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• The Silo System ApS company was founded in 2006 by Jørgen Thomsen and Frede Madsen.

• Jørgen Thomsen and Frede Madsen have many years of experience with silo and weighing systems for bakeries.

• Frede Madsen as an onsite installer and Jørgen Thomsen as project manager for commodity systems.

• Over the years, Jørgen Thomsen and Frede Madsen have been involved in well over 1,300 silo systems delivered all over the world.

• Silo System is expanding and developing its current product programme in order to continuously meet the growing demands of the industry.

• Silo System is characterised as a supplier of reliable equipment that has a quick and competent service team.

• Flexibility and customisation constitute one of Silo System’s significant assets.


(17 tonnes of grain)

Installation Finland Winter 2011

Installation Bodø Norway 2007

Insulated sugar silo

2 × 32 tonne sugar silos

Left: All-welded stainless steel sugar silos with insulating mantel with humidity and climate control.

Below: Vibration discharge

Delivered to the German

BASF Group’s division in


ATEX certified in accordance with Directive


Quadrilateral Silos

Square and rectangular.

Many different dimensions.

Screen & Daily

Service Tank

Weigh bowl with swivel outlet

Automatically positions to the mixer selected in the recipe. Only opens at the correct position.

Returns to the neutral positions prior to a new weighing.

Operates the mixer system with automatic vat tilt.

Equipment for bagged goods

Manually filled daily service tanks. Special design customised for existing building.

Bulk bag discharge stations with vibrating bottom

General purpose silo

Flour & sugar silo expansion from 25 to 50 tonnes

Existing silos erected in 1988.

Expanded by Silo System in

2009 and provided with Ex relieving diaphragms in accordance with the ATEX regulations.

Based on Silo System’s knowledge and documentation of the previously delivered system, such an expansion is performed without any cost for preliminary measurements of the existing equipment.

Sevaldsen Ålesund Norway

Left: Small component plant. 10 containers each with a volume of 160 L.

Auger dosing to a tare balance located in the centre. Controlled by a

V4000 (bottom right) with a precision of 10 gram.

Right: Daily service tanks

(volume of 1,300 L) with rotary valve assembly and fluidisation.

Left: Freestanding weigh bowl with automatic dust cover.

Right: Vision 4000 recipe computer set up with 4 weight groups (silo/daily service tank

– small components-liquidtable scale).

Numerous optional software modules are available.

Windows-based operating system.

Layout at Sevaldsen

Examples of different equipment

Left: Weigh bowl with automatic cleaning filter unit and swivel outlet pipe.

Below: Small component plant. Displayed with 10 containers in

U-layout. Also possible with fewer or more containers in a single row and (up to 20) in double row layout and with 7 in V-layout.

Left: A very affordable small component system for smaller bakeries. 6 containers each with a volume of 60 L. Tare balance with a volume of 30 L. Containers are manually filled from the floor level.

Operator panels

Above: Vision 1100 operator panel. Designed for basic operation and can be connected to up to 4 silos. Includes repeat memory.

Above: Specially designed Siemens-type operator panel. Features recipe control and display of silo content via weighing cell signals

Above: Vision 1300 operator panel. Designed for more advanced operation and can be connected to up to 8 silos. Features recipe control and communication to a water mixer, for example (B49 above).

VISION 4000 Recipe Management and Weighing System installed on an Allen Brady industrial PC with a 15” touch screen and built-in dust and waterproof stainless steel cabinet. The operating system is Windows-based and network communication is via Ethernet.

The Vision 4000 programme is prepared for up to 4 weighing/dosing units. Each recipe holds up to 20 components, of which up to 15 are standard for each weighing unit, in addition to control of the water mixer. Silo content can be displayed on the screen if Vision 4000 is connected to silo weighing systems.

Alternatively, the storage volume is calculated. Alarm and error messages are displayed on the screen and logged. The language and access codes for the user interface can be adapted as desired. Connection to an office PC and a number of other software features can be selected as an option.

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