Real-World M&E Challenges

Real-World Challenges
of M&E
• Outline the “real-world” challenges of
conducting program monitoring and evaluation.
• Identify practical and feasible solutions to
overcome these challenges.
• Highlight resources for ACSM or M&E technical
Challenge: Donor requirements
• Demand detailed monitoring data beyond what
are routinely available without providing a
budget to collect it.
• Request impact evaluation
for ACSM activities without
providing sufficient budget
for a rigorous study.
Challenge: No baseline data
• Infer baseline status from a secondary source.
• Identify a control group and compare differences
between cases and controls.
Challenge: Not enough money
• Simplify the design.
• Use existing data (program reviews, etc.).
• Use a historical comparison group rather than
collecting new data.
• Reduce sample size; accept greater degree of
uncertainty in findings.
• Reduce costs of data collection
and analysis.
• Limit analysis to simple quantitative
Challenge: Not enough time
• Consider rapid data collection methods (focus
group discussions, etc.).
• Hire more staff on a temporary basis.
• Use existing data sources, such as routine
• Reduce sample size; accept a greater
degree of uncertainty in findings.
Challenge: Not enough political
will for comprehensive evaluation
• Engage stakeholders in the process to reduce
• Secure access to data as part of the planning
process, before starting the evaluation.
• Establish a dissemination plan in advance to
address concerns about transparency
in sharing information.
TB Technical Assistance Mechanism
• Global coalition of countries, partners, and
• Coordinates technical assistance to countries with
Global Fund grants (requests from NTP, Country
Coordinating Mechanisms, WHO).
— Matches consultant with need; can apply for TBTEAM
to cover costs of visit.
— List of available experts.
TB Reach
• Main objective is to increase early case detection
and ensure complete treatment.
• Focus on reaching people who have limited or no
access to TB services and/or who are coming from
poor areas.
• Grants up to US$1 million for one year.
Stop TB Partnership’s “Challenge
Facility for Civil Society”
• Mission: Provide support to community-based
organizations engaged in advocacy and social
• From US$5,000 to US$20,000.
• For organizations wanting to influence policy at local
levels by giving a voice to people affected by TB and
those involved in its diagnosis, treatment, and care.
ACSM Subgroup
Technical Assistance
• Global Fund recipients
with ACSM scope.
• Apply for short-term
ACSM consultation.