ESCAP Presentation - The UN Regional Commissions

New & strengthened mandates
 Rio+20 outcomes:
Assist countries in integration of the three dimensions of
sustainable development
 Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (2012):
strengthening regional/subregional inter-agency
cooperation to support country-level development
initiatives; UNCTs to draw upon the normative and policy
expertise of the regional commissions
 ‘Samoan PATHWAY’:
calling for strengthened regional commission role in
supporting SIDS development priorities.
Regional commissions expected to do,
and deliver more
 Inaugural Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable
- 19 to 21 May 2014, Pattaya
 Regional Consultation on Sustainable
Development Financing
- 10 to 11 June 2014, Jakarta
 Regional Consultations on the Accountability
Framework for Asia and the Pacific
- 5 to 6 August 2014, Bangkok
 70th session of the Commission formally adopted
the recommendations of the above meeting
Means of Implementation in Asia and
the Pacific
 Regional economic cooperation and integration
 Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)
 Financing for sustainable development
 Capacity development
 Accountability and monitoring
Regional Economic Cooperation and
 Trade facilitation
 Legislative arrangement on facilitation of cross-border
paperless trade
 Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade
 Regional connectivity
Transport (Asian Highway, Trans Asian Railways, Asia-Pacific
Dry Ports treaty; Inter-Island shipping)
Asian Energy Highway
Asian Information Super Highway
Science, Technology and Innovation
 Technology transfer
 Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (New
Delhi, India)
 Online technology transfer portal
 Renewable Energy Technology Bank
 Renewable Energy Cooperation Mechanism
 Information on latest technology and innovation
 Studying options for introducing STI in ESCAP’s
legislative agenda
Financing for sustainable development
 USD 2.5 trillion / year needed to close Asia-Pacific SD gaps
 Region requires a financial system that is efficient, fair and
Policymakers need to work with the private sector to
develop more diversified and balanced financial sectors;
Create new regional financial architecture and
mechanisms to use regional savings
Strengthen the developmental role of fiscal policy
Capital markets need to be broadened and strengthened
to encourage development of domestic institutional
Strengthening financial literacy
Climate finance must be mainstreamed into national
Capacity development
 Online E-learning facility supported the adoption on green growth
/ green economy policies
 On-line Asia-Pacific National Innovation Systems Resource (NIS)
 Asia-Pacific Network for R&D Management in nanotechnology
 Regional Institutes:
 Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication
Technology for Development (Incheon City, Rep. of Korea)
 Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (Makuhari, Chiba
Prefecture, Japan)
 Centre for the Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture
(Bogor, Indonesia)
 Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (Beijing, China)
Strengthening ESCAP responses
“Fit for Purpose”
 New corporate strategy being defined
Research and analysis (think tank)
Intergovernmental dialogue-norm setting
Capacity devleopment
 Reforming ESCAP governance structures to support
sustainable development
 In-house dialogue on integration of the three
dimensions of sustainable development
 Strengthening analysis and knowledge products – e.g.
on integration and inclusive growth
Strengthening ESCAP responses (cont).
 Strengthening regional dialogue – APFSD
 Strengthening quality of engagement with major groups
 Strengthening data collection and capacity in context of
monitoring and accountability
 Strengthening role in UN coordination and coherence at
regional level - RCM
“the means of implementation
should match the ambition and comprehensive scope of the
sustainable development goals, and be backed by effective
accountability and monitoring frameworks”
Chair’s summary
Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development