Card Expo 2015 Agenda - Card Expo Africa 2015

While the payments landscape has evolved rapidly over the past decade, due to a flurry of
innovation and regulation, expansive growth in electronic payments and the inclusion of new
market entrants, industry research indicates that the next decade will yield a period of even faster
The retail payments sector is already undergoing major change primarily as a result
of the disruptive impact of e- commerce mobile and tablets. There is a rapid
development of new payment concepts and business structures which will displace
traditional cash and other forms of payments. Consumers, banks, merchants and
regulators are having to realign their visions and rethink commercial models.
The future promises to deliver a rapidly changing payments landscape as increasing convergence,
integration and e- commerce and mobile technology radically change the shape of the payments
market place. Over the next five to seven years, retail and wholesale payments are expected to
mature into highly automated and interactive eco-systems.
Card, ATM & Mobile Expo Africa 2015 will focus greatly on the future payment vision, the assumption
that underlines the vision and how innovation will drive the process. The conference and exhibition
will also focus on new users as well as the service delivery strategy that will deliver the future of
We have also put together Demo Sessions for pitches by young developers of brilliant “out of
the box” payment technologies who will have the opportunity to present and demonstrate their
innovative solutions. Only solutions that have not been launched or in the market will qualify to be
presented at our pitches.
CardExpo therefore plays a unique role in engineering the future of payment in Nigeria. It is on this
basis that we seek support of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
The CardExpo Africa 2015 is here and it promises to be the biggest payment innovation pitching event
in the payment industry. This year’s expo is all about Innovation as this is highly recognized as the
future of ePayment. The dynamism of digital technology is startling, and with so much digital payment
infrastructure that Nigerian banks and payment companies have invested in since the last 12 years, we
see that constantly developing innovative payment solutions that provides convenience, cost-effective,
fast and secure options to the consumer is the only path to sustenance in the Nation’s economy as
well as continentally.
This is critical right now because although the industry has recorded huge growth in the last 3 years
across board, the potential that the market presents is still huge, particularly if you look at the
untapped markets of the unbanked and under-banked. Also is the fact that conventional payment
products like cards, POS, ATM, internet banking etc may not be enough to deliver on the next level
The market needs new frontiers of payment technologies. Non-conventional and innovative payment
technologies that take into account the peculiarities of African markets will be the winner, going
As you know, for instance, that mobile is the future as we already have 131million (as at December
2014) mobile phone subsribers. With the advent of affordable “smart phones” like Tecno with the
various types of android phones, the question is how many mobile payment applications are being
developed specifically for different sectors or markets. We all know what Cellulant is doing in the
Agriculture sector in Nigeria for instance.
Therefore CardExpo Africa 2015 is aimed at generating discussions in this area as well as practically
incentivising emerging software entrepreneurs to focus on the needs of the industry by consistently
churning out relevant payment technologies.
Consequently, we are calling on innovative payment solutions from software creators to come show
their digital inventions to the entire epayment ecosystem of CEO’s, investors, IT buyers and the global
ePayment industry with global press coverage making possibilities limitless. Along with high resolution
displays and tech demonstrators make CARDEXPO the premier launch pad for any aspiring inventor.
We now invite you to take advantage of this platform to launch your product at the right platform as
your products first public appearance is critical and the CARDEXPO promises to set this necessary
stage. CARDEXPO's track record over the last 14 years has recorded several testimonials from
businesses. In 2008 Chams PLC sold their largest card printing machine the MX6000 for Millions of
Naira at one of the CARDEXPO exhibitions.
Apart from the exposure pitchers get at the expo, the top 4 pitches would be rewarded with the sum of
N250,000 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) each to encourage inventors and enable further
developments to their products.
Other reasons why you should pitch at CARDEXPO Africa 2015 are;
• PR support and communications training with a public relations specialist
• Demonstrator presentation review with a professional coach
• Technical rehearsal with the CARDEXPO Africa production team
• On-stage rehearsal and feedback
• On-site demonstration coach
• Post-event promotion of launch video on CARDEXPO Africa site
• Showcase sponsorship at international CARDEXPO Africa event:
Eligibility criteria
To be eligible to launch on the CARDEXPO Africa stage applicants MUST have a working product (Not an
idea) ready for market and the product must:
Solve a commercial payment problem
Make an impact or change the marketplace into which it is introduced or create a new market
Have a business plan and a management team capable of delivering the product to market
Make its public debut at the CARDEXPO Africa conference
Must be a registered company
Products that are not eligible include
• Products currently in public distribution, either as a launched product or as a highly publicized beta
• Upgrades to an existing product;
• Products entering an already saturated market category with little market differentiation;
• Products that have been widely covered by technology and business media.
Launch categories for CARDEXPO Africa 2015:
To align products with industry verticals, the categories have been revised to reflect the industry
verticals they fall in. The categories are to provide electronic payment solutions in the following
• Agriculture
• Health
• Education
• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Communication
• Transport and Logistics
• FINANCE and Banking
CARDEXPO Africa is making its exceptional promotional and networking platform available to
innovators at Africa’s finest institutions. One Hundred Thousand Naira will be provided to 10 deserving
individuals or groups who have meaningful new technologies ready for debut to the worldwide
CARDEXPO audience.
If you have an amazing innovation currently in alpha stage, apply to pitch at CARDEXPO to reach an
audience of top investors and potential customers who can catapult you to the next development
stage and beyond.
Companies selected to participate at CARDEXPO will receive:
• 5 minutes pitch opportunity to the entire CARDEXPO audience
• Kiosk space in the CARDEXPO pavilion
• Two passes to attend CARDEXPO Dinner
• Extensive promotional support on site
Structure of the Pitch
The event is a three day program and would kick off with the opening ceremony on the 23rd June 2015
from 9am – 12noon after which delegates are led to the Abora Hall of the Eko Expo centre for the first
set of pitch demonstrations while subsequent demonstrations would also take place on day 2 and 3 of
the event. A pitch pavilion would be provided on day three where all pitchers are given a stand so that
delegates and visitors can have a tour through their stands and observe their inventions.
A group of industry experts would evaluate each pitchers technology and solution on different basis of
effectiveness, usability, Ingenuity and originality to select the top ten innovations which would be
rewarded with the sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira at the CardExpo Dinner and also given a show
stand at other international CardExpo events in Kenya and South Africa.
The agenda of CardExpo Africa 2015 features a unique blend of expert discussions, case sto-ries,
breakthrough methodologies, practical tools, hands-on application, and inspirational vi-sion.
This card conference and exhibition is not a passive event as your participation matters. Most activities
will involve live interaction in a creative process. The agenda is geared toward in-tensive relationshipbuilding, practical implementation, real-time "making" of payment solu-tions, and design-based systems.
You will learn, bond, build, and create together with your peers. You will experience a unique environment
that is designed for you to learn about eco-systems while creating one in real life.
Building upon the highly acclaimed CardExpo Africa events, this 15th annual Conference and Exhibition is
an exclusive and candid forum that gathers key players from all area of the payment around the world to
connect and share success strategies that are being implemented or are near implementation.
This event will assist you in developing the best solutions for your role in the payment world. We will have
well moderated conversations highlighting solutions for the issues confronting the payment industry.
These discussions will be part of dynamic forums in which participants can examine and seek solutions to
the challenges of developing end- to end solutions. Case studies debates, and candid perspectives will
offer valuable and authentic insights into the dynamics of the industry.
You will take away actionable solutions on how to:
Develop payment products that make adoption and usage easy
Develop solutions that solve merchant and consumer problems
Implement POS technologies that enable acceptance of multiple device types
4Mobile banking and mobile payment best practices
5Latest security, authentication and protection of consumer information
• Leading payment solutions provider value to retailers, brands and consumers
• The pros and cons of key security and authentication strategies for payment channel
• How POS technologies drive traffic and can be readily adopted by merchants and consumers
• NFC technology as part of your future mobile payments strategy
• Partner with other entities across the value chain to solve merchant and consumer problems
• Understand and duplicate the catalysts that lead retailers and brands to implement a mobile solution.
• Strategies to identify and target new customer segments
• How to implement and integrate nascent technologies into payment solutions
• Driving loyalty and frequency through case studies of end to end payment solutions .
The double A payment innovation Prize is an exciting new initiative of CardExpo Africa In 2015 up to
four Prizes will be awarded to Nigeria-based individuals or teams addressing our country’s most
pressing payment needs through social sector innovation. The Prize will provide support at N250, 000
for each of the winner. Specifically, the Prize seeks to support payment innovation. The Prize is
particularly designed for high-risk, early stage ideas being piloted or prototyped by dynamic
The Double A payment innovation prize provides catalytic funding for projects in their early stages of
development. Whether a pilot project, a new organization, or a nascent initiative, work supported by
the fund must involve a certain level of measured risk that ultimately lead to large-scale,
transformative results. The prize will further this legacy, providing funding to visionary social
entrepreneurs throughout Nigeria who are championing emerging payment sector innovations.
Differentiation from Other Innovation Programs
The burgeoning field of payment innovation is become a recognized area in philanthropy. The demand
for funding of this type, however, has increased so rapidly as many worthwhile ideas fail to find
backing from established funders. The Double A Payment Innovation Prize will fill a gap in this
marketplace, not only by providing critical capital to the payment innovation field, but also by
taking risks on projects that may be seen by others as underdeveloped or too small.
Another difference is that the Double A Payment Innovation Prize will build on the CardExpo’s
longstanding areas of interest while remaining flexible enough to allow for fresh and unexpected
thinking. Prize recipients will ideally innovate across at least two of the Fund’s three traditional
disciplinary boundaries:
• Person to person payment ( P2P)
• Person to Business( P2B)
• Business to Business (B2B)
Criteria for Selection
The Double A Payment Innovation Prize will be awarded to projects or ideas that: represent a gamechanging answer to a clearly identified payment need; demonstrate an interdisciplinary or hybridized
approach, ideally involving at least two of the three areas of interest to the Fund demonstrate the
potential to develop an actionable pilot or prototype with Prize funding; show scalable impact or
impact beyond the initial pilot or prototype hold out the promise to benefit multiple individuals,
communities or sectors through a clearly articulated theory of change.
Our 2015 Timeline
Interested individuals or teams may apply for the Double A Payment Innovation Prize from February
15 through April 30, 2015. A short application will be made accessible via this website starting on
February 15. A review of these applications will take place on 15th May 2015. Finalists will be advised
on 15th May and will be invited to present their demos at the Payment Innovation Pitches at CardExpo
Africa 2015 on 23rd – 25th June 2015 of the prestigious Eko-Hotel Towers, Lagos Nigeria. The Prize’s
awardees will be publicly announced at the event on 25th June 2015, and prize money awarded at the
gala dinner same day
Award Details
Four awardees are eligible to receive N2500, 000 for the 2015 award. These funds are intended to
allow recipients to focus their attention on their social impact idea. Awardees will also receive
ongoing, dedicated support from the Intermarc Consulting including networking opportunities at inperson convenings.
Apply Now!
You may access the online round one application for the double A Payment. Innovation Prize from
February 15 through 30th April 2015 by clicking here.
Additional Information
For convenience, you may download this one-page document containing the information presented on
this webpage. For any additional information, please contact:
About the Prize
The double A Payment innovation Prize was established in 2014 by the founder of CardExpo Africa
Conference & Exhibition, Adeyinka Adeyemi .The Fund was capitalized by profits from Intermarc
Consulting business operations.
Frequently Asked Question
What is the 2015 application deadline?
The round one application deadline is April 30, 2015. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the
review of the applications by May 15, 2015.
What questions will be asked in the one application?
We are purposefully keeping the application short and simple. There will be approximately 14 questions,
most of which request contact and demographic information. The two questions requiring longer and
more thoughtful responses are: “What’s your innovative idea for positively impacting Africa and why is it
needed?” and “Why are you or your team uniquely qualified to tackle this issue?”
Where do I submit my application?
Starting on February 15, 2015, you may access the online round one application by clicking here. Please
note that once your application is submitted, it may not be altered.
How does the Double ‘A’ Payment. Innovation Prize define “early stage” in the context of supporting
“early stage ideas being piloted or prototyped by dynamic visionaries”?
We view the double ‘A’ Payment Innovation Prize as seed funding for high potential new ideas. Generally
speaking, our spectrum of eligibility ranges from well-considered concepts (with no organization yet
formed) to organizations that have existed for up to 3 years. Some exceptions may exist.
Is a new idea being incubated within a well-established organization eligible for the double ‘A’ Payment
Innovation Prize?
Yes, if the new idea is intended to become a stand-alone organizational entity within 1-2 years. A new
program within a well-established organization that is not intended to become a stand-alone
organizational entity is ineligible.
Where and when will the first N250, 000 grants be distributed to awardees?
25th June 2015 at the CARDEXPO AFRICA 2015 dinner holding at Eko Hotel & Suite Victoria Island, Lagos.
Are there restrictions on the use of the funds awarded with the double ‘A’ Payment Innovation Prize?
The N250, 000 payment innovation prize is awarded as unrestricted general operating support to
awardees’ nonprofit organizations or fiscal sponsors.
Can you provide more information about the in-person convenings for Prize recipients?
Intermarc Consulting (the hosts of CARDEXPO AFRICA) organizes these convenings per year. for the 2015
class of Prize recipients for the three-year duration of the Prize. These convenings will provide an
opportunity for Prize recipients to bond with and learn from one another, as well as to network with and
learn from outside community and thought leaders in the social impact space. More details will be
provided to Prize recipients.
Please note the following common reasons why individuals and/or organizations are ineligible for the
Double ‘A’ Payment Innovation Prize:
• An organization’s sole focus is the development of research.
• A program’s primary purpose is the promotion of religious doctrine.
• An organization is no longer at an early stage of development.
• A program is under the umbrella of a larger organization with no plans to become a stand-alone entity.
• An organization is not based in the Nigeria.
• An organization is solely for-profit.
• A founder has no intention of making his or her organization a full-time commitment.
If my question isn’t answered on the CardExpo Africa website. How can I obtain additional information?
You may email Please note that due to our small staff size, we are unable
to respond to questions that are clearly answered elsewhere on the CardExpo Africa website and, in most
circumstances, we will not be taking calls or meetings with prospective applicants therefore shortlisting
and release of list of finalists. Responses to other emailed questions may be expected in 3-5 business
Card Expo Africa 2015 International Conference and Exhibition provides an opportunity for discussion
and collaboration on a broad range of relevant areas associated to recent trends in payment innovation.
Over the last years, there is a growing recognition in payment environments of the key role played by
innovation in the creation and success of businesses. In a dynamic environment, product contest like
those we are currently experiencing in the payment systems industry is fundamental and the probability of
success is largely determined by innovation. At the same time, there is a growing recognition of the need
of more sustainable innovation, combining economic and social aspects. These challenges combined with
limited internal resources and high risk and complexity enhance (social) networking in innovation and
entrepreneurship. At the same time, payment policy makers face important challenges to stimulate and
provide the necessary means for innovation.
The theme of the Card Expo Africa 2015 is “Innovation: The future of epayment”
We warmly invite practitioners, academics and people in the field of policy making to present their
research and to share their experiences in a broad range of areas related to the new trends in innovation
and entrepreneurship. Topics can be related to all sectors like agriculture, banking, manufacturing, retail,
transportation, health, education, communication etc.
Payment innovation is generally under-researched and the advisory group for the conference invites
submissions of both academic and practitioner papers on a wide range of topics and a wide range of
scholarly approaches including theoretical and empirical papers employing qualitative, quantitative and
critical methods. Academic research, case studies and work-in-progress/posters are welcomed
Presentation areas are given below. The conference will broadly be organized around but not limited to
the following:
Innovation in eCollection: How to enhance IGR by providing seemly access to payment
Driving financial inclusion with payment innovation to bank the unbanked
Critical factors for innovation strategic competitiveness in eBanking
Dominant business models of young firms in innovation hubs
Innovation and the future of payment
Innovation risk management- banks risky bet on safe innovating
Creating a Framework for collaboration: An exploration of inventors and investor
Evaluating business benefits and performance in smart cities
Regulating to facilitate innovation: nanotechnologies and nigeria payment system
Payment strategy, innovation and value proposition for SMEs
Social media and 21st century ebanking
Mobile: Configuring the innovative payment channel through innovation.
Toward an effective innovation and strategy: line model of sustainable management practices to
innovation in achieve superior fund payment.
A panel of discussants made up of experts and opinion leaders will review and critique the submissions.
The panellists are at liberty to proffer their opinions on the subject matter.
Interested speakers can contact or send their enquiries to or call
Payment innovation pitch for the award of double ‘A’ prize
The submission deadline is 30th April 2015. Please submit your innovative solution using the form below.
To improve your chances of selection, we strongly advise that you follow the submission guidelines.
You should receive an automatic response that your submission has been made and you will hear from us
again by 15th May 2015 once the selection panel have considered all submissions. Please be advised that
this is a final date. Earlier submission of the full paper helps us manage the review in process in a timely
manner. This is of particular importance if you will need a visa to attend the conference.
If you have any problem with this form or if you have not heard about your abstract by 16th May 2015,
please contact the conference manager –
If you have any queries concerning the submission process, please contact
Due to the large number of demo expected for this conference, the committee only allows an inventor to
present one solution .
Card Expo 2015 Pitch Submission
Note: The form will not SUBMIT unless all required fields are completed
Contact innovator details: ALL fields are required- Please use upper and lower case – NOT ALL CAPITALS
Last Name:
First Name:
Postal Address
Post code
Telephone number
Email address
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Name of solution or innovation
(*required) - (one email address only)
(must be the same email as entered above)
Please provide keywords for innivation.
Maximum of five
What is your innovation idea for positively
impacting Africa and why is it needed
Why is your solution/innovation relevant to
the payment industry/market? Use this
space to persuade the reviewers why they
should select this submission for the
Why are you or your team uniquely qualified
to tackle this issue
Additional information:
Please use this box to tell us about other
additional information required
Please SUBMIT your abstract information now. Thank you.