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Scouting in Queensland
August 2013
Scouting Comes to Australia
The game of Scouting was played by boys in the Commonwealth
of Australia as early as 1908, the year the first Boy Scout Training
handbook Scouting for Boys was published in England. The visits
made to Australia by Baden-Powell in 1912 and in later years
(1931-34) encouraged the extension of the Movement in
Scouting came to Queensland in August 1908, when four young
men started Patrols of Scouts.
To contribute to the education of young people, through a value system
based on the Promise and Law, to help build a better world, where
people are self fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in
We achieve this by:
• Involving young people through their formative years in a non-formal
education process.
• Using a specific method that makes each individual the principal
agent in his or her development as a self-reliant, supportive and
committed person.
• Assisting them to establish a value system based upon spiritual,
social and personal principles as expressed in the Promise and Law.
The Aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical,
intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and
character development of young people so that
they take a constructive place in society as a
member of their local, national and international
The Principles of Scouting, as
identified by the founder, Lord
Baden-Powell, are that Scouts
serve their God, act in
consideration of the needs of
others and develop and use their
abilities to the betterment of
themselves, their families and the
community in which they live.
The principal methods used by the Association to achieve its aims are:
Voluntary membership of a uniformed group which, guided by adults, is
increasingly self-governing in its successive age groups;
Commitment to a code of living as expressed in the Promise and Law, the meaning
of which is expanded as the member grows towards maturity;
The provision of a wide range of attractive, constructive and challenging activities,
including opportunities for adventure and exploration, both indoors and outdoors;
The provision of opportunities for leadership and responsibility;
Learning by doing;
Encouragement of activities in small groups;
An award scheme that encourages participation in the full range of activities and
provides recognition of individual achievements.
Scouts Australia adheres to the following values:
• The importance of individuals developing a sense of personal
identity and self-worth which leads to responsibility for oneself
and one’s actions as a citizen.
• The belief that young people are able and willing to take
responsibility and contribute to society.
• The belief in the right and responsibility of individuals to regulate
their own health.
• The importance of adults in providing suitable role models for
young people.
• The importance of not exposing young people to harm or
Values continued….
• The importance of individuals and the community adopting a lifestyle that
allows ecologically sustainable development through preventing
environmental overload, environmental degradation and resource
• The importance of respect for and equity in dealings with all people,
irrespective of culture, gender, religion or impairment.
• The importance of mutual support and help between members of a
community to maximise the quality of life for all.
• The importance of the development of understanding between
individuals as a contribution to peace between nations.
• The importance of gainful employment in contributing to the sense of
dignity and self-worth of the individual.
Scouts Australia has set the following goals:
• To provide challenging accredited programs to the youth of
Australia, which are recognised and valued by the
community and government.
• To promote Scouting to the community on the basis of the
high quality and relevance of its methodology and
• To have an increasingly male and female membership which
reflects the social and cultural mix of the community.
• To carefully select and train adult leaders on the basis of
standards that are recognisable and measurable.
Goals continued…
• To have the community recognise, support and value the
role of Scouting and its activities.
• To be recognised by the community as being responsive to
community youth issues.
• To be recognised and consulted as a major contributor to
establishing priorities and determining policies on
community youth issues.
• To have a high profile portraying a quality way of life.
• To acquire and maintain adequate human, physical, and
financial resources, which are used to the best advantage of
Scouting and the community.
• To provide opportunities for its members to participate in
international activities.
• To provide maximum support for the development of World
Scouting particularly in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Join the Adventure…
In Queensland, more than 10,000 young
people aged between 6 - 26 years are
actively involved in a wide range of
Scouting activities - from the Scouting in
Schools program through to Scouts of the
Air for young people living on isolated
properties in North-West Queensland.
Over 3,500 adults and uniform Leaders
voluntarily give up a substantial amount
of their spare time as part of their
commitment to developing young people
as they progress through the program to
become the community Leaders of the
future. All adult members who apply to
members of the Scout Movement
undertake an extensive background
history check and are required to be a
holder of a blue card issued by the
Commission for Children and Young
People and Child Guardian.
Part of An International
AJ 2013 - January 2 -12
Maryborough Showgrounds
What’s coming up …
World Scout Jamboree,
Japan, 2015
Scouts Australia will be sending a contingent to the
23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015.
Scouts in Action Week 2013
19-25 August 2013
This year’s Scouts in Action Week is all about getting out into the
community and partnering with other community organisations. Groups
or Sections could work on a community project with the local Lions or
Rotary Clubs. You might like to run a weekend camp for another
organisation that does not have camping equipment or have never
experienced camping before. Joey Scouts could join up with other Mobs
and collect food and other items for the local animal shelter and
everyone could earn their Caring and Sharing badge or Buddy Scheme
Badge but incorporates something that involves an organisation outside
of Scouting.
World Scout Day
August 1 was World Scout Day... and this year, we are asking every Scout in
Australia to hold a fundraising activity in August.
The funds raised for World Scout $dollar Day will raise desperately needed
funds to assist the development of Scouting in Timor-Leste, one of our
nearest neighbours, yet one of the poorest countries in the world.
Be Prepared... On McHappy Day 2013
This poster is hot off the press to be used in McDonalds
restaurants in September to October 2013. Scouts Australia is in
its seventh year of supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities
on McHappy Day, this year on Saturday 9th November.
Watch Bear Grylls TV Commercials Encouraging Youth and
Adults to Participate in Scouting
World renowned adventurer, motivational speaker and
Chief Scout UK Bear Grylls says being a scout made him who
he is today. In these excellent TV commercials and
promotional videos Bear Grylls encourages both youth and
adults to participate in Scouting.
Scout TVC Bear Grylls - YouTube
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