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An Introduction
Colnovation Technologies is the IT diversification of Vaibhav Group of
Companies. It has an acitve and back to back support of billionaire profiled
company like OM Metals and Vaibhav Group, Colnovation Technologies is
growing very quickly in Rajasthan (India). With a global presence and global
experience & exposure of the team members it is giving a very competitive
edge and has become trusted IT partners of various companies.
Vaibhav Group
Om Metals
V & V System
Colnovation Team
Er. PC. Jain Chairman
Experience: More Than 37 yrs
Mr. PC Jain joined RSEB in his teen as a Jr. Engineer is late 60's and is still
serving Discoms till date. Mr. Jain has worked in various departments which
includes powerhouses, stores, vigilance etc. Mr. Jain today is successful
business-man having a Transformer manufacturing unit, a steel structure
fabrication unit, and now a Software development firm.
Colnovation Team
Mr. V.K Jain Managing Dirctor
Experience: More Than 20 yrs
Mr. V.K. Jain founded Vaibhav Structurals in late 90’s with mere 25000
Rupees and now with his hard work and dedication, he is the cornerstone
of the company’s success. Mr. VKJ has great operations management skillsets. He is currently managing the entire production using his innovative
approaches which are on the lines with Lean Manufacturing management
Colnovation Team
CB Sharma Executive Director
Experience: 37 yrs
Mr. Sharma has worked as an R A S Officer in the Govt. of Rajasthan with
37years of rich experience and has held various important assignments as
Head of Department.
Now we have the privilege to have him in our management team of
Colnovation Technologies as an Executive Director to steer Colnovation to
its desired goals.
Colnovation Team
Swati Jain Executive Director
Experience: 5 yrs
Ms Jain is involved in the development activities and day to day operations
management. Swati looks to enhance company-wide operations to match
international standards. She is an expert at managing the requirements
and development of IT projects, and has a special interest in Enterprise IT
Swati holds a Masters in Computer Science, from New Jersey, Institute of
Colnovation Team
Vaibhav Jain Executive Director
Experience: 7 yrs
Mr Vaibhav brings to the table a rich set of skills and experience as a
Business Analyst, and has proven expertise in managing all phases of the
Software Development Life Cycle, and is specifically focused on New
Ventures and Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship. Vaibhav is involved in the overall
management and Business Development activities for Colnovation.
Vaibhav holds a Masters in Engineering Management from Duke University.
Colnovation Team
Manish Rustagi Project Manager
Experience: 8yrs +
Mr. Rustagi brings to the table a rich set of IT skills and experience of
International Business Development & Outsourcing and has proven
expertise in managing all the Software Development, Development
Operations, and is specifically focused on Outsourcing, Operations and
New Ventures. Manish is involved in the Operations and Business
Development activities for Colnovation.
Colnovation Team
Our Advisory Boards Members
Shri C.P. Kothari Director – Om Metal & Infrastructure Group
Colnovation Team
Our Advisory Boards Members
Shri D.P. Kothari Director – Om Metal & Infrastructure Group
Colnovation Team
Our Advisory Boards Members
Susan E Brown Associate Director – Duke University
Experience: 5 yrs
Colnovation Team
Our Advisory Boards Members
Shri JP Chaturvedi Chief Executive officer & Director
Mr. Chaturvedi had been the senior most officer in various
Experience: 38yrs
Impeccable Services can only be delivered by
dedicated and industrious efforts
To become, one of the fastest growing company
in all our sectors. Success is not a destination,
it is a journey, of excellence.
Colnovation Services & Products
Colnovation Services & Products
ERP Solution
(Product: Fleet Management System)
Software / Web Portals
IT Infrastructure
Setup, Security, Communication
Corporate Accounting
(Web Sites, Logo)
Mobile Applications
Out Sourcing
Live Chat Support
Colnovation Clientele Presence
Colnovation Clientele Presence
Government Sector
Global Firms
Real Estate
Education Sector
Medical Sector
Colnovation Partners
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