Keynote Speakers

Prof. Mark Deakin, Dip.TP, MPhil, PhD, MRICS, FHEA
Professor of Built Environment
School of Engineering and Built Environment, Edinburgh Napier
University (UK)
Mark Deakin has established himself internationally as a leading academic in Sustainable
Urban Development and widely respected researcher, contributing to emerging scientific and
technical developments in Smart City and Community applications. He has worked alongside
academics from World Class Universities and across Europe. His collaboration with industrial
and governmental bodies includes: Nokia, Microsoft, CSTB France, VTT Finland, BRE UK,
the ECs IPTS, Seville and the UK’s Department of Communities and Local Government.
prof. Derrick de Kerckhove
Media Duemila, Rome and Dipartimento di Sociologia, Università degli
Studi “Federico II”, Napoli (IT)
Derrick de Kerchove is full professor of Sociology of digital culture at the University Federico
II in Naples and a public speaker worldwide. He is involved in research on the digital
persona, digital unconscious, the Internet as a limbic system. He has also creating a
M.O.O.C. on Marshall McLuhan ten most actualized predictions (the decalogue). He often
talk in meetings on smart cities, and meet a lot of urbanists and architects. His most recent
publications are The Point of Being (Cambridge Scholar Press) and Écrit/écran