HOMAR BV WWW.HOMARBV.NL Ongoing projects: E-­‐mail : [email protected] Phone : 0031 653 321 280 We can deliver DESIGN for any type of SPLIT HOPPER BARGE. SMALL (< 500 m3) MEDIUM (1.000 to 2.500 m3) LARGE ( > 2.500 m3). Non propelled, auxiliary propelled or fully self supporting. We can deliver: Preliminary design / tender package Suitable for investment decisions and/or world wide tendering. Basic Design, class approved ( BV or others) Suitable for construction (yard to make cutting files) Detailed design / shop drawings. Suitable for cutting & fabrication. (tailor made for shipyards requirement (plate sizes, dimensions & weight of sections)) Detailed design can be including systems & equipment detailed engineering. Steel Package / Assembly kit: all steel material; cut to size, incl. detailed building instructions. & supervision. Equipment Package , various options : Hydraulic package: HPU, split cylinders, overflow cylinders etc. Propulsion package : deck mounted Rudder propeller type or engine-­‐room mounted in -­‐line system Full package : everything needed for completion of the vessel. We can offers above as services only (Engineering, Tendering, Project Manage-­‐
ment (IPMA-­‐C) , building supervision) Or, in combination with financial strong & reliable parties, as TURN-­‐KEY PROJECT ship ready for operations, with World Wide Delivery. The shipbuilding can be done in Netherlands, Europe, Middle or Far East or any other place in the world (Jones Act, Local Content) Pls contact HOMAR BV Carl van Hooijdonk 550 cuM barge 55.00 x 13,2 x 3,5 m. 1000 to 1500 cuM self propelled barge 2375 cuM non propelled barge shop drawings & production information : above some samples of : -­‐ shop drawings : assembly instructions -­‐ Engine room piping arrangement -­‐ Piping isometrics Pls contact : Carl van Hooijdonk HOMAR BV WWW.HOMARBV.NL E-­‐mail : [email protected] Phone : 0031 653 321 280 
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