What is a power surge?

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What is a power surge?
Power Surges
What are they? Where do they come from?
What damage do they cause?
What is a Power Surge?
Power surges are abnormally high voltage spikes
riding on the AC Power
A power surge is the most common of a number of
conditions that affect the quality of the power you
receive from the utility
Electrical equipment in your home is designed to
operate with minor variations in their standard
operating voltage
Even the smallest power surge can damage nearly all
equipment in the home
What Causes Power Surges?
• Lightning
• Electric Utilities
• Internal loads and wiring
– 70% originate inside the
What Damage Do Power
Surges Cause?
• Disruption
• Mis-operation of equipment
• Frequently experienced
• Degradation
• Shortened life of equipment
• Frequently unknown
• Destruction
• Pitting, burning
• Immediately obvious
What is a power surge?
Power surges are momentary, abnormally high voltage
spikes riding on the AC Power
Power surges are caused by lightning, the electric utility
and equipment found inside your home
Power surges can disrupt, degrade or destroy any
electrical or electronic equipment connected to the AC
Power system. Particularly vulnerable are appliances,
home theater systems and home office equipment
There is a cost effective solution to protect your
Whole Home Surge Protection