Project Scope Debriefing Presentation

 Scope Debriefing is a concept of providing a “Feedback
point” to the program manager of the project scope and
those who were involved in preparing the scope. Whether
it’s a resurfacing project, a safety projects or a major
capacity project out of PD&E, our goal is to provide a
specific point in the design schedule where you the EOR
and the program manager for the scope can sit down and
review what assumptions and recommendations held true
in design and what changed. The reasons for the changes
and other performance measures, such as LRE cost
changes, will be captured into a database for posterity and
organizational learning.
 FDOT Program Manager
 Technical Scope Team for subject project
 FDOT Project Manager
 Consultant Project Manager
 Consultant Engineer of Record
 Transportation Systems Manager
 The agenda should include:
- Description of original scope of work.
- Changes to the scope since the “P.E. Begin” date.
- Impacts to the LRE.
- Impacts to the Project Schedule.
- Impacts to the Design Cost.
- Reasons for change.
- What could have been done to avoid the change.
What (Cont.)
 The base performance measures of “Scope Changes”
“LRE Increase” and “Schedule Increase” will be tracked
by a spreadsheet database created and managed by
Amir Asgarinik.
 For Major Projects, Scope Debriefing will
be included in the agenda for the “Initial Design Team
Meeting (Phase II).”
 For District-Wide Projects, Scope Debriefing will
be included in the agenda for the “Project Status
Update Meeting”.
 The FDOT Project Manager will be responsible for
including and covering it in the agenda .
When (Cont.)
 If required by the Project Manager/EOR, additional
Scope Debriefing can take place at any time during the
Design Phase, prior to the designated times outlined
 These measures, along with Scope Debriefing
Comments will be shared with all Program managers,
FDOT Project Managers, Consultant Project
Managers, Scope Teams, etc. in order to develop and
enhance best practices which will be used to improve
our scope development process.