Cross National Business Rules for Field Sales

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Cross National Business
Rules for Field Sales
Version: March 2013
– Version 2013-1
Collaboration across all sales
channels to “sell locally and
implement globally”
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This document
 Contains the basic rules to follow in case of Export Orders compliant with
Agilent Export Control- and Standards of Business Conduct policies
 Will serve as a tool to define the role of Global Sales in Cross National
 Shows that by linking stakeholders in various countries, assuring local
supportability and avoiding costly and time wasting errors, will ultimately
satisfy our customers
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Cross National Business Rules for Field Sales
Collaboration across all sales channels to
“sell locally and implement globally”
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Cross National Business
Cross National Business in general refers to the situation when a customer in one
country wishes to order a product with final destination in another country, regardless of
who is doing the transaction.
Typically the following transactions exist
1. Multinational Orders (Transnational orders)
 Customer orders where the “Invoice-To” and/or “Ship-To”, are in countries outside
the “Sold-To” (order point) country
2. Drop Ship Orders
 Customer orders where the “Sold-To” (order point) and “Invoice-To” are an Agilent
country and the “Ship-To” country is an IDO country
All these orders are considered Export Orders unless both countries are within the EU.
However ALL orders require cooperation from multiple sites to win business and achieve
excellent customer satisfaction.
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Cross National Business
Scenarios to encounter
In general you will encounter one of the four following scenarios in Cross National
1. From an Agilent-direct country to another Agilent-direct country
Requires coordination between 2 Agilent sales forces for order processing , fulfillment and
From a Distributor country into another Distributor country
Requires coordination between 2 Distributor sales organizations and agreements on how
support and compensation are handled
From an Agilent-direct country into a Distributor country
Drop Ship Orders. Requires coordination between 2 sales forces, decisions on orderprocessing and -fulfillment, support pricing and Distributor compensation
From a Distributor country into an Agilent-direct country
This situation is difficult and requires careful consideration of a number of factors, including
order-processing & -fulfillment, warranty & support funding, Distributor compensation etc.
All the above scenarios can be handled in a variety of ways depending on customer
requirements. Terms & Conditions of Sale are typically complex and will vary according to
country and sales territory. (see next page)
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Cross National Business T&C’s
 Global sales channels and contacts
 Export Control (embargoed countries, IVL, restricted parties)
 How to structure the order based on [Sold-To], [Invoice-To] and [Ship-To] Country
 Party making the quotation. IDR, Agilent Business Center, Agilent Sales Office
 Pricing. Sold-to-Country Pricing, or ICB Pricing
 Discounts. IDR, Global Major Account Contracts, etc.
 Payment Terms. Net 30 days, Letter of Credit, Advance payment, etc.
 I&F charges and DSS (Distributor Support Services) for Warranty, Training & Support
 Incoterms 2010. CIP, FCA or DDP
 Freight charges
 Order VAT handling for country specific scenarios
 Quota Splits
 Reseller Commission Compensation
Bottom line: Each deal is different and needs the optimum combination of the above to
meet customer expectations, while complying with international tax laws
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Cross National Business
Basic Rules
 Know the end-user, the end-use and the  The following rules apply
 Only quotes from the Business Center are to
final country of destination of the goods.
be used. Price Surfer quotes should not be
 Define who will place the order and the
name and address of the Ultimate End
 The country of final destination management
User (UEU) of the goods
team determines the discount for the deal
 Contact Global Sales for advice and
support and how to manage the deal
(slide 10)
 Global Sales will then
 Decide who is best positioned to
handle the quotation and advise on
appropriate Incoterms, according to
customer requirements
 Establish contacts between
customers and appropriate Agilent or
IDR sales team
 Ensure that quota splits follow
Agilent guidelines
 Rules for I&F and Distributor Support
Services as defined by the Business Center *
 Ensure support is available for all quoted
items in the country of final destination (slide 10)
 AM and CPM are responsible for compliance
with Export Control & Standards of Business
Conduct (slide 12)
 Have a full understanding of service/warranty
provisions (slide 11)
 Quota splits apply (slide 8)
 Reseller Commission Compensation for IDO
countries as applicable per order
* I&F in countries with an Agilent legal presence by default, for IDO
countries DIST_SUPP_SERVICES as quoted by the distributor
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Cross National Business
Quota Splits
For Cross National deals, a quota split is sometimes required.
Basic LSCA rules on quota splits are:
 Destination country
….. 50%
 Technical specifier *
….. 25%
 Order processing country ….. 25%
* Technical specifier may be in either the destination country, or the order processing country
The key is to engage the Global Sales team early in the process!
They can help link you with colleagues in destination countries, assure
local supportability, avoid costly and time wasting errors and ultimately
satisfy your customers
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Cross National Business
Contact Persons in Global Sales
When you as a field sales person comes across a Cross National deal, they should follow
the basic rules in slide # 7 and contact either the Global Sales BDM you know best, or the
BDM responsible for their geography.
Country of origin of the enquiry
E-mail (preferred)
Juergen Braun
[email protected]
EMEA (non-EU Member States, Africa,
Middle East)
Marcel Laane
[email protected]
+31-118 671335
telnet 8671-335
North America / Canada
Mike Testa,
[email protected]
+1 (678) 566-6058
telnet 566-6058
LAR (Middle/South America)
Leslie Wooding
[email protected]
+1 (302) 636-1631
telnet 636-1631
SAPK, Japan
Greater China & India (acting)
Arnold Ong
[email protected]
telnet 215-8998
Global Competitive Accounts / HPI
Becky Elmore
[email protected]
+1 (972) 699-6455
telnet 699-6455
EMEA (EU Member States /Switzerland)
EMEA (Russian Federation, CIS)
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Cross National Business
All orders require installation and familiarization (I&F) and sometimes training.
For orders with final destination in IDO countries, a price quotation for I&F
should be obtained from the IDR in the country of final destination.
The same applies for other distributor support services like training, warranty
and after-sales service. Any special terms (e.g. travel and accommodation)
should be clearly mentioned in the quotation.
I&F for orders with non-IDO countries as final destination is included in the
“Sold-To” prices.
Non-Agilent products and services should not be quoted or shipped without
prior agreement of the destination country, in order to ensure supportability.
Agilent Third Party Pass Thru Products and Services (3PP) policy applies.
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Cross National Business
Support & Warranty
Although most LSCA instruments can be effectively supported in most countries,
there are some countries in which local support is not available. Often, there are
alternatives that may be acceptable to the customer, but this needs to be checked
first and included in the quotation and purchase order terms.
In-country warranty coverage for Cross National Business, delivery to Agilent
direct (non-IDO) countries:
 Support provided by the corresponding Agilent organization in the
country where Agilent delivered the system.
In-country warranty coverage, delivery to Indirect (IDO) countries, 2 options:
 Distributor Support Services (DSS) included in quote and paid via
Reseller Commission Compensation
Order placed by Customer on Distributor directly
Preferred for licensable products like ICP/MS and ECD
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Last but not least
 Each
person involved in Cross National Business is responsible for correct
execution of the Agilent Export Control Policies and compliance with Agilent’s
Standards of Business Conduct
 Export Control Information is available from
Guidance is available from
Standards of Business Conduct information is available from
In case of doubt contact your Global Sales contact or your Global Trade
* With Cross National Business extra vigilance is required.
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Thanks for your
collaboration !
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