Cyberoam Ensures Constant, High-Speed,
Secure Internet Connectivity for TrakLink
Case Study
Jordan, Asia
Industry/ Vertical
Tracking Services
The TrakLink Challenge
“Internet is at the heart of any organization. It is so particularly for us, whose bread
and butter comes from constant connectivity with the GPS, GPRS and GSM
systems”, said Mr. Izzat Doleh, IT Manager at TrakLink. Continuous, safe and secure
Internet connectivity was their major need. However, Mr. Doleh pointed out the
following network security issues that they faced.
Threat of Cyber Attacks
Being exposed to the Internet constantly brings you into the radar of many hackers or
troublemakers over the Internet. “We have had instances of Web attacks, Virus
infection through RDP, ICMP attacks and the like. We have learnt from the past and
intend to implement as many safety precautions as possible now”, said Mr. Doleh.
Menace of Malware and Spam
The threat of malware attacks from viruses, worms, Trojans, etc. kept the TrakLink IT
team on their toes. These attacks spelled catastrophe for TrakLink considering the
kind of services they are to provide to their customers. Any such kind of an attack
would cost them money, effort, man-hours and, in some cases, even their reputation.
On the other hand, Spam Emails were a constant hassle. All the Spam flowing
through the network gobbled up precious bandwidth, and increased load on their
servers. They were a constant nuisance to the employees who had to deal with each
of it individually to clean their inboxes.
Corporate Profile
Jordan Co. for Managing & Tracking Vehicles
(TrakLink®), established in 2005, was the first
public licensed service provider in Amman,
Jordan, to offer Automatic Vehicle Location
Traklink services are used in multiple sectors,
particularly those that have fleets or are
engaged in distribution or other similar
activities. TrakLink’s® clients, for instance,
include trucking and tanker companies,
companies, car rental companies, universities
and schools, buses, taxis and coaches, as well
as courier companies.
Accurate tracking information is provided
throughout Jordan and regional countries. The
position of the vehicle is monitored every
second by Global Positioning Satellites (GPS)
via a standard GSM connection using either a
VPN into the SMSC of the local operator, or by
the use of GPRS using IP connectivity and then
displayed onto either website maps, or maps on
a stand-alone system residing at a client’s site,
showing vehicle locations. These details are
accessed from an internet enabled computer or
from a stand-alone independent system by
The Cyberoam Solution
After exploring the market for a suitable network security solution, Mr. Doleh decided
to trust Cyberoam with the security of their network. They purchased One (1) CR
100iNG and deployed it in Gateway Mode at their Head Office in Amman. After
Cyberoam deployment, they noticed the following benefits.
Network Periphery Secured
Cyberoam’s ICSA and Check mark Certified Firewall offers stateful and deep-packet
inspection to provide granular access control over Internet and network resources. It
prevents unauthorized entry into the private network connected to the Internet. Data
entering or leaving the network passes through the firewall, which examines the data
and blocks traffic that does not meet specified security criteria.
Furthermore, with a comprehensive database of 4000+ signatures, Cyberoam’s
Intrusion Prevention System provides a second line of defence that protects
TrakLink’s data from several variants of cyber attacks.
“Cyberoam is a wonderful demonstration of
technology in the field of Internet Security. We
are very satisfied with the way our Network is
Mr. Izzat Doleh
IT Manager
Malware and Spam kept at Bay
Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Virus and AntiSpyware solution secures the TrakLink network
by providing real-time protection against
viruses, worms, Trojans, keyloggers, spyware
and more. According to Mr. Doleh, “Since
viruses are overpowered at the gateway itself,
we are relieved that our network is much less
likely to fall prey to virus attacks”. Cyberoam’s
Anti Spam, with its IP Reputation, Recurrent
Pattern Detection and Real-time Blacklists,
eradicates the flow of Spam in their network.
“After deploying Cyberoam, we saw an
overnight drop in the volume of junk mail, and
that led to an immediate freeing up of our
network bandwidth,” said Mr. Doleh.
Anytime, Anywhere Secure
Network Access
Cyberoam’s SSL VPN solution provides
“Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device” secure VPN
connectivity. It helps Mr. Doleh in providing
stable and secure access to remote users.
Several IT personnel and higher management
can securely connect to the company’s internal
network resources like LAN Server, Storage,
Printers, DVR, from wherever they are.
Enhanced Network Speed and
As the organization has three ISP links, Mr.
Management to handle all links effectively. The
Automated Load Balancing feature distributes
the traffic between these ISP links. In case of a
link failure, the Automatic Link Failover feature
automatically switches the traffic to another
working link. So the organization gets a
transparent multilink management with no
human interference and 100% Internet uptime.
Comprehensive Reporting
Cyberoam’s most celebrated features,” said Mr.
Doleh. The sophisticated monitoring and
reporting mechanism helps him and his team to
perform regular and accurate in-depth risk
assessment. Reports available enable him to
modify access policies based on the company
requirements. The On-Appliance reporting
module includes features like Traffic Discovery,
Internet Bandwidth Usage Monitors, Top
Accessed Categories and Google Search
Reports, which enhance the visibility of a user’s
online behavior.
Reporting is one of
Cyberoam’s most
celebrated features
To Conclude
Expressing his contentment, Mr. Doleh said, “Cyberoam is a wonderful
demonstration of technology in the field of Internet Security. We are very
satisfied with the way our Network is safeguarded.”
Toll Free Numbers
USA : +1-800-686-2360 | India : 1-800-301-00013
APAC/MEA : +1-877-777-0368 | Europe : +44-808-120-3958
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