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Foundations Course
20-24 oktober 2014
Na het succes van de eerste workshop in
2013 programmeert het Instituut voor
Interventiekunde dit jaar opnieuw de
Appreciative Inquiry Foundations Course,
gecertificeerd door de Lincoln Workshop
Series. Voor leidinggevenden, organisatieadviseurs, HR-adviseurs, HRD-specialisten,
waarderende en duurzame manier hun
medewerkers willen ontwikkelen.
Appreciative Inquiry (A.I.) wint de laatste jaren
snel aan populariteit. Ook in Nederland. Sinds
Interventiekunde de opleiding “Theorie en
praktijk van Appreciative Inquiry; waarderend
werken en leren”. De animo voor AI opleidingen
is groot.
De A.I. Foundations Course is de basis van de
opleidingscyclus van de Lincoln Workshop
Series. De Lincoln Workshop Series zijn
verbonden aan het NTL Institute of Behavioral
Science, een toonaangevend opleidingsinstituut
organisatieontwikkeling en Appreciative Inquiry
Wat is Appreciative Inquiry?
Appreciatie Inquiry - waarderend interveniëren is een manier van kijken en doen. Het is een
buitengewoon krachtig instrument om positieve
verandering te genereren. Vanuit “what gives
life” aan een organisatie, team of individu en
vanuit wat al werkte in het verleden.
De waarderende benadering helpt individuen,
groepen en organisaties om op een prettige
manier productief te worden. In coaching,
tijdens training en bij organisatieontwikkeling
zorgt A.I. voor een helder proces dat gebaseerd
is op een aantal praktische en zorgvuldige
Wick van der Vaart
In 2008, Wick walked in the wrong room, which turned out to be one
of the most valuable 'accidents' in his life. In that year he went to
Bethel, Maine, to do a NTL (National Training Laboratory) Course on
Organization Development. Due to lack of participants, the course got
cancelled, and Wick walked into a colloquy on Appreciative Inquiry.
Wick was impressed by the stories of the other participants, got to
like most of them, and decided to do the certificate track on AI. Since
then Wick combines good old fashioned classical interventionism with the appreciative approach.
Wick is also one of the teachers on Appreciative Inquiry of NTL nowadays. He teaches group dynamics, organization development, and Appreciative Inquiry, and works as a coach, trainer, and/or consultant in many organizations.
For whom is this Foundations Course a
must have?
This limited enrollment workshop is designed
for managers, human resource professionals,
organizational and community facilitators, from
corporate, governmental and charitable, not-forprofit organizations. Anyone who wants to get a
solid grounding in the theory and practice of
Appreciative Inquiry.
Developed over the past two decades, this workshop uses an experience-based model that prepares consultants to work with A.I. in client systems and prepare leaders and managers to use
AI for working with organization and community
Rather than just another technique, A.I. is presented as a radically innovative approach to
facilitating change. Illustrations of this constructive approach to organization transformation will
be drawn from work with small and large corporations, with communities, and with international
organizations addressing global issues of
transboundary concern.
In addition to becoming familiar with tools for
applying A.I. in organizations, workshop participants will:
What you will learn
This in-depth workshop will cover both the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry. Special
attention will be given to the power of positive
questions; the simultaneity of inquiry and
change; the function of narrative and metaphor
in human systems transformation; how to deal
with spiraling vocabularies of human deficit, how
to create alignment across functional, generational, cultural and technical boundaries; and
how to build global organizing capacity to meet
the challenges of the next decades.
receive support in actually practicing
appreciative topic identification, question
construction, interviewing skills, grounded vision, translating the vision into innovating processes, practices, roles and
structures and implementing for sustainability
work through case examples of actual
Appreciative Inquiry consulting projects
that are brought by other participants
Multidisciplinary principles, research and theory base of A.I.
develop their ability to apply the A.I.
framework to a variety of interventions
such as: Strategic Planning, Internal Auditing, Organizational Redesign, Mergers,
Teambuilding, Program Formulation and
Evaluation and Diversity
Learn how to introduce this strikingly
different approach in ways congruent
with A.I. philosophy
Mette Jacobsgaard
Mette is an organisation and development aid consultant with a
background in law and social and political sciences from
University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Cambridge University,
UK. She has worked with AI since 1994 and was one of the first
to be trained in AI in Europe. Mette is a member of the NTL
Institute for Applied Human Behavioral Science. Mette also
works as a trainer of AI and trains groups both in Europe as
well as in Africa, Asia and the US. Mette has used AI as an approach that facilitated communities,
organizations, projects and NGOs move beyond participatory problem and needs analysis. The focus
has been on identifying and building on past achievements and existing strengths within a community, establishing consensus around a shared vision of the future, and constructing strategies and partnerships to achieve this vision.
''What excites me most in my practice is applying AI to diverse and mixed cultural situations and
situations of conflict. In addition, I continue to develop AI for embedded evaluation.''
Praktische Informatie
Deze cursus zal in het Engels worden gegeven.
De facilitatoren zijn Wick van der Vaart en Mette
De AI Foundations Course wordt gegeven op de
locatie van het Instituut van Interventiekunde:
WG-plein 255, 1054 SE Amsterdam.
Begin en eindtijden
Maandag tot en met donderdag starten we om
9.00 uur en sluiten we af om 17.00 uur. Vrijdag
starten we om 9.00 uur en eindigen om 12.30
De investering
De investering is inclusief locatiekosten, elke dag
lunch, koffie/thee/fris en exclusief eventuele
verblijfkosten en 21% BTW
Bij registratie voor 1 juli 2014 is de 'early bird'
€ 1495,- voor organisaties
€ 1295,- voor particulieren en ZZP-ers
Na 1 juli 2014 zal de investering zijn:
€ 1695,- voor organisaties
€ 1495,- voor particulieren en ZZP-ers
Ex-deelnemers van een tweejarige AIopleiding of postmaster opleiding van het
slechts € 995,Wilt u zeker zijn van een plek in deze
Foundations Course, dan raden we u aan zo
snel mogelijk te registreren.
[email protected]
Voor inlichtingen bel 06-15011771
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