Corporate Profile

VG Industries
Carrollton, TX 75010
Company Information
VG Industries, Inc is a solution based manufacturer of Patented Filtering
Systems. We provide solutions to complex vehicle wear – maintenance
issues while tripling life cycle capability. Our array of products and
services exceed in developing a strategic plan to extend vehicle life and
performance. We have a broad range of customers in multiple markets.
We are committed To 100% customer satisfaction. In business since
1979, we are privately owned for over 30 years.
Duns Number: 101733413
Cage Code: 4FRL5
Small Business Classification:
Products and Services / Niche Areas of Expertise
Micronic Filters
JIT Inventory Services
Order Fulfillment
Worldwide Sourcing Network
Precise Inventory Management Consulting
Brand Name Luber Finer Products: Air, Oil, Fuel, Hydraulic,
Filters, Separators and Oil Analysis, Coolant Detectors
Core Competencies: “Our Customers are the Last Quality Inspectors of Our
Capabilities: Micronic Filters are the only patented amplified filters of its
kind. State of the Art Technology with the capabilities of doubling and
tripling mileage. Isolates and captures micronic debris. Field tested and
proven to triple mileage capabilities.
NAICS Codes: 336399; 336412; 423120
Manufacturer Motor Vehicle Parts, Aircraft Engine Parts, Motor Vehicle Supplies and New
Parts Wholesaler
Customers & Past Performance
Value Proposition / Differentiator
“I have no qualms in regards to recommending not only their high-tech
Micronic Filters, but VG Industries as well.” Nathan L. Hale,
Cutting Edge Technology Available for Worldwide (Engineering),
Consulting, Counseling and Advising, regarding problem areas. We
procure, warehouse, and ship to our customers per Just In Time (JIT)
schedules. Our company serves multiple markets: Commercial,
Government, Military, and Industrial. Each is equally important to our
growth and success. We continually analyze our markets to anticipate
and implement necessary changes to both products and services to
ensure our customers the most cost effective solutions possible.
Although markets fluctuate and changes are made to our product lines,
our corporate culture remains stable.
North Texas Tollway Authority
“If you work with lubricating fluids, you can be assured that whatever
VG Industries presents to you, will be beneficial.” Bob Sweeney, WYNN’S
I have had the opportunity to review product test results conducted with
Wal-Mart, which further prove the effectiveness of the Micronic Filtering
System. MAJ John V. Arbino, ATCM-Transportation, FHTV Ft Eustis, VA
Contact Information
Engineering Department