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Scientific Committee
Dr Bláithín Gallagher
Marie Curie Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science
University of York, UK
Dr Bláithín Gallagher has worked in the field of gerontology for
many years and her work is influenced by her strong interest in
disability and gender. She currently holds a Marie Curie Research
Fellowship at the University of York. Bláithín is on sabbatical from
her role as Head of Projects & Research at NCBI (National Council
for the Blind of Ireland). Bláithín is a board member of ENVITER
(European Network for Vision Impairment Training, Education and
Research); is an expert member of the steering group on Elderly
Blind and Partially Sighted People for the EBU (European Blind
Union) and is on the executive committee of ESLRR. She is
currently a reviewer for a number of journals and conferences.
Dr Liliya Plastunova
ICEVI, Eastern European Representative
St Petersburg, Russia
Dr Liliya Plastunova is a clinical psychologist in the field of visual
impairment and other sensory disabilities. She is also the manager
of and a participant in ICEVI International Conferences in East
European and Asian Countries concerning the education and
rehabilitation of people with sensory disabilities and was a member
of the 8th ICEVI European Conference Scientific Committee,
Istanbul 2013.
Ms Ana García
Clinic Psychologist, Fundacion para la Investigacion Biomedica
Hospital Gregorio Madrileno
Madrid, Spain
Ms Garcia is a Clinical psychologist who has been responsible for
the mental health unit for deaf people in Madrid for the past 15
She has participated in review committees for clinical conferences
in the hospital and scientific journals. She is a qualified Sign
language interpreter and has been involved in three European
projects developing specific materials for deaf people.
Ms Sylvie Bilodeau M.O.A
Director of Programmes for Rehabilitation and of Professional
Institute Nazareth et Louis-Braille Quebec, Canada.
Ms Sylvie Bilodeau has a Master degree in Orthophonie &
Audiologie of Université de Montréal. She also has a D.E.S.S. in
Management and Development of organisations from the
’Université Laval, Quebec. She is an expert in rehabilitation
programmes for older people. During her career Mrs Bilodeau was
also head of the program for Deaf-Blind Persons during 20052010; was in charge of the Cochlear Implant clinic in Institut
Raymond-Dewar (2005-2010). Mrs Bilodeau isan audiologist and a
member of Ordre des Orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec
since 1985 and a member of an Accreditation team for the Council
for Accreditation of Canadian University Program Canadian in
Speech Language and Audiology programs (CAPUC-AO) since
Ms Gudbjorg Arnadottir
Consultant, National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired, and
Hamrahlid 17, 105 Reykjavik Iceland
Ms Gudbjorg Arnadottir earned her Bachelor Degree of Education,
1975. In 2007 she was awarded a MA Diploma in Educational
Studies and Management from University of Iceland and in 2008 a
Diploma in O&M and Independence & Technical Skills from
University of Worcester. She completed a TQM (Total Quality
Management) course in Germany in 1997. Gudbjorg now works as
a Consultant with the NIB Iceland. In connection with her work at
NIB Iceland she has attended various seminars and workshops
addressing visual impairment of adults and children alike to include
various aspects of rehabilitation and courses on combined sightand hearing-loss of the elderly. For 9 years Gudbjorg managed the
quality/auditing department of Iceland‘s biggest airline (Quality
Manager and Manager Audits). Currently she manages the Quality
Manual containing all procedures, processes and policies of NIB