Potential of convergence with NREGS and Inland

Potential of convergence with
NREGS and Inland fishery in
rainfed area
RRA Network
Area Profile:
• Tikamgarh district in Madhya Pradesh
• There are total of 1395 ponds all in this
district as per government records, with
612 ponds being under fishery and 100
being irrigation ponds.
• More than 60 new ponds under NREGS
Central objective or theme for planning:
• In 2008 , MP state Govt. initiated
“Meenakshi Yojna”- as aprt of NREGA
program like “Kapildhara yojna” , “Nandan
Falodyan”, “Sahatradhara” , “Bhumi shilpa”
• Planning at individual level farmers
Resources and program for fishery:
A. NREGA fund
Tank deepening, desiltation, drainage, repairing of traditional
chandela tank , etc.
Meenakshi yojna:
-Construction of small pond for fishery purpose
- Fishery department is the monitoring and technical agency
-Implemented through Gram panchayat.
- Plan endorsed through Gram sabha
- During last two year project is cleared for 27 pond, 6 ponds
- Maximum project size of Rs.5 lac , for pond area of 1 Hectare
B. RKVY fund:
Fish seed rearing nursery through RKVY.
Budget limit 1 Lac for each rearing point
component of 50% Grant:50% Bank loan
Another example: Governance pattern for
convergence in West Bangal/ Burdwan
• Convergence with fishery (under water
conservation and water harvesting, Renovation of
traditional water bodies
• Formation of district resource group (DM, District
NREGA officer, DFO, KVK, Agri. Officer,Irrigation
dept, Sericulture etc.
• Formation of block resource group (of BDO,
BLDO, AO, SGSY , NREGA officer etc.)
• Regular meeting with PIA and Fishery dept.
• KVK as technical node for Fishery , Hariyali,
SGSY and Animal husbandry
• SGSY Group members trained, linked with fishery
• Fishery department has role of only monitoring and providing
technical guidance
• Pond design and implementation is responsibility of
Engineering staff and Gram Panchayat
• Irregular fund disbursal
• Fishery department officials and fishing communities are not
involved in planning, implementation and maintenance
• Panchayat and engineering staff consider pond as water
bodies , not as productive and economic resources for fishery
• Involvement of other technical institutions like KVK, Agri.
university, Private operators, training institutions etc are not
made part of plan
• Institutional and governance arrangement
• Convergence with different scheme and institutions require
innovative approaches
Potential arrangements:
• Fishery department need to be involved as important stakeholder in
NREGA planning, implementation and monitoring process
• NREGA has potential to be utilised for:
- Developing small pond as fish seed rearing farm , converge this
component with RKVY etc.
- Develop Block level Small hatchery,( link this with NREGA,
NABARD and Panchayat )
- Support for indivisual, private operator in construction of Seed farm
as well as hatchery.
- Construct village level tank for day to day use as well as for fishery
purpose , these tank should not be used for irrigation purpose.
- Construction of panhayat or Block level market yard, infrastructure
• The revenue generated through these initiatives need to be shared
with producer group and panchayats.
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