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PepsiAmericas’ Enterprises
Wen, Wei
• PepsiAmericas generates $2.97
billion in revenues yearly.
• The supplier of Pepsi Co products has
over 15,000 employees and 365,000
• The challenge facing PepsiAmericas was
the integration of its enterprise systems.
• The company chose to implement a
PeopleSoft ERP solution to enable it to
deliver top-line growth and superior
customer service through improved selling
and delivery methods using standard
processes along with proven technology.
Numerous products, distribution gaps,
and lost promotion opportunities----new strategy
• It needed real-time access to enterprise
information and seamless integration between its
• Real-time customer informtion for its
telemarketing agents to be able to effectively do
their jobs.
• Telemarketing agent to understand if the
customer has any issues or needs based on what’s
going on with the account.
One of the biggest benefits of the
PeopleSoft ERP solution was that it provided
complete integration between PepsiAmericas’
front-office and back-office systems.
• This integration allowed tel-sell agents to gain a
clear picture of customers and their relationship
with the company.
• More readily see additional sales opportunities.
PopsiAmericas also implemented
PeopleSoft’s supply chain management
component to automate its inventory
• Product inventory accounting is done at period
end automatically. It provides much greater
control of the data and has shaven one to two
days off our close.
• Its divisions have to send and revceive product
transfers within the system, so there is much
tighter control on the activity, and the data is
more accurate.
Overall benefit from
PeopleSoft ERP solution
• Convert disparate sales systems to a
single, integrated Internet
application solution.
• Integrate computer telephony for
tel-sell/pre-sell methodology.
• Deliver a 360-degree view of entire
customer base.
Overall benefit from
PeopleSoft ERP solution
• Improve customer distribution and
profit poential.
• Simplify the issue resolution process.
• Provide more accurate and timely
deliveries of products.
• Reduce product inventory close time
by one to two days.
Question 1: How have core ERP components
helped PepsiAmericas improve its business?
• Provide more accurate and timely deliveries of
• Convert disparate sales systems to a single,
integrated internet application solution.
Question 2: How have extended ERP
components helped PepsiAmericas improve
its business?
• Supply chain management automate its inventory
accounting.( Reduce product inventory close time
by one to two days.)
• Customer relationship management: Deliver a 360degree view of entire customer base; Improve
customer distribution and profit potential.
• E-business: Complete integration between frontoffice and back-office system. (tell-sell method)
Question 3: Explain how future ERP
systems wil help PepsiAmericas increase
• The line between ERP, SCM, and CRM will continue
to blur as ERP vendnor broaden the functionality
of their product suites and redefine the
packaging of their products.
Internet: Organization integrate data and process
Interface: Customizable employee browser
Wireless technology: Handheld devices achieve
anywhere-anytime paradigm.
Question 4: Assess the impact on
PepsiAmericas’ business if it failed to
implement the CRM component of its ERP
 It will not provide an integrated view of customer
data and interactions allowing organizations to
work more effectively with customers.
 Decrease customer loyalty and retention and an
organization’s profitability.
Question 5: Review the different components
in Figure B10.6. Which component would you
recommend PepsiAmericas implement if it
decided to purchase an additional component?
Customer relationshp management
Enterprise performance management
Human capital management
Service automation
Supplier relationship management
Supply chain management
Current Information
PepsiAmericas has a current Overall Rating of C
(Neutral). Power Rating (77) is high; appreciation
potential (31) is low.
PepsiAmericas Inc has neutral Growth/Value
characteristics -- its appeal is likely to be to
investors neutral towards Income. PAS is of low
investment quality. Current annual total return
performance of 43.7% is upper quartile. Current
5-year total return performance of 4.2% is
slightly below median.
Current Information
Today, PepsiAmericas has deployed Thinque MSP
for Field Sales to automate PepsiAmericas' presales process. To date, 150 of PAS' 1,000 account
sales managers have been equipped with the
Thinque MSP Pre-sales Module running on Symbol
Pocket PC devices. PepsiAmericas information
technology and business leaders worked side-byside with Thinque Systems' engineering
department to determine the specific application
requirements and final features and functionality
of this next-generation, robust, mobile sales
force automation tool.
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