Joe Whitaker InfoComm panel discussion presentation

HDBaseT Deployment
Design and Deployment Considerations
The Benefit of HDBaseT
• Dip switches or tuning dials are not needed to adjust
the signal.
• Easy to use and install.
• Dependable 1 wire distribution method for High
Definition Video, Audio, and Multiple Control Methods.
• Ease of design as it uses the same wiring architecture
used by the Networks we have been deploying for
Eliminates the most problematic areas for HDMI such
as EDID, High Susceptibility to Interferance, and TDMS
Planning and Design
Know the Standard 100m/70m
Design a Backend Larger than Current Specifications.
(Future Proof)
Assume Future HDBaset Implementations Now. (Poh,
Products with built in receivers, Ethernet Channel.
HDBaseT is a Standard but Pay Attention to
Manufacturers Additional Feature Sets. These may
Differ and NOT be Compatible.
The Do's of HDBaseT
• Do test cables for Integrity and True Distance.
• Do Pull and Terminate Category Cable with Care.
• Do use Solid Core Cable
• Do Maintain a 12" Distance of Category Wiring and
Possible EMI Sources.
• Do use HDBaseT Testing Equipment Prior to Full
The Don'ts of HDBaseT
• Don't Splice Category Cable At Any Point.
• Don't Attempt to use Cat3 or Stranded Cat5e.
• Don't Use Patch Cables if Possible
• Don't Use Punch Down Blocks and avoid KeyStone Jacks
if Possible.
• Don't use "Cheap" HDMI cables with HDBaseT
extenders. Use Quality High Speed HDMI Cables Only.
The Good
• Using HdBaset has allowed me to deploy HD video
distribution faster than with any other method.
• HDBaseT has been more dependable to deploy virtually
eliminating Service Issues.
• HDBaseT has been accepted and adopted by top
manufacturers safeguarding client investments by
creating new products supporting HDBaseT.
HDBaseT is the only way to get dependable 4k and
36bit Deep Color over long distances.
HDBaseT Can be extended passed the 100m distance
rating by using additioanl HDBaseT extenders
The Bad
• HDBaseT pricing is still a little out of reach for the
masses. But like all technology prices this is expected
to decrease in the future.
The need to upgrade current installations
infrastructure to support HDBaseT such as removing
Punch Down Panels and Remove Patch Cables.
Attempting to explain yet another video distribution
standard to consumers and potential clients.
The Ugly
Misinformation. The HDBaseT Standard may not be
new, but the mass acceptance and promotion is. A
great number of Integrators and even greater number
of Consumers have not been properly informed on this
HDBaseT is truly the answer to common issues with
TDMS style HDMI Baluns. The Ugly problem with this is
explaining to a customer that to get things right they
need to spend a little more or the integrator take the
What HDBaseT Has Done for My
• I now have a dependable solution to offer on those
problematic systems.
• I now can build system racks much cleaner and less
cluttered than before using a rock solid 1 wire
distribution method.
I have the ability to upgrade a clients display to an
HDBaseT compatible display "when available" without
the need for additional parts.
I can easily retrofit HDBaseT Video Distribution in most
current commercial and residential evironments with
minimal effort and time.
HDBaseT Deployment
Real Life Cases
Joe Whitaker
Autohaus BMW Going the
HDBaseT By Design. Simple.
HDBaseT Should be the Answer
for Distance.
• 70m or 100m over a Single Cat5e
• The ability to Cascade up to 7 times
(700m or 2300 ft.) Powered junction
points will be required
This includes long distance Control and
Network Capabilities.
This adoption was Spec'd with an Atlona
HDBaseT switch.
Mini of St. Louis EMI Proof HD
HDBaseT offers enhanced
protection from EMI.
• HDMI uses transition minimized differential signaling
(TMDS) for transmitting high-speed data. HDMI cables
and TDMS style baluns are more susceptible to EMI
than HDBaseT due to the transmission type.
Difference in Ground Potential is a silent killer of
video transmission. Utilizing HDBaseT has allowed me
to overcome this scenario.
Utilizing WyreStorms 70m 4x4 switch allowed an
affordable solution.
Delmar Gardens Large Scale HD
Video Distribution Upgrade
Our Future Deployments
Large Scale Retrofit Distribution
• In the Case of Delmar Gardens the issue was existing
wiring structure. This building was outfitted at
multiple displays with Mini Rgb and a single Cat5e. Due
to distance and environmental issues HDMI was not an
option and Standard single wire TMDS baluns were
unusable. The only answer was HDBaseT
Older building like the one here are often outfitted
with single outlet recessed "Clock Plugs". This is an
example of where POH became very important as
adding a powerstrip was not acceptable and the
expense of replacing all of the outlets was not a viable
iElectronics Office CEC Heaven
CEC with HDBaseT
• CEC became a "Must Have" for our facility and
HydraConnects patented CEC Control was the only
answer. With frequent Demo', System Changes, and
variation of use IR emitters were not cutting it.
NO unsightly IR Emitters.
Ability to quickly change out devices for Demo and
Upgrade purposes. By simply having HydraConnects
CEC engine scan the new devices Control Drivers and
Protocols never had to be changed in the Control