Creating demand for condom use
Motivating young people
Bidia Deperthes
Senior HIV Technical Advisor/CCP
UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team on HIV and Young People
Annual Meeting Agenda
28-29 June 2011
Key statistics
• 34 million people were HIV positive in 2010
– 80% HIV transmission is due to unprotected sex =
sex without a condom
– Globally every day, 7000 people become newly
infected with HIV
Principle number 1:
No commodity, no programme !
• Reaching out goal with YPs: double
access to condoms
• How?
• Is this realistic?
• By with means?
Some challenges up front
Political barriers- restrictive policies
Limited availability of condoms
Unattractive/ non-adapted brands
Not targeted strategies towards YPs
Principle number 2:
No programming , low utilization!
Reaching out effectively to users!
Creative demand generation strategies.
Building service providers
Training of service providers is essential
• Build knowledge
• Combat wrong attitude
Global awareness campaigns
Don’t compromise!
– Condom-month(s)Swaziland, Ethiopia,
– Carnivals-T&T, Brazil
– Music festivals
– Int’l & Reg. conferences
– World Cup 2010- SA
– Movie nights
– Condom parties &
fashion shows
Young people
Don’t ask what they need….
Ask what they want!
Start with men and boys
• Too often neglected
–Do not finger pointing
–Included them
–Design programme that resemble
– Ex.. Omar’s story
Negotiate safer sex
-especially in long term relationship
• “Married women/ those in
long term relationships
are encouraged to present
the FC as a FP method…
to avoid accusing her
husband/boy friend of
having other partners or
being a risk to his wife”
Appealing to both partners
“If both partners are
motivated to use a male
or a female condom, there
is a far greater likelihood
that a condom will be
Convincing men of the
benefits of the female condom
New opportunities: the power of
social network and the private sector
Private sector
Way forward
• Intensify, listen and target
– Equip women & girls with tools for their protection
– skill them to negotiate safer sex
– Motivate men and boys to embrace responsible
sexual behavior
– Engage governments and donors – not to do give up
on young people, on female condom… it is a life
saving tool for many women and girls … and their