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Sector Skill Council (SSC)
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Indian Logistics Sector
The logistics industry in India is valued at 13-14% of GDP.
About 70% of domestic cargo movement in India happens
through roads. The last mile delivery of goods happens only
through roads.
It is found that 31% of the logistics cost goes on other
expense apart from Transportation and warehousing. This
includes losses in transportation on storage.
Generating skilled manpower, technology implementation
and improving the infrastructure are the most needed
support to the industry.
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Challenges faced by the sector:
 The logistics sector as such faces a severe man power
The Sector Comprises of 20% Organized and 80% of
Unorganized Players.
 Man power shortage in trucking Industry alone is
estimated to be around 5000,000 drivers in the next 15 years
 The Sector is seen as a last option and fails to attract
talented work force due to various socio economic reasons.
For Example: Truck driver.
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Sector Skill Council for Logistics
The demand for human resource in the Transportation,
Logistics, and Warehousing sector is expected to increase
from about 7.3 million to about 25 million, leading to an
incremental human resource requirement for about 17.7
million persons in the next 15 years.
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To certify 4 million workforce in
the next 10 years
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Focus sectors
1. Material Handling Equipment Operations
2. Warehouse Operations
3. Cranes/ Heavy equipment
4. Container Stuffing/ Destuffing
5. Port Operations /CFS
6. Packaging
7. Trucking Operations
8. Express delivery services ( Couriers)
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Current Status
National Occupational standards have been developed for
the below trades:
1. Driver (Commercial Vehicle )
2. Forklift operator
3. Sorter in Courier Industry
4. Warehouse Picker
These 4 trades cover 40% of the total workforce in the
Presently working on assessment of trg providers and
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