Complete Network Security for Banks
Cyberoam for Security in Banks
Dimensions of Banking Security
Cyberoam Solution
User Identity in Security
Solution Range
Dimension - 1 – External threats
External Threats – Attackers are after financial gain
• Targeting the Internal User
• Blended threats over multiple protocol
• Email: Over 90 % mail is spam carrying spyware, phishing, viruses, worm
• HTTP - Drive-by downloads, Pharming, Spyware via P2P sites
• IM: Malicious links and attachments
• FTP – Malicious uploads & downloads
Q1: Point Solutions? A combination? or UTM?
Dimension - 2 – Insider Threats
Insider Threats – Over 50% threats are from insiders
• Most attackers are current or former employees
• Majority of insiders plan their activities in advance using remote access
• Methods –Using someone else’s computer, Social engineering, Unattended terminal
• Malicious Intent: Selling corporate/customer data for financial gain
• User Ignorance: Indiscriminate surfing = Malware, Spyware
Q.2. Would you settle for Plain Security if you had the choice of Identity-based security?
Dimension – 3 – Remote Office Security
Remote Office Security – Greater Granularity and Control over system resources
• High Security Levels at par with Head Office
• External threats
• Internal threats
• Limited Technical Resources at Remote Office
• Centralized control and visibility required
• Regulatory Compliance: BS 7799/ ISO 27001, Basel II Norms, PCI-DSS
Q. 3. Are your remote offices as secure as the Head Office? At what cost?
Dimension – 4 – Safe Guarding Your EndPoints
60% corporate data lies unprotected on endpoints
Lost USBs
Medical records of 741 patients lost by a hospital
9000 USB sticks found in people's pockets at the
local dry cleaners in UK
Lost Multimedia Discs
Personal information of 11.1mn customers of
leading oil refinery (USA) found on streets
Wrong Email Attachment
Bank employee accidentally sent sensitive
customer details to wrong email address
Lost iPods
12,500 handheld devices forgotten at the back of
taxis every 6 months in UK
Dimension – 4 –Safe Guarding Your Network EndPoints
What Places Data At Risk?
Removable Devices
USBs, CDs/DVDs, MP3,
Digital cameras
Unauthorized transfer of sensitive data;
Malware-laden email for information access;
Sensitive data sent to wrong person
Web, Mail, IM, P2P, Printing, FTP
Data At Risk
• Intellectual property related to R&D • Business plans, RFP / Tender quotes
• Product launch dates and roadmap • Customer data
Core Banking System Components
Application Developers
Core-Banking Application
WAN, Internet
OS, Database
Branch User/Admins
Network Administrators
System Administrators
Bank X– Case Study
 Existing Firewall inadequate for 1500 users. To be replaced or not?
 Limitations of IP-based security – No tracing of malicious users, No reporting on Net use
 No Anti-Malware / Content Filtering / Bandwidth Management / Multiple link management
 No Endpoint Security
Cyberoam Solution
 2 Cyberoam CR 1500i appliances act as Proxy. Active-Active, High Availability mode.
 Firewall, IPS, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam, Content Filtering
 SSL-VPN Secure Remote Clientless, Access
 Threat Free Tunnelling prevents malware
 CR Protects Customer data in DMZ and LAN, does Load Balancing for 2 ISP’s
 On-appliance reporting and Identity-based Surfing policies
 Protection in dynamic and Wi-fi environments
Cyberoam Security to X Bank
 Confidentiality – Only Authorized users may access
 Restricted Zonal access –User Identity, VLAN
 Incident Management – Identity-based logging & reporting
 Device Control – Block unauthorized file copies, USBs etc.
 Application Control – Authorized use of Applications Only
Summary of Benefits
 Prevents unauthorized access, leakage / damage to information
 Reduces the risk of human error, theft, fraud, misuse of infrastructure
 Zero-hour threat detection and alerts with username
 Ensures Quick and Suitable Response
 Ongoing monitoring with username reports
Unified Threat Management
What is Cyberoam?
1. Comprehensive Security with
Gateway Anti-virus & Antispam
Content Filtering & Bandwidth Management
High-Availability &
Multiple Link Management
On-Appliance Reporting
2. Identity-based Security
3. Comprehensive Branch Office Security
Dimension 1
Dimension 1
Why Cyberoam Firewall-VPN-IPS?
• Enterprise-class performance
• 6 Gbps Firewall Throughput, 2.5 Gbps IPS Throughput
• ICSA certified Firewall
• Checkmark certified Enterprise UTM
• Interoperability with 3rd party VPN - VPNC certified
• Prevents file uploads and data leakage via IM
• IPS signatures to prevent abnormal activity
• Works on Layer 8 – The Human layer
• Allows users to carry their access rights anywhere in the network
Dimension 1
Anti-virus & Anti-Spam
Why Cyberoam Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam?
Dimension 1
99 % Anti-Virus detection rate; Zero-hour protection
 Virus Outbreak Detection – Zero-hour protection
98 % Spam detection rate – Low False Positive
Scans SMTP, POP3, IMAP with Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPDTM)
Content-agnostic and language independent – Image spam and emerging spam
Checkmark certified Anti-virus and Anti-spam
Dimension 1
Content Filtering
Why Cyberoam Content Filtering?
Dimension 1
• Database of millions of sites – 82 + categories
• HTTP upload control
• Categorizes Google cached pages with dynamic URLs
• Prevents Proxy surfing eg: tunnel proxy utility, open proxy, web proxy.
• Checkmark certified Content Filtering
• Network Products Guide award - 2008
• Prevents entry of malware through unrestricted surfing
• Policies based on user identity
• Prevents Data Leakage
Bandwidth Management
Multiple Link Management
Why Cyberoam? Bandwidth Management
Dimension 1
 Committed and burstable bandwidth
 Restricts bandwidth usage by proper allocation on requirements basis
 Prevents Bandwidth Choking
 Controls cost – prevents excessive bandwidth usage
User Identity in Security
• Assigns bandwidth to critical users and applications – supports business agility
• Application and Identity-based bandwidth allocation
Dimension 1
Advanced Multiple Gateway Features
 Auto gateway failover
 Weighted round robin load balancing
 Policy routing per application, user, source and destination
 Gateway status on dashboard
 No restriction on number of WAN Ports
 Schedule based bandwidth assignment
What does it solve?
 Provides continuous connectivity
 Security over multiple ISP links
Why Cyberoam?
Dimension - 2
Identity-based Security
Why Identity? – AAA through Cyberoam UTM Security
Authentication by Username – including Wi-Fi
Authorization - Access Rights based on pre-defined
corporate policies
Username – Not IP Addresses
Need-to-Use basis
Across distributed locations
Accounting – Centralized Logging and Reporting
with Username
Shows Who is Doing What even in Dynamic
DHCP - Wi-Fi - Shared Machine Scenarios
Data Leakage Control & Reporting (HTTP Upload)
Why Cyberoam?
Dimension - 3
Branch Office Security
Dimension 3
Why Cyberoam?
Branch Office Security
 Comprehensive security
 Branch user visibility and controls at HQ
 Proven interoperability with 3rd party VPNs – VPNC certified
 WAN optimization at branches
 Bandwidth efficiency
 Simplified Operations – No need for technical resource
 Remote web-GUI management
Dimension 3
Secure Remote Access
• IPSec & SSL VPN on UTM Appliance
• Anywhere Secure Access to telecommuters, road warriors,
• Threat Free Tunneling Technology – Scans endpoint for
• Clientless VPN
• Full or limited access based on user work profile
• High scalability
• Easy to use and manage