TEN-T Trans-European Transport Networks

Chapter 21, 9 June 2011
TEN-T Trans-European Transport Networks
• Iceland has formally implemented Decision No 1692/96/EC on
Community guidelines for the development of the trans-European
transport network (TEN-T) as well as following amendments to the
-Decision No 1346/2001/EC as regards seaports, inland ports and
intermodal terminals as well as project No 8 in Annex III.
-Decision No 884/2004/EC, covering aspects such as the environment
and EU enlargement and consequent expected changes in traffic flows.
Financing of TEN-T projects
• Iceland has not implemented following Regulations related to the
TEN-T programme as it doesn´t take part in the financial aspect of the
-Regulation No 67/2010 laying down general rules for the granting of
Community financial aid in the field of trans-European networks.
-Regulation No 680/2007 on the same subject.
-Regulation No 1791/2006 (technical aspects by reason of the accession
of Bulgaia and Romania to the EU).
• All necessary administrative capacities and structures will be in place
regarding incorporating aquis related to the TEN-T progamme by the
date of accession.
The present Icelandic TEN-T map
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