Essence series

ibacks korean influenced design emphasize on
introducing ultra premium classic luxurious products
. Leveraging on latest technologies and materials to
create the perfect balance of form, functionality
, and protection with minimalistic and sleek style that
will differentiate us to be the preferred brand of choice.
the protecting case is made by
6000 series aluminum material,
which is oxygenation-anodized,
this is the same material as
iPhone 5 and Apple laptops.
It is not necessary to show off
your iPhone, but your iPhone has to be recogn
Origin series, show the true color,
with this case, iPhone 5 is exact
iPhone 5, well-known as always
Double layer
Double protection
Origin series uses a double-layer
ucture, outer layer is a super thin case made of Aero-aluminum with liquid-glass-inlay tec
inner layer is a super-soft PP case, can amortize drop damage and protect your iPhon
liquid inlayed glass
Aero-aluminum casesuper-soft PP case
Your iPhone 5
As thin as nothing
Japan Aero-aluminum, Swiss technology
for oxygenation-anodizing,
liquid-glass-inlay, true color
Digital CNC liquid-inlay technology
keep your iPhone 5 originally amazed
High glossy diamond incising tech combined with digital CNC liquidinlay technology, make the iPhone 5 protecting case perfected,
with goal to be amazing and keep strong signal, iPhone 5 case is a
combination of visually elegance and comfortable hand feel, which
make it part of iPhone 5 itself
Colourful ibacks
Color, I need my own
glass-inlay, oxygenationanodizing, pretty colors,
never fading
Weight comparison
Same weight as a #5 battery
29.5g hot-seller
metal case No. A
Same weight as a pen
18.5g ibacks Origin series
metal case No. A
is 1.8mm thick
Double layer totally is
less than 0.9mm
Case made by normal
aluminum material
Made by 6000 series
aluminum material, which is
oxygenation-anodized, same
material as iPhone 5 with CNC
liquid-glass-inlay technology
Dust-free production line
for aero aluminum case
Imported laser machine
Imported digital cutting and forming machine,
Provide precise operation
character of Origin
series material
Aluminum material specialized
for spaceship industry
Character: distinguished material., high end appearance, non-scratch, hard as blue diamond,
environmental friendly, fireproofing, non-disturbing, radiating
———— Details ————
Precise workmanship as
Swiss watch
We use the same material from vendor who provide
material for Swiss watch, excellent skill guarantee
every part of case is perfect
Same corner polishing
effect as iPhone 5
We are aiming to design a case as close as
iPhone 5 material effect, to keep iPhone 5 as
original, amazing appearance.
Patent glass inlay technology
Patent No. : 20123052946812012206357396
demonstration with iPhone 5
Step 1
Step 3
Step 2
Step 4
packaged product