S.T.A.R. Dynamics
& Rail
Multimodal Logistics Software
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited
Time-tested and proven application
Flexible framework and Latest technology - User friendly at Affordable cost
Shorter customization time and implementation time- Can be tailored to suit the business and
user requirements within a short period
Process oriented approach towards business needs - Defined SOP (System Operating Procedures)
based on the experience
Workflow Controls added based on experience and expertise - Industry Standards and
Management suggestions
Multi currency Finance & Cost centre concepts
Encrypted data handling and also detailed audit trial
Flexible Reporting with Canned, MIS and Graphical reports
Continuous support, maintenance with zero downtime and training
Each and every option is felt, understood and digested before designing the software
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited
Business Focus
Target Customers :
This application is a valuable gift for Freight forwarding and
Logistics companies
Business Flow :
 To simplify the business process the flow starts from Sales Enquiry which is linked with
Agency cost
This cost is linked with quotation to add service charges on top of this
 Once the system gets complete details from customer, it will generate a Job order
 Based on the modes the individual transit data( Shipping, Trucking, Custom Clearance
etc.,) will be filled
 Invoice will be generated by the system and also payment receipt for agent payments
 Based on this the P & L per Job order (Cost per Plate) can be calculated by the system
 Payable & Receivables reports can be generated by the system per customer & supplier
 Granular level details and control tables will support end user to store ample information
about each transaction
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited
Sample - Screen
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited
Unique Features
Manage and Co-ordinate all your activities from one solution
Integrated Operations & Accounts enables accuracy in reports
Flexibility to add more features based on business growth
Provides Critical Business Intelligence reports to enhance the
decision making
Alerts like Billing Delay, Credit Limit Exceeded, Password Error
etc., improves the workflow control
Audit trial to check employee performance
Facility to import or export data to excel format
Micro level access control and encrypted data transfer
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited
The Implications
If your Enterprise Applications are not automated you cannot even determine if your
Systems received your transactions and data-entered accurately. You have no
confidence that they will pick-pack-ship the right product or quantity.
If your system relationships are not integrated, you cannot determine if, when and to
what extent your suppliers will be able to fill your orders
When your Enterprise applications are collaborative, you will automatically be able to
reduce pending receivables, decrease over-due Invoices, reduce days of inventory,
reduce returns and more. Business rules, established between you and the
customer/supplier, will run 98% of the routine business. 2% of exceptions will be
handled manually
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited
NVOCC Dynamics – Solution Framework
• Driver Info
• Waybill tracking
• Container Info
• Cargo Detail
• BL Link & Voyage details
• Container Mapping
• Bonds & documents definition
• Transit & container data link
• Permit details
• Break box rating
• Air waybill tracking
• Manifest Control
• Wagon Details
• COC details
• Container tracking
• Versioning and Audit History
• Security & Reporting
• Encryption and Authentication
• User Friendly Entry Forms
• Multi Currency
• Handy Financial Reports
• Canned & Customized reports
• MIS & Email Reports
• Multilingual
Sample Screen – Trucking
The Business Imperative
Reduce Costs:
• Infrastructure clean-up & data management
• Step-function process improvement – reduce effort
• Paper-less distribution of information
• Business Flow Control and Better Tracking
• Visibility across the departments and centralized reporting
• Improve decision making, minimize risk
• Ensure compliance
Platform for integrated management support systems:
• Greater productivity
• More collaboration and knowledge finding / sharing
Culture change/reinforcement:
• More effective media channel to deliver the needs to the user base
• Platform for enabling virtual communities/organization and “deliver
results anywhere” structures
• Demonstrate value added services
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited
Customer Feedback
Benefits of the application
Multi Currency and Multilingual System
Capable of generating various reports for the Management
Summary and Exception management reports
Granular level data for productivity analysis
Increased Security and Role based access
User Friendly and effective screens
Limited hardware and software license cost
Courier and telephone expenses to transfer the vouchers and collect the data saved
JIT values for all transactions at any location
Consolidated and separate P&L and MIS in no time
Electronic data storage increased the efficiency of search and security
Scalable architecture hence when business grows you can add the services in software
vertically or horizontally
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited
Special Features
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited
Special Features
Paragon Dynamics Info Systems Private Limited