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Eddie Haizlip
Danny Roach
Greg Sparks
Founded in 1969.
Offices in 14 countries.
Corporate Offices in Ottawa, Canada
Sales Headquarters in Burlington, Mass.
1300 Employees Worldwide
• Designed custom information systems in the
70’s and early 80’s.
• PowerHouse 4GL rolled out in the early
• Took leadership position in application tools
in proprietary mid-range computers.
• In client/server environment, Cognos rolled
out PowerPlay, their first BI solution.
• One million seats in a thousand companies.
• BI solutions support over 100 OLAP data
• Can intergrate many enterprise applications
• Examples: Oracle Financials
Software Categories
Business Intelligence
Software Categories
Web-based BI
PwerPlay Enterprise Server
Impromptu Web Reports
Impromptu Web Query
Software Categories
4GL Tools
PowerHouse 4GL
Management and measurement tool
Extends PowerPlay and Impromptu
Advanced reporting and analysis
Graphs multiple data dimensions
Graphs geographical data
Data Example
• Large amounts of data in succinct visual
reports and virtual rooms of information.
• Cognos’ OLAP client
• Uses SQL Server 7.0 OLAP services
• Bought from Panorama Software Systems
• Suite of integrated products for turning data
into knowledge
• Includes three key components
– PowerPlay
– Scenario
– Impromptu
• Industry-leading OLAP solution
• Utilizes Analyze-then-Query approach to
data analysis
PowerPlay Features
• Drill down capabilities
• Ability to slice and dice for flexible
• Analyze trends over time
• Visualize data graphically
• Drill through to details or other cubes
• Data-mining component of the suite
• Identifies relationship among factors
• Allows drill down to supporting factors for
a selected factor
• Inverse is also true - Scenario will identify
those factors which don’t impact a given
• Combined - this means better decisions
Scenario Practical Uses
Classification according to key factors
Market segmentation
Customer profiling
Areas of focus
Targeted strategies
• Used for ad-hoc reports
• From scratch or based on canned reports
• No SQL needed (drag and drop)
Advantages of Impromptu
Frees up IS resources
Empowers the user
Results in the right data in the right hands
Raises overall effectiveness of the user
through more informed decision-making
COGNOS in Action
Solutions and Case Studies
Challenges Faced
• IT environments include many different
systems, that are not integrated
• IT departments are impeded by laborintensive reporting
• Managers do not have timely access to
business information.
Benefits of Business Intelligence
• Users can easily explore and analyze all the
business information they need
• IT staff is no longer tied up with timeintensive report processing
• Improved decision-making processes has
led to increased revenues.
Cognos Success Stories
• Avon Products, Inc.
• The Timken Company
Avon Products Inc.
• Founded in 1886
• The world’s largest direct seller of beauty
• $5.1 billion annual revenues
• 2.7 million independent sales reps.
• Markets over 400 brands
• 135 countries
Business Process Redesign
• Redesign began in 1996
• Avon chose Cognos line of Business
Intelligence (BI) products:
– PowerPlay - quickly and easily explore multidimensional information and create OLAP
– Impromptu - ad hoc querying of data and
access to transaction-level information
Avon’s Succes Story
• Reduced cost by streamlining their analysis
and reporting processes
– For example, printing and distribution costs
• Credits Cognos BI solutions to the $250 million
increase in revenue, due to the improved decision
making processes.
Future Plans
• Installation of PowerPlay Enterprise Server
– Incorporates the Web
– Lowers overall cost of business intelligence
system because the cubes are built once and are
accessible from all users of the system.
– Gives all users of the BI a common front end
– Able to extend the benefits of the system to
their global operations.
The Timken Company
Established in 1898
Headquartered in Canton, Ohio
Produces tapered roller bearings
Offers a selection of more than 200 types
and 30,000 sizes
• These bearings are used by every major
manufacturing industry worldwide
System Needs
• Began implementation in 1996
• Needed a new job costing system (JCS)
– Costing is difficult because Timken’s products
are made to order.
• Under the old system, product cost rates
were updated once a year based on averages
gathered from production history.
New Job Costing System
• Chose Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay
– Impromptu for generating reports
– PowerPlay to track sales and costs by district,
type of product, size of product, and where the
product originated from.
Benefits of New System
• The finance, sales, and marketing
departments are able to accurately track and
set product costs.
– Results in fairer pricing for all their customers
• Using the drill-down features they are able
to analyze cost detail to an activity level for
any customer order.
Data Cubes
• Using PowerPlay’s OLAP tool, Timken
integrates the data from the JCS into a data
• Compare and track the product cost versus
the profitability
– Cost has in excess of 100,000 rows
– Profitability involves more than 1 million rows
Future Goals
• Expand the system to implement the Web
for faster decision making capabilities
• In the process of implementing the Webversions of Impromptu and PowerPlay
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