Quantum Sniffer QS-H150

Technological Innovation for a Safer World
Implant Sciences
Innovation in Explosives Detection
July 2011
Glenn Bolduc, President & CEO
Safe Harbor Statement
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About Implant Sciences (IMSC)
• Small, U.S. company using Ion Mobility Spectrometry in
the manufacture of Explosives Trace Detection Systems
• Narcotics trace detection coming in 2011
• 12 patents, 6 pending
• Strong BoD and Advisory Team includes
Robert Liscouski, DHS Assistant Secretary
Howard Safir, NY City Police Commissioner
William McGann, Industry Founder
Paul McHale, Assistant Secretary of Defense
What is Trace Detection?
• Trace Detection – the targeted collection of microscopic
explosive residue
• Investigation occurs based on finding explosive residue
and contamination
• Where do trace explosives come from?
• When explosives are handled or touched, they leave
behind residue
• Highly volatile explosives emit vapor
ETD Market Opportunities
• $1 billion market by 2014
• North America largest segment
• 43% of world market
• The QS – B220 will increase access to this market
• Asia fastest growing
• 21.7% CAGR forecast
• Implant Sciences is very strong in Asia and is already
seeing benefit from market growth
• IMSC has distribution partners in all BRIC countries
• Over 1,000 systems sold in China and India
• Homeland Security and Defense
• Aviation Security and Air Cargo
• Ports, Borders, and Customs Control
• Force Protection and Critical Infrastructure Protection
• Rail and Subway Security
• Nuclear Power Plants
• VIP Protection
• Public Safety
The QS-H150 Advantage
• Non radioactive ion source
• Low operating expense
• Rapid detection
• Fast clear down
• Ease of use
• Choice of non-contact or wipe sampling
• Configurable, user-expandable threat library
• Designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism
Technology by the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security SAFETY Act
The QS-B220 Advantage
• Non radioactive ion source
• The advantages of an QS–H150 in a
bench top unit
• Smaller and lighter than our
• Ability to detect both explosives and
narcotics traces, opening up new
• Targeted toward TSA certification and
air cargo screening applications
Technology Proven Effective
• 819 units are in Chinese
railways, subways, and
with police forces
• The Indian Ministry of
Defense has ordered 226
• The Spanish Army is using
our products in Afghanistan
Low cost for consumers
• GAO report shows that our
competitors’ units cost $10,000 a
piece to operate per year
• Implant Sciences’ cost less than
• As government budgets tighten,
our product will prove more
affordable and effective
Security with Respect
Respect for Passengers
• Non-contact sampling for
dignified passenger
Respect for the Environment
• No radioactive materials
• Fewer Chemicals
• Fewer Consumables
Made in the USA
• Employ 50 Massachusetts citizens
• We source 95% of our inputs locally
• For every 45 units we sell above our
annual sales volume, we can create
another US job
• IMSC’s positioning as the American
brand will increase government sales
• Our technology can be applied to several security
solutions, expanding market share
• Non Contact Passenger Screening
• In-line Baggage/Cargo Screening
• Vehicle Scanner
• Remote Sensory Applications
We welcome your questions and comments.
Thank You