welcome: Criteria 7
7.1 Involvement of
young people in
7.2 Client views
7.3 Young people’s
involvement in
To get full marks you need
systems in place to:
Consult young people
Gather information from them
Regularly review this
Where necessary act on it
Finally it is important to give
young people feedback
Contact Details
Helen Billson
Senior Commissioning Manager
Children & Young People, Maternity and Sexual Health
The Hamlet
01423 859702
[email protected]
Thank you.