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(March 2015)
Personal information
Office address
San Giobbe, Cannaregio 873, Room 40, 30121 Venezia - Italy
+39 3485807424
Date of birth
Research interests:
Public Economics, Health-Economics of Ageing and Applied Econometrics;
Multi-attribute utility theory, poverty and welfare measurement;
Behavioural Economics;
Regional and Spatial Economics;
Current Positions:
September 2010 – current
Post-doc research officer on public economics of ageing, SHARE Project
Ca’ Foscari University, Venice.
Supervisor: prof. Agar Brugiavini (
Education and
previous positions
February 2015
PhD in Economics
Thesis: “Understanding vulnerability and patterns of elderly-care in Europe.
Essays on formal and informal care, multidimensional measures of vulnerability and
social exclusion”
Commission: Vincenzo Atella, Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”;
Mauricio Avendano, London School of Economics;
Eric Bonsang, Maastricht University
Jürgen Maurer, Université de Lausanne
Graduate School of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice.
Supervisor: prof. Agar Brugiavini (
June – July 2014
Post-graduate Summer School in Microeconometrics, Barcelona Graduate School of
Economics (all courses), Barcelona (Spain).
June 2014
February 2013 – February
March 2012 – June 2013
Summer School of Ageing, Venice International University (all courses), Venice
Research fellow for Oltre il PIL, joint project Ca’ Foscari University – Unioncamere
Veneto. Supervisor: prof. Silvio Giove ( Responsible for:
- building a composite measure of well-being for European regions and provinces;
- analysis and implementation of aggregation models: non-additive (Choquet
Integral), CES (constant elasticity of substitution) and non-parametric (DEA);
- design and implementation of Nominal Group Techniques to elicit preferences of
public and private stakeholders on normalisation and aggregation weights.
Visiting PhD student, Center of Research in Public Economics and Population
Economics (CREPP), University of Liège. Supervisor: prof. Pierre Pestieau.
- analysis of Welfare States in OECD countries, with focus on social expenditure
(both voluntary and mandatory), the role of family and of fiscal systems.
2006 - 2009
Master of Science in Applied Economics (Magna cum Laude), University of Trieste.
Dissertation: The uneasy promises of the Welfare State. Critical analysis of welfare state
models and policies in an international perspective. Advisor: prof. Maurizio Zenezini
2002 - 2006
Bachelor of Science in International Economics (Magna), University of Trieste.
The Scandinavian Welfare Model
1997 - 2002
Classical Lyceum Diploma (Maturità Classica), score: 99/100. Liceo F.Petrarca, Trieste.
Microeconomics (undergraduate course), Bachelor's Degree Programme in Economics
and Management, Ca’Foscari University of Venice
Public Economics (undergraduate course), Bachelor's Degree Programmes in Economics,
University of Trieste
Lectures in Public Economics (master course), Master in Public Administration,
Ca’Foscari University of Venice
Lectures in “Multi-criteria decision theory and multi-dimensional measures from
both theoretical and empirical perspectives”, Ph.D. programme in Science and
Management of Climate Change, Ca’Foscari University of Venice.
Research grant
Research Grant in Health Economics, Farmafactoring Foundation (January 2015)
Research fellowship
February 2014 – February 2015, from Ca’ Foscary University of Venice.
Doctoral fellowship
Sept. 2010 – Aug. 2013, awarded from Ministry for University and Research, Italy.
Eligibility and inclusiveness of Long-Term Care Institutional frameworks in Europe: a crosscountry comparison (with C. Orso), No 2014:28, Working Papers, Department of
Economics, University of Venice "Ca' Foscari".
Social exclusion in Italy: alternative measures for a regional analysis, Analisi e strumenti di
politica sociale, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari, Venezia 2013.
Oltre il PIL 2013: la geografia del benessere nelle regioni italiane e nelle città metropolitane
(with A. Grespan and G. Rataj), Edizioni Unioncamere Veneto, Venezia, 2013.
La qualità della vita come obiettivo essenziale per la programmazione etica, politica, sociale
ambientale ed economica (with G. Perin), Acta Academia San Marco (ed. Goi P.
and Chiaradia G.), Pordenone, 2012.
Eine Beethoven Wunderkammer in Italien (with S. Carrino and G. Malfatti), edited by M.
Ladenburger & N. Kämpchen, Carus Verlag, series: Beethoven-Haus, Bonn 2012
Main recent
Feb 2, Seminar “Vulnerability and patterns of elderly-care in Europe”, Venice
Nov 24, “First-Result-Book conference, SHARE project”, Collegio Carlo Alberto (TO)
Oct 27, AIES Conference: “Healthcare Financing and Welfare Models”, Venice
Sept 22, Seminar “Vulnerability and elderly-care in Europe”, Venice
Sept 01, “Evidence-based Policy in Long-term Care”, ILPN Conference, LSE, London
June 06, “Population aging: economics, health, retirement and the welfare state”,
Padova (participant).
Jan 28, “Transforming Long-term care in Europe: improving quality and ensuring
access”, Public Policy Exchange, Bruxelles (participant)
2013: Nov 13, Seminar: “A multidimensional measure of Social Inclusion for
European regions”, Center for Experimental Research, Ca' Foscari, Venice
Nov 28-29, “4th International SHARE User Conference”, Liège (participant)
Jun 19-21, “Advances in Latent Variables Methods”, Italiana Statistcs Society, Brescia
May 31, Workshop on social policies, UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (participant)
May 27, “Measurement of the efficiency of social protection”, Social Situation
Monitor, Bruxelles (participant).
Apr 04, “Europe 2020: Academics and Policymakers in Dialogue”, Leuven
Working papers on
Public and Health
Eligibility and inclusiveness of Long-Term Care Institutional frameworks in Europe:
a cross-country comparison: (with Cristina Orso).
Demand of Long-Term Care and benefit eligibility across European countries (with
Cristina Orso and Giacomo Pasini)
Eligibility and formal home-care utilization among vulnerable Elderly in SHARE
Working paper on
Making subjectivity explicit: a multidimensional measure of Social Inclusion for
European administrative regions
Well being in Italy and Europe: a non-additive model of Quality of Life with expertbased preferences (with Giovanni Bertin and Silvio Giove)
Other skills
Computer skills
Admin and Artistic skills
Other affiliation
Former Occupations
Italian (mother tongue) - English: full professional proficiency (Last TOEFL test:
March 2010, score: 104) - German: basic user (A2 certificate)
Econometric packages: R, Stata, Matlab, Eviews;
Survey softwares: Qualtrics, LimeSurvey;
Programming/Writing languages: PHP, SQL, Microsoft Office, LaTeX, EndnoteX7.
Graphic processing software and Digital Audio Workstation (Corel Graphic Suite,
Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Audacity)
Pianist. Musical-theatre producer, active soloist/chorister performer (tenor).
December 2009 - November 2012:
Produced the MTI-licensed Broadway musical “Jekyll & Hyde” (WildhornBricusse) in major theatres of Trieste (first time in Italy). Performed in title-role.
January 2010 – current
Private Museum and Cultural Organisation
Muggia (Trieste), Italy. Founder: Sergio Carrino, email
Researcher, software programmer and exhibitions planner
Assistant manager and researcher in a vast private Museum dedicated to composer
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827).
Involved in programming a library-management software (languages: PHP, SQL
with MySQL database) with more than 1000 cataloging questions.
Planned and produced a major temporary exhibition at Beethoven-Haus-Museum Bonn
(12/2012 - 07/2013). Ref: dr. Michael Ladenburger
Other exhibitions: Portogruaro (Ve) City Hall, 09/2013; Rossetti Theatre Trieste, 11/2013.
September 2002 - September 2010
DeAgostini Editore, Libromedia S.r.l., via Roncheto 71/1, I-34145 Trieste
Contact: Giuliana Malfatti, +393939768367
Marketing Assistant, Sales Consultant of Editorial products.
Involved in designing >10 marketing campaigns (including graphical editing),
organized seminars, represented the firm in 4 expositions; sold hundreds of editorial
products; provided customers-service and administrative accounting.
September 2002 - September 2010
Libromedia s.r.l. via Roncheto 71/1, I-34145 Trieste, G. Malfatti, +393939768367
K.L.A. Informatica di Kozman Alessio, Scala Santa 62/1 Trieste,
IT Supervisor and Consultant.
Prof. Agar Brugiavini
Ca'Foscari University of Venice
Cannaregio 873
30121 Venice, Italy
Phone: +390412349162
Prof. Stefania Maggi
Institute of Neuroscience – Ageing, the
National Research Council of Italy
Via Giustiniani 2,
35128 Padova, Italy
Phone: +390498211746
Prof. Maurizio Zenezini
University of Trieste
Piazzale Europa 1
34127 Trieste