Role of Pakistan in INIS Activities, Current

Role of Pakistan in INIS Activities,
Current Development & Future Plan of
Scientific Information Division
INIS Liaison Officer –Pakistan
Head, Scientific Information Division
Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology
Presentation Layout
Very brief description about :
 Major Objectives of PINSTECH;
 Structure of PINSTECH & Scientific
Information Division (SID);
 Current Status of SID;
 Future Programme of SID;
 Promotion of INIS activities in Pakistan;
 Suggestions / Recommendations- INIS;
Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology,
commonly known as "PINSTECH", is one of the largest
Science and Technology Research Institute in Pakistan,
managed by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC);
Major Objectives of PINSTECH
● R & D in the field of S & T using 10 MW Research
Reactor and state of the art equipment;
● Production of Radioisotopes & Radiopharmaceuticals;
● Applications of Radioisotope Technology;
● Environmental Research;
● Provision of Radiation Dosimetry/Calibration Services
at country level;
● Provision of trained manpower to various PAEC centres
to meet future goals;
● Dissemination of Scientific information to other PAEC
Structure of PINSTECH
Current Status of SID
PINSTECH Library & INIS Office are parts of SID;
 PINSTECH Main Library was established in 1966;
 Declared as National Lib. of Physical Sciences by GOP;
 PINSTECH Library is the Member of INIS;
 Became member of International Nuclear Library
Network (INLN) in 2010;
 It is a hub for provision of S &T Information at PAEC
 Responsible for efficient acquisition, storage, retrieval
and dissemination of information to support PAEC
 INIS Office at SID is National Centre of INIS Activities;
Structure of SID
Library Management Group
Computerized Information Management Group
Scientific & Technical Reports Group
International Nuclear Information System Unit
Main Activities- SID
 Acquisition of books, journals, reports, etc. to
develop in-house collection;
 Comprehensive S &T information databases;
 On-line access to available literature;
 Resource sharing with other R & D organizations
and universities;
 Dissemination of information from INIS and
other databases to all users;
Current Status
IN-House Collection
 ~ 26,000 books on Science & Technology;
 Journals articles : 1.2 millions records from
768 journal titles having 44500 issues.
 1.47 million NCL Technical Reports on
microfiche and CDs .
 Four current awareness services.
Current Status
Steps are being taken toward digitization of Lib:
• To cope with the modern information needs,
website http:// has been
developed and hosted for online search;
• Using Koha (which is one of free full-featured
open-source library management system), a
comprehensive books catalogue has been developed
for a centralized databases of literature;
• Bibliographic data of 26,000 Books has recently
been transferred to Koha according to
International Std. for OPAC;
Current Status
• Bibliographic data of 2280 PINSTECH
Publications in international journals is available;
• Issue/ return of books is done by barcode readers;
• Auto generation of reminders for overdue books;
• Annual Stock verification procedure has been
automated due to above measures;
• Good number of PCs are placed in library to
attract the users for literature search;
A View of PINSTECH Library
Future Programme
With the enormous flow of information through
internet, future of traditional libraries is endangered;
 But, libraries can continue to play a vital role through
 Our Future Programme is the complete Digitization/
formation of E- Library;
 For swift sharing and provision of enhanced access to
 Proposal for Digitization of PINSTECH Library has
been submitted to Higher Authorities, depicting that
how will be PINSTECH Library look like after 5 years;
Future Programme
 There are ~1.0 million reports in the form of microfiche
in PINSTECH Library. Out of this ~400,000 have been
scanned. Scanning of more reports is under process;
 So far, 205,000 scanned documents have been
converted into pdf, pdf formation will continue;
 Setup for the interactive audiovisual conferencing is
being established for arranging group discussions,
seminars, presentations, interviews, meeting , etc.
 With time more improvement/addition will be carried
out in our Website and local area network;
Future Programme
• Union Catalogue/Consortium of six PAEC Libraries
will be developed for resource sharing using Koha as a
pilot project;
• ISO Certification 9001:2008 of PINT Lib is being
planned and will be implemented in two years for:
• Quality Management System;
• For quality Assurance;
• To gain the user satisfaction ;
• To improve Standard Operating Procedures
(SOPs) of all activities being carried out in the
Promotion of INIS activities
• Pakistan has established links with INIS/IAEA
since its inception.
• INIS Unit has been established at SID/PINSTECH
• Responsible for all activities of INIS and its
promotion in the country;
• INIS Links is available at the Homepage of SID
website (http:// );
• Link is also available on PINSTECH LAN for the
users at the institute;
Promotion of INIS activities….conti
 INIS Newsletter is sent to all, by PINSTECH
LAN and placed at website;
 INIS input is being submitted regularly since
 INIS output products (full text) are made
available to all user on free of cost basis whenever
 Workshops/courses regularly conducted under
PINSTECH Scientific Calendar, we distribute
INIS posters in these events;
Promotion of INIS activities
 Literature searches from INIS are provided not
only to PINSTECH /PAEC but to other research
 Visited Universities, to enhance the awareness
about INIS Activities and collection of literature
published in National journals;
 INIS Input is prepared from 50 journals
 Our target for INIS input is more than 1500, in
INIS Poster
Distribution of INIS
Posters in Local
Training Courses
regarding awareness
about INIS
No. of Records
Submitted INIS Input (2001-2014)
In 2014= 1029 (October 3, 2014)
Target for sending input to INIS in 2015 is more than 1500
Suggestions / Recommendations- INIS
 Close collaboration among INIS Liaison
Officers, for sharing of Scientific Information,
Events, Achievements, Awards etc.
 To create a Healthy competition, input from all
countries may be visible to all INIS Liaison
 We were used to receive beautiful INIS
Brochures, Posters, Pamphlets in past. It may
be restarted. It is still beneficial for the
promotion of INIS Activities;
Suggestions / Recommendations- INIS
 Almost every member state is involved in
digitization of material already available on
 It is proposed that INIS-IAEA may digitize its
Literature available on microfiche for its
distribution to member states;
 Or Member states may be asked to digitize
different parts of material and then to share it.
Thank You for Your
Attention Please